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21 Nexus 4

2 gb ram better than an samsung galaxy s3.

Simply the best value for money.
Nice design, top class hardware, frequents updates directly from Google.
The only downside is the lack of 4G but it's not a big deal for me.

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22 Sony Xperia Z1

The most practical stylish amazing phone in the world right now

Pros: the only one powerful "mini" smartphone, design with glass/aluminium, awesome camera, better quality/price ratio than Z2, waterproof

Cons: Screen/Surface ratio

Z1 is wayyy bettR than samsung galaxys if samsung was s00000 original why did they copy the idea of water/dust proofing in the S5(the difference between the s4 and 5 is beynd me and yes I did use it! )

23 Motorola Droid Turbo
24 Apple iPhone 3GS

I have this since october 2009 then I still using this 2016. You can't say its RAM is only 256 because it can perform very good with its high performance processor. - Omni

I love playing games and using the apps. Its amazing.

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25 Samsung Galaxy S8
26 Motorola Droid

Um okay lets think this over people.
Who has more apps in the market? Android
Who has fantastically amazing widgets? Android
Who has a glass touch screen that cracks if you drop it? iPhone
Who has a durable yet amazingly sensitive touch screen? Droid
Who has gingerbread and honeycomb operating systems for HD looks, amazing graphics, and 3D games? You guessed it: Android!
P.S. and since when did android nickel and dime the hell outta you like Apple... Never!

Think again iPhone users

People with iphone understand nothing. They got ios7 and went OHH THE WALLPAPER MOVES:/ duh wallpapers on android moves for years its called live wallpapers:/

27 Apple iPhone 6s

Perfectly fits in your hand and takes amazing photos. best iPhone so far

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28 HTC One

This company was the manufacturer of all the smartphone companies and now they started to make their own products and so far even I-phone 6 plus is coping from its design

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29 LG G2

Pros: price, borderless

Cons: none (plastic maybe.. )

30 iPhone 6s Plus
31 Nokia Lumia 1020
32 HTC One M9+
33 HTC One S

Slimmest body of all HTC Phones, an extremely great camera (8 megapixels), lightweight, 4G smartphones, 3G Internet speed, do I really need to say more? This phone is one of the best no doubt about it!

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34 Nexus NP
35 LG G4
36 Nokia Lumia 920

The only reason it is so far behind in this list is that the phone came out very late. And stil, it has catched up to the 13th position, soon, it will be on the list And hell, this phone is 1000 times better than the phones actually on the list. - iamseiko

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37 HTC Legend
38 Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

It's looks are awesome, the interface is good, it uses android, it can play games like the psp and you can use a psx emulator to play play station one games in it. Simply wonderful.

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39 Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Best performance. Best design. Great camera and display. Best durability. Best OS (except for apps and security). - gbpn15

40 Blackberry Bold
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