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Ace Baby (Seohyun & Luhan)

I hope Luhan really likes Seohyun as all video we saw. Luhan so cutie. And Seohyun is manner girl&. They look good together&

I think lulu really has something for seohyun. If he doesn't have something for her then whats with all the stares?! I meant why would we ever waste our time to staring (so many time) at someone, so unnecessary isn't it?! Unless we do have feeling for them and lulu is way to obvious with all of his stares.

There are so many FANCAMS that show them together glancing secretly at each other. Especially LUHAN! He's so OBVIOUS. Thousands already proved it. Laugh out loud Thousands of fans in SEOHAN or ACEBABIES fanpage!

I JUST LOVE THE TWO OF THEM! AND FOR ME THEY ARE REALLY COMPATIBLE TO EACH OTHER! I just hope SEohyun will notice Luhan in the future because We all know that only LUHAN is the one who always looks at her (SEOHYUN)

Wires (Kyuhyun & Seohyun)

Evil Prince and Angel princess laugh out loud. They are so lovely.

I can't say anything about them, because I believe they're REAL couple :D

Kyuhyun look shy if He near to Seohyun and so do Her...
Kyuhyun look normality if He near to another girl, but Seohyun?
Ohh dear SEOKYUTE :*


The best couple ever, even though their moment is so hardly to find, but their moment is so adorable and cute. I love this maknae couple so damn much, Evil&Angel couple <3 Wires jjang!

Seohyun once admitted that she was different from ordinary people. Upon hearing this, I can't help thinking that Kyuhyun would graciously accept that side of her and I think that's what Seohyun would also do to Kyuhyun. Though she seems to have an uptight lifestyle unlike the laidback Kyuhyun, I think she would appreciate their differences. I feel that they would complement each other, not because Seohyun has an angel personality while Kyuhyun has an evil one (opposite attracts), but just because I feel an unexplained chemistry between the two. Words alone are not enough to describe the cuteness whenever I see them together

Fawns (Luhan & Yoona)

Fawns in Chinese is so popular~ We all call this couple shuang Lu~ The reason why we like them is they are both very clear beautiful and their eyes are so shining~

We can also see their interactive in SMT haha~ What's more, Lu did watch YoonA's Love Rain when he is on the plane~

By the way, sb said LuHan's ideal type is YoonA~.

The most beautiful otp ever existed.
the doe eyes otp.
simply beautiful

I don't like Yoona being paired up with any idols,
but when I see luhan 'Oh my holy! They look so beautiful together! '
and since that day, I declared my self as a FAWN

No doubt this is the most well-mannered fandom and ships the most well-mannered couple as well. Both LuYoon are surely one of a kind. They both have such unique yet dorky personalities and love to laugh :) Pranksters as well! Both of them are really very similar and always keep a smile and greet their fans :) Proud to be a part of this fandom.

Pyrotechnics (Donghae & Yoona)

Donghae and Yoona (YoonHae) are super real!
They didn't show their moments in public but we pyro's believed that they are real inside n out.
And we pyro's believed that they will married soon or later.

that's all thank you...

YoonHae jiang!

Yoonhae the reel & real couple... The most genuine couple on & off cam... Yoonhae for the win

Not only is the YoonHae couple different from most other kpop couples (they are so subtle, yet even the little moments they share are as loud as fireworks), but the Pyrotechnics are very different as well. The founders of our fandom wanted us to be respectful, always caring, and always faithful. We Pyros have strayed away from that path every once in a while, but ultimately, we really do try to return. Our forum is Pyrotechnics paradise, and we are so thankful for our lovely admins there! We have one of the most extensive communities: livejournal, forum, twitter, tumblr, YouTube, etc. And all of it is held together by our dear couple, Mr. And Mrs. Fishy! :D Pyrotechnics for the win~

Sm-town Indonesia I've heard that there were lots of yoonhae moments talking giggling playing with water etc..! So yeah yoonhae all the way... I don't know if they are actually dating but the way donghe looks at her just makes me wanna believe that they're real but if not still happy they're close friends ;D but still hoping that they are real kikiki

BAEKMI (Baekhyun & Bomi)

Please don't let our fandom BaekMi lose in any other ship. We deserve to win this, because we didn't give up shipping them and most of all we are loyal to them.. BakeMyDay is always loyal we never lose hope for BaekMi so we deserve to win this! I really love BaekMi so much because they have similarities!

Out of all the kpop-couples videos I have watched made by fans, Baekmi videos stand out the most to me for some reason. When I watch Baekmi videos, I feel baekhyun give out most sincerely feeling especially during Dream Concert he was searching for her, bomi.
I think this couple will made a great pair, sadly he is taken.

Because I love both of them together. I don't know why but I think almost everyone in here can realized that maybe... Maybe baek have a lil bit crush towards bomi.

I love them because they are perfect TOGETHER!

YoonWonited (Yoona and Siwon)

This perfect couple forever and ever

YoonWonited love YoonWon
Yoona love siwon
Siwon love yoona
Simba love deer
Deer love simba
! &!

I love this couple
They are perfect couple ever, hi

NITED jjang...
I hope nited can be the best couple fandom in the world...
We must believe if YOONWON is real...
We can make impossible to be possible... Trust me...
And if someday YOONWON has a girl/boy friend...
You're don't bashing okey... Because we are NITED...
NITED love peace...

Choco Honeys (EXO's Luhan & A Pink's Chorong)

They are the cutest and adorable couple that you will ever love! Luhan's glance/stare at chorong will say everything! When it was K. Will's love blossom, you can say in his eyes that he totally fell from chorong's cuteness! It's like he's saying "She's too beautiful to look at" I don't know if this quote is familiar to you but they say "Sometimes, the eyes can say more than the mouth" Yep, Luhan's eyes says everything, explains it everything...

I really love these two together! They are the only couple I ship for REAL! I don't care if I'm being delusional but that moment at SMA when Luhan was staring at Chorong during K. Will's Love Blossom, SERIOUSLY THAT EYES SAYS SOMETHING! The way he stared at her is so UGH! I love this couple! I hope someday they could go public!

Luhan is my ultimate bias in EXO, and never did I think of shipping him with any girl (except me laugh out loud) but then I realized he looks so good together with Apink's Chorong.. Chorong's the only girl I'm shipping Lu deer with. they are so cute and squishy.. And I can't even imagine how perfect it would be if they become a couple laugh out loud ~ baby couple because they are still babies haha.

I believe that Luhan love Chorong for real. I already knew that when Luhan was staring at Chorong in Seoul Music Award. His eyes.. oh. that's love. I think his eyes said "How beautiful this girl are." GOD HELP THEM TO GO PUBLIC. Choco Honeys Fighting :D

Fallen Angel (Seohyun & EXO)

Oh my gawsh, I ship everyone with seohyun in EXO
I didn't know who to chose, but luckily there are
fallen angels
EVERYONE who is a Fallen Angel, should be proud of themselves!

Goshh... I Ship them...! Forever c:

The best! Fallen Angel forever

Ship seohyun with exo members

MinSul (Min Ho & Sulli)

Even though I've only saw this couple for a very short time, I can already feel the spark within Sulli and Minho. I only started getting interested in K-pop because of them. I believe that there is something between those two. Anyone can feel the way how I feel now if only you guys would try to open your hearts and mind for this couple. I would say that they are not a miracle, they are TRUTH.

Minho and sulli on screen is like a feast for ants because its so sweet BUT miho and SUlli off cam is like wonka's chocolate factory! Kidding aside, the fancams of these while they think nobody's looking is just full of sweetness watching it was getting me a toothache! I especially love the RUnning man part where Minho was removing SUlli's gear... What I love about that is that there was no outward reaction from the two and even from the people around them.. It was like it is expected that Minho did that! May be because they've seen it happen before that's why it was a given... I also love the part where they were sitting back to back while the show was on a break... And of course who can forget that call from Minho in fx's show! If you noticed at the end of that show, it was never clear why Minho actually called... In short, there is something going on between this two! I doubt Minho called for the show because at the beginning of that conversation even SUlli was telling Mminho that ...more

Oh this is the best among the best because they are real I've already watched their videos in youtube and one of the video is in amzing f (x) minho called sulli and for the guy whos has a hectic schedule call a girl I think minho have a special feelings for sulli because if he hadnt he didn't call sulli because it is wasting of his time and they have their own style to make their fans giggling ohh like I feel minsul is the best because they're real...

I love how they helped each other out in running man, minho would help sulli escape no matter what. When playing games he also helped sulli walk (hard to walk in the defensive outfit sulli was wearing)

DaraGon (Dara & G-dragon)

Perfect for each other ")

Other OTPs were fine and look good. But this couple, you can't deny the chemistry of them, even you can see only GD you can't help but to recognize he resemble Dara. And same as Dara., And that is define what is DESTINY and FATE is! :) We applers maybe the most controversial and such. But we only protect and loved them.

This couple is real because they don't need to show what they have ON CAM

They have a lot of couple stuff. Besides they are also obvious!

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Sweet Potato (Yongseo and Seohyun)

YongSeo is the reason I fell for K-Pop... Before Yongseo I always thought K-Pop just so-so... Now, I'm totally addicted with K-Pop. Need I say more?
YongSeo for the win!

I still can not forget this couple···they bring us the feeling of love.

They were the cutest couple in "We Got Married" and I can never forget it. I hope they do get married in the future.

Cute couple with their shyness and lovable figure, no bad news and scandal. Even they personalities is quite different but they can make it as their strength. I hope all of those romantic scene isn't only on screen but also on the true life. Yonghwa loving Seohyun so much, and I think Seo kinda like him. I hope they can be together in the future

Dooley Couple (YongHwa & ShinHye)

DC is more than the 'couple items/style' that almost all of the OTP fandoms are spazzing about. To which, by the way, PSH herself admitted that it's not their choice of what they wear, but of their coordis.

Their interviews from late last year to the recent ones always matches. He says he wants honest woman, she says she's honest. He says she wants scented candles, she says she's happy to receive scented candle gifts from RSR. He says he wants bright, cheerful and a woman who's good at cooking - well she is that woman. He says he wants simple girls in shirts and shorts/jeans, uhm PSH style is like that. He's good at snowboarding, she's good at wakeboarding. He's athletic, she's athletic. PSH also said her ideal guy is 180 cm, loves to workout and loves sport, well that is so YH. Laugh out loud!

Their friendship, which started from when both of them were not that popular outside SK yet, is what makes them stand out from the rest of the couples here. Theirs is not just for ...more

They are just amazing..i just love how comfortable and supportive they are to each other..I have this gut feel that they have crossed the line of friendship..

They are perfect match their best friends they support each other in their work they do. They help each other and make each other laugh and feel comfortable around each other. They don't make it awarded with each other they keep friendly and respect for each other. Their friendship is unique they're unique it doesn't matter what we think it's they're choice if they want friendship or something more. We as their loving and loyal fans all we have to do is love, support, trust, encourage, and respect our idols. That's what true fans are to not judge and discourage our idols. It is they choice not force them to be with someone they don't want to be with not like some fans that think that their idol should be with another idol. But their friendship is unique they make each other comfortable and make each other laugh and support each other that's why the Dooley Couple is the best couple she didn't care if he wasn't an idol or actor when they meet and he didn't care that she was a actor with ...more

Two Lee for the win

Dorks (Leeteuk & Taeyeon)

I Hope This Is Really Couple

Love love love them, I hope they are to be real

They like a real couple I love they

I love this couple, more than BaekYeon

Milky Maknae (Seohyun and Sehun)

Both of them are maknae.

They're innocent but still sexy.

They have milky skin.

Angel maknae and devil maknae

Omo.. I'm really a seohan shipper! And Whats witg kuhan's stares in seohyun?... Omo! I remeber when My friend heard about seohyun and luhan in a relationship, She's cryinv that time even if she's a sehun biased and she said she is hurt for me, while me I'm laughing out loud! I'm happy!...

SpartAce Couple (Kim Jong Kook & Song Ji Hyo)

I'm Spartace's army. I ship them like crazy!

I very like Spartace Couple more than Monday Couple in Running Man

I like Spartace couple!

I hope they are a real couple.

Knight (Kyuhyun & Sooyoung)

These two are seriously meant to be with each other. And they can have witty, beautiful and evil babies together and live happily ever after!

They are just so cute and evil together. Fighting knights!

They're just too cute, naturally and look so real. So, I hope they will be a real couple who's naturally together

Evil Prince & Evil Princess, they're just so cute together, love them <3! KyuYoung

MyungZy (Myungsoo and Suzy)

I really ship them because they're just so perfect for each other! :)) I love them to bits. They really fit for each other. I can't ship myungsoo to other girls. Only to suzy.. as well as suzy, I can't ship him to other boys because I only want myungsoo for him. Myungzy jjang!

Love their interaction! Let us know, it's being Autumn or Spring

I think they're really match for each other! They're also my favorite actor and singer... so let's MyungZy

Hmm.. I think this couple is so perfect...

EXOPink (EXO & APink)

To be honest I'm Kai And Naeun Shipper, I really like them together, I hope kai and naeun will be a real couple :3

I Love EXOpink especially the main ships I was sad when they were set aside and changed into a new one but for me I'll never change I love the main ships but I accept the reality...

I think chenmi is real

I mean that I will ship EXOPink forever and ever not BaekMi because BaekMi are not real..

ChoHan (Luhan & Chorong)

They so adorable. I ship REAL and I want they be REAL COUPLE. I really like these two were together

Chohan and choco honeys!

This duo is better

Love them so much!

Musketeers (Kyuhyun and Yoona)

Close Friends + Friendly and supportive shippers is equal to Perfection. We didn't believe in illusions but we know that Kyuhyun and Yoona are friends. Same with US. Friendship bonds us all together. And the way Kyuhyun and Yoona saw a KyuNa banner in SMTown Indonesia made us fans already happy. Musketeers jjang!

KyuNa is super real! They exist and musketeers know that. There's not really many moment of them but there are actually lot of moment of them that people don't know. They are couple that not detected by the radar. And they have kids! Watch KBS Love request and you can see their small lovely family at the end of the show keke~

Yes, KYUNA is real
I'm really love this couple &
Though, they're friend, but I think their body language say that their relationship is just more than friendship
KYUNA jjang!

Kyuna is natural not just real but something special

Baekyeon (Baekhyun and Taeyeon)

I attended the Dream Concert. I was near the stage and I saw everything. Fancams could really trick because of different angles. I don't get it why baekmi shippers think that Baek was looking at/for bomi. He was trying to look at Taeyeon, I witnessed everything. It's just that he couldn't see Taeyeon that's why he kept on searching for someone, and that someone is Taeyeon. People thought he was looking at bomi. Haha. No. It just so happens that bomi was there where he was looking at, although he doesn't even know that bomi was there. He thought that maybe Taeyeon was somewhere there and that he couldn't just see her because she's small. :D

They are meant to be... They have lots of similarity :) Baekhyun is a fan of Taeyeon since debut, Taeyeon is a fan of EXO and she give lots of love toward them but tae never realise that Baek like her.. But now she finally found out the one she love and its Baekhyun. Anw my dream came true thanks god! They are meant to be real!

They're such a cute couple. No doubt. Well, at first I saw those articles, it is very shocked me but deep in my heart, I am very happy, like the happiest girl in the world because BaekYeon couple. When I was watching BaekYeon moments video, I saw Baekhyun's stares for Taeyeon were very different. He always follow Taeyeon and I found it so cute! Please, BaekMi? Sorry but I'm didn't saw anything about them. Baekhyun is lucky fanboy.. My friend, Baekhyun's fangirl was shocked and can't accept the fact. But who's cares? Once, she said BaekYeon broke up. It made me upset but when I searched it, NOPE! The news about BaekYeon broke up is fake. I'm very happy and just ignore when she said about that fake news. I shipped them. I'm Fall In Love with Baekyeon Couple!

I am Baekhyun biased and so I know Baekhyun very well now. Ever since EXO debuted, he was my bias and still is, it never changed. I knew there was something going on bet. him and Taeyeon-unnie. One word that caught me: EYES. He looks at her differently. Whenever he knows that Taeyeon is there or is near him, he takes every chance to just look/stare at her & admire her. Observe too, that after looking/staring at Taeyeon, he'll smile. ;D

Flaming Pearls (Yuri & Minho)

No need to say, a lot of evidences. Even just the bracelet proves it all. The tapping, being with each other for almost every time, so yeah.

Watch their videos on YouTube. I guarantee you that you will believe that they are real after watching them..

Minyul look harmonious, although Yuri older than Minho but age does not affect them. Minyul! Minyul!

If you don't know this couple then you don't know what real is. Just saying..

Eunhae (Donghae & Eunhyuk)

*scrolling down*
*sees Eunhae*
YES! :D Definitely! Kekekee no one can beat out this couple!

These two could just look in each other's direction and eunhae shippers would be all over it. I mean its the fish and the monkey, need I say more?

Eunhae... Best couple ever! Better than the official ones, so real...

EunHae is the most beautiful couple in the world! I love Eunhae!

Royal Subjects (Sungmin & Sunny)

Queen of Aegyo and King of Aegyo... The Couple of Aegyo... Please vote for them :'( I very love this couple!

Yes! Aegyo royalty. Everybody bow!

This is a Funny Couple^^

Anyway, the reason I watch chunji radio is for SunSun, not for MinYoung and Sungmin is my bias, and I hope Sungmin live well with Sunny in the future^^ SunSun jjang!

IceFishies (Donghae & Jessica)

I Like this couple, because I think this couple it's very natural. Don't bash my opinion.

They're too perfect :---)
There are many moments about them. And they look real! Hope HaeSica will comeback

Really best couple

HaeSica is real! Real and Real!

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