Top Ten Best Mexican Soccer Players

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21 Jesus Manuel Corona

Great young player ( 22 year old ) 3 goals with Mexico in year 2015

He has amazing ball control and skills

He has amazing ball control and skills. definitely one of the best young players. even better than chicharito I would say.

22 Guillermo Ochoa

The best Mexican goalkeeper

Probably best current player on Mexico's squad amazing how over looked keepers are

Ochoa is the best goal keeper in the Mexican team that they ever had

One of the best goalkeepers in the world 2016/17

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23 Salcido
24 Miguel Layun
25 Hector Herrera

He is my player

26 Jaime Lozano
27 Pablo Barrera

Great at distributing the ball to chicharito vs Nigeria the best of all time

28 Jonathan dos Santos
29 Miguel Sabah
30 Antonio Naelson (Sinha)
31 Jorge Campos

Best goalkeeper ever

Best ever

El mejor

32 Alan Pulido
33 Paul Aguilar

The best player why not say it for Mexico

Really good player in club America

34 Aldo Denigris

He an awesome goal scorer plus he made an awesome chest goal against wales

35 Francisco Paco Palencia
36 Guillermo Franco
37 Jared Borgetti
38 Francisco (Maza) Rodriguez
39 Jose De Jesus Montes

El chapo montes deserves to be in the top 5 as he was the one scoring goals for Mexico in their recent friendly games and you gotta admit he has talent until he had that fractured leg

40 Luis Montes
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