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1 Apple iPad 2

I have had an iPad 2 since 2012 and I absolutely LOVE IT! I am getting an iPad air 2 which they are announcing tomorrow and honestly I will miss my iPad 2 but I will never give it up to anyone!

It is best. I think it has all feature we needed. Now I am using it, I am good and happy with it. It has many feature and it is also not too expansive

I have an iPad 2 and I love it! I use it all the time! It's white and it is so cool it's better than a computer.

Got one when they first came out -it's got the best battery rating and I love mine

2 Apple iPad

I would also say the iPad 2, but I I am typing on an iPad right now. I love the iPad and is definitely the easiest tablet to use and has iTunes, GarageBand etc. I really like this tablet and the app store Has so many apps

I've had a working iPad for 7 years now.

Yes I have a Apple iPad

I love the apple iPads!

3 Samsung Galaxy Tab (10.1 inch)


Graphics is good but it stops in between gaming

I have one and it makes my day

Tab 2 is great

4 HP TouchPad
5 Google Nexus 7

Hopefully getting it for Christmas it had really good ratings it is the best 7inch tablet ever

The highest resolution tablet on the market

Best tablet for the price

Much better than the ipad

6 Motorola Xoom
7 Apple iPad 3

I, personally, consider iPad (iPad 3 is the model I own) to be the single best tablet that money can buy currently. Impeccable design, features and build quality, truly amazing display. It is also tied to the best ecosystem of apps currently available. The OS itself isn't the most advanced (no matter what Apple might want to tell you) but that's more than balanced out by the great apps.

On a side note, why are there specific iPad models on this list? Seems to me that all iPad models should be aggregated under "iPad". Same as Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Tab 2, etc..

Take this and everything else that's Apple OFF.

It is the best tab in the universe no tab has the screen quality, battry life like this ipad samsung company are motherfers and its made apple the worlds most valuable company it should be in 1st place

I have a apple ipad 3 and its works perfectifly fine

8 Kindle Fire

Great for small personal things or work doings. I highly recommend this tablet for anybody. It is not just for reading. It can operate nearly every basic utility ever made.

I got this for Christmas. I couldn't download Google Play, but it is still a good tablet. I downloaded apps from its own app store, the Amazon app store. I love my tablet.

I like it except the Google Play store isn't on there. But you can look up a video on how to install the Google Play Store so I like it

I got it a yesterday for Christmas! It has everything a tablet has... right? Maybe... I'll check it out some more!

9 Apple iPad Mini

It is just amazing. Simple. You see it is not that big that it is a little hard to carry big tabs but it is not that small like an iPhone or iPod that you will forge about it or loose it, it is right in the middle, thus you can carry it with ease and not have chances to lose it. Plus you can insert a sim in it though I'm not sure but even then you can use Viber or BBM so MINI is the best unless your lifestyle is different from the one I lead because I am voting depending on how effective it is to my life and I know my lifestyle is pretty much the same as most of the people because I have a pretty normal life

So fun and a nice size! The regular ipad is a little big for me and this comes with all the features of an ipad

It's the best one... I own one too...

Wow this thing is perfect

10 Nexus 7

The first 64 bit Android device

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11 Samsung Galaxy Note
12 HTC Flyer


13 Nexus 10
14 BlackBerry PlayBook

Are You Serious? I got rid of this because of the bad app selection


15 Dell Streak 7

I pad is was better

16 iPad Air

This obviously hasn't been on this list long enough, because it is without doubt much better than iPad 2,3, or 4. Apple has made vast improvements w/ each release, so the newest one is the best iPad available.

This is new and best.. This being in 29 make this type of ranking useless...

IPad Air got rid of the chunky bezel

Ipad air should be number one

17 HTC EVO View 4G
18 Samsung Galaxy Tab
19 iPad 2

Worst tablet ever.

Wow so you want something that's very fast has lots of apps and is reliable? Gee, I wonder if Apple has a produ- yup they do! It's called iPad 2!

20 T-Mobile G-Slate
21 Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro

This is one of the best devices I have ever owned. Unlike the idiots who thought the iPad was the best, this runs office and the touch screen is amazing

Excuse me? The Surface Pro is light years ahead of the iPad. The IPad runs the same what's on an iPod.
The Surface runs Windows. iPads are pure overrated garbage as you are only paying for the brand.


22 Toshiba Excite
23 Asus TF700T

How is this below any iPad other than the 4? Seriously, must be a bunch of iFans or something on here.

24 Sony Tablet S
25 Kindle Fire HD
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