Wires (Kyuhyun & Seohyun)


Seohyun once admitted that she was different from ordinary people. Upon hearing this, I can't help thinking that Kyuhyun would graciously accept that side of her and I think that's what Seohyun would also do to Kyuhyun. Though she seems to have an uptight lifestyle unlike the laidback Kyuhyun, I think she would appreciate their differences. I feel that they would complement each other, not because Seohyun has an angel personality while Kyuhyun has an evil one (opposite attracts), but just because I feel an unexplained chemistry between the two. Words alone are not enough to describe the cuteness whenever I see them together

I don't know why, every single time I saw this couple I do always feel that this couple have something different that unique as well as taeteuk couple. But the couple that I ship the most is this couple

Kyuhyun loves seohyun, he sometimes is insecure about their relation because they just have kissed once and then broke up, but he is still in live with her, and he hates yonghwa

SeoKyu is a real couple. SeoKyu together lead vocal 3 and lead dance 4. I love Them

The best SM Maknae couple!
SeoKyu Jjang!
The best official and unofficial couple!
Love them so much

Keep believe.. Seokyu is real... :D
I love this couple :D

Seokyu the best couple ever. Seokyu JJANG, Wires JJANG!

This pairing is the best, though

The best couple ever! I love this couple so damn much. They didn't show their moments in public but we wire's believed that they are real inside n out.
And we wire's believed that they will married soon or later.

Seokyu look so perfect couple...

The best couple ever that I ever meet :D I love this couple so much :D WIRES jjang!

Kyuhyun & Seohyun are comfirm a couple! When she saw Seohyun he will begin to hide n peek at her. When seohyun didn't come he will ask the other members where is she? Kyuhyun also have SNSD (seohyun's version of I got a boy ) I wonder will he ever get a seohyun photo card in his live? And really happy that they are couple! SJ & GG Fighting!

They seems so real. So yeah I ship them for a long time now. I hope that they'll be a real couple one day.

The opposite are attracted to each other. Angel & Evil Ying & Yang

Seriously, the maknae couple is the cutest couple EVER! :D

The only real one! They look so good together perfect ones

I have no reason. I love seeing them both. Period.

Seokyu of course
They so perfect together


Kyuhyun is the best choice for Seohyun... they're real. Right?

Yes, they are intelligent, beautiful voice, good dance

They make me happy when skies are grey... just kidding, I want their wedding soon

I don't know I'm not fans of them but.. sometimes I think they really a couple.

Even I don't think they both perfectly match in personalities but they are such a lovely couple based on their look. Super-Generation couple that can suffer through this hard time (there is a lot of new BB and Seo was paired with lots of boy). I love them, I love how Kyu being so aggressive when it came to Seo. Please be real SeoKyu and date on public!

The couple that is match made in heaven..