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Duncan is one of the best characters in Total Drama! Why? His Rebel personality is just something that you have to love! I love how he has to always play the bad boy and pull pranks on anyone he doesn't like! (P.S. I kind of feel sorry for Harold). I absolutely LOVE how He's so rude, rebellious, and an amazing rule-breaker on the outside but a caring, friendly person on the outside who cares for his friends like Geoff and DJ and is open to relationships. Plus I liked his relationship with Courtney! She is so sexy and hot and I love how she bosses Duncan around for always playing the cool, laid back prankster guy! I felt so sorry for her when Duncan fell for Gwen. I mean she was sexy too, but still. I felt like Duncan's character drastically changed later on in the series but he remains one of Total Drama's greatest characters all the same! His rebellious bad boy nature is just something you can not move on without thinking about!

There are so many characters I like from this show. Its actually hard to pick a favorite. But most of the ones I like are either funny or relatable. Or better yet BOTH.

Duncan is AMAZING In Island he was great same with Action when He and Gwen got in a relationship though is when it started going down hill Also fun fact he has made it Merge every season he has been in!

It was a close call between Duncan and Heather. But I think Duncan just edges her seeing how he became my favorite since season 1. However, Heather probably has the best development on the show and like I said, it was a hard decision.


Gwen is SO the best! I hated that in Action Trent went crazy and started throwing challenges for her. It's not fair that she gets blamed for everything. And she didn't CHOOSE to vote out Trent! They forced her! I HATE Justin so much! Poor Gwen only broke up with Trent because she THOUGHT that their relationship was making him go mental. She tried to HELP him and gets blamed for kicking him out! I hate the way they characterize Gwen as a "bad" character in Action, whereas she is still pretty much everyone's favourite character! The producers should not have chosen to do that, because it made A LOT of fans very angry! Also she so should've won in Island! Izzy helped Owen cheat! Gwen did hard work to win, and kicked ass while doing it, whereas, even if I like Owen, he's just a smelly fart machine addicted to food! So yeah Gwen is THE BEST.

From season 1 - 2 I really enjoyed Gwen and thought she deserved better . However, what she did to Courtney was just pure EVIL. Courtney is my favorite character and should not of been treated so poorly by her best friend in TDWT. To add to that, she also lied saying Courtney and Duncan were not together when they obviously were. Sorry to disappoint you with this comment but I believe Gwen should not be this high up in the list .

One of my favorite characters from Season 1. Loved her from the start. I was sad by how they treated her in Season 2 with her taking the blame for Trent's own choices and it only going down hill from there.

Gwen's just overall nice she did make friends with courtney. Even though courtney claimed that she stole duncan from her she still tried to make friends with courtney even if courtney kept screwing up.


I can't express how much I love Heather, she never failed to disappoint me in any season at all, she is literally the reason why it's called "Total Drama" she made the show so enjoyable to watch, and literally got robbed every season, including World Tour which she won in, but stupid Ezekiel took the money.

Firstly she is one of the few characters who never had a character derailment, she never changed her personality or ways, no matter what she was ambitious for the win, and definitely deserved the million dollars more than anyone.

Firstly Island, literally made so many enemies at the start, and still made Final three. She was easily able to grab people's votes, she always had genius plans like turning Eva's teammates against her, easily able to get votes for Justin, and her most genius plan setting Trent up. She was responsible for the most eliminations, being responsible for Eva's, Justin's, Beth's, Trent's, Lindsay's, and Izzy's (second elimination), ...more

When I was younger I hated Heather because I didn't understand her. But as I grew older, she became my favourite character. I picked Heather because the show wouldn't be Total Drama without Heather. She's manipulative and knows exactly what she wants and how to get there. The show would honestly be dead without her and I wouldn't be around to watch it. Heather is a very strategic character and added fuel to the fire. I think she should have won Total Drama Island as well as Total Drama World Tour. Her feuds with the other characters were great. I also think Gwen is a great character as well and the show would also be dead without her. I didn't mind Courtney but she is not my fave. She just got on my nerves sometimes and I just think she's a wannabe trying to be Heather. No one beats Heather.

The most strategic and dynamic character in Total Drama history. Her win in World Tour is the best win in Total Drama history. The way she was a threat Every time and was able to work people over like Sierra was genius. To be able to play so well with such a Target on her back is amazing. She is also hilarious and Total Drama wouldn’t be the same without her

Heather is a strong character and also is one of the best singers in Total Drama World Tour. She is so interesting to watch because you never know what she's going to do. So happy when she won Total Drama World Tour.


Owen is by far the greatest character on the show! I was so pleasantly surprised when he won Total Drama Island, I was SO happy for him! I really hope to see him again in the series, he is, in my option, the STAR of the show!

He is the funny, lovable goofball. He made the whole series what it is. TDI was the best season by far and Owen winning it all made it that much sweeter. He rarely had anything bad to say, befriended almost everyone, and even found love along the way with Izzy. TDI had me wondering will they/won't they. I loved their hilarious and crazy relationship. And his song in TDWT, after Izzy broke up with him, brought tears to my eyes. It was simple, yet moving. It truly showed how much he loved her and always love her. He's the ultimate hero of Total Drama and deserves another shot at the money after being convinced to give up his prize money.

He is the best character in this whole damn show. You see, ou turn your head and there's something related to Duncan, Gwen, Courtney, Heather, Alejandro, Mike or a few people. Owen is better than all them.
You see, humiliation is always in fashion on the show, either on the islands or around the world. But now? What's humiliation? A kiss? A relationship? What about farts, funny quotes and funny scenes? Look at Owen. He is the symbol of the show. He's Total Drama in a person' s body. Just forget about all the girls that love Duncan and the damn relationships. We have an Owen to beat them all.

Why is Owen #4 instead of number #1? Sure, Duncan is #1 and he won a season before, but Owen won Total Drama Island, which was the best season! Have you seen the remixes? Owen is #1 in a lot of them! Even missing out on Total Drama All-Stars was a good thing because Total Drama All-Stars contestants (except Mike, Zoey, Gwen, Cameron, Alejandro and Heather) were trapped in balloons, weren't freed, and got blown away to the sun! Because that never happened to Owen, he was able to compete in The Ridonculous Race! He's awesome! GO OWEN!


Noah is full of himself and as snarky as one can get. However, that’s what makes him funny. He was a decent character in season 1, but World Tour really made him shine. His monotoned voice helps impact his sarcastic remarks and he managed to be best friends with Owen. His character development is one of my favorites in the show. He goes from being rude and snarky; to helpful, funny, and still snarky; then finally to helpful, more genuine (Emma helped with that), funnier, and still snarky. He became a better person as the series went on. I give this character a 10/10.

Noah was okay in the first season but when he returned they just made him such a good character, his popularity is also boosted by the stupidest results to challenge ever, I mean Noah and Owen did what they were supposed to but the girls (And Cody) still won when they caught Duncan. Not only do fans hate his elimination in world tour but it makes some hate Duncan in return. I guess you could say they didn't think he could hold his ground on his own but with Owen there I see London is not only one of the funniest episodes but we actually see how Noah is by himself. He's also learning from past mistakes, in TDI he didn't try but in world tour he is a team player and I do hope he competes again.

Wait was noah in the top ten for smartest total drama contestants

Honestly, I think Noah should be number 4 -or higher- instead of Owen. All of the top 4 characters are severely overrated... Although Noah is a little bit overrated, he's not as overrated as the top 4... And Noah actually improved over the series... The top 4 just did what they normally do... and even if you don't agree with me about Noah, I'm sure you'd say the same of the characters below.

You people who think Noah's funny are liars. I find nothing funny about him due to his seriousness, sarcasm, and know-it-all behavior. And those are characteristics that can make me relate to him sometimes even though he isn't my favorite character in Total Drama anymore.

Another way that I can relate to Noah is that I've been treated like a nerd by more than one bully when I was in school. And that makes me hate bullies like Duncan.

Anyway, I'll always reject any humor that all people claim Noah to since I hate most funny stuff nowadays. Therefore, I'm more into serious things and people as I can relate to them.


She's so strong as seen in M is for Merger but also really hated because of the way she treated Gwen when she kissed Duncan. How is this fair! Gwen keeps on saying that they weren't even dating. Just as they were becoming friends she kisses her boyfriend and just pretends it didn't happen!

Courtney was so awesome! Her attitude and spunk made her the best in my opinion. I used to ship her and Duncan SO HARD. Until Duncan kissed Gwen. Like why?! I understand why Courtney is mad, wouldn't anyone else be mad too?

I LOVE Courtney! By far her and Bridgette are my favorite characters because there both really pretty and both of there personalities are like mine! And her and Duncan are such a cute couple ( before they broke up) I love how she’s the boss and a great leader just like me!

Courtney is my favorite TD character. Her attitude is so lovable, she can sometimes be bossy and fiesty but when she breaks the rules she feels so free and I love that. I hated it when Harold rigged the votes and got her sent home to get revenge on Duncan. I kinda also have a little bit of a crush on her along with Bridgette. I ship Duncan and Courtney for life though, their so cute.


Who doesn't like Bridge? She is the kind of person I would love hanging out with and just talking. She made the Aftermath for me in TDA. Only reason I watched those episodes and not just skip after Geoff's personality seemed to go down the toilet.

I lOVE Bridgette! She and Courtney are my favorite characters because they both are super pretty and both of their personalities are like mine. And her and Geoff are such a cute couple!

I love Bridgette so much! She was way better performing in Total Drama Island than the other 2 seasons she had performed. In Island, it was awesome so see that she was a cool and chill person. She was excellent athletic abilities despite being clumsy at times, and performed very well. But I hope she can compete in the future and make it farther to the merge this time or to the final 2. The two seasons she had competed, Action and World Tour was not very good for her because she kept making out with Geoff (only appearing in 2 episodes, excluding aftermaths) and 4 or 5 episodes in World Tour because of Alejandro (again, excluding the aftermaths, I know that she has to be in the aftermaths but she doesn't have to be in all of them because she was qualified to compete in WT while Geoff didn't and I wish they can show her actually surfing in the competition. She has so much to offer for her character in Total Drama but she didn't reach her potential yet. It's time for her to show what has ...more

Bridgette is the prettiest, her hair is the prettiest and she is the coolest! If you did not vote for Bridgette, you are NOT EVEN HUMAN AND YOU ARE TOTALLY OUT OF YOUR ENTIRE MIND! Now I know what your thinking. Why would I vote for Bridgette?! Well my answer is watch Total Drama World Tour! Every where you go you will see her # 1 in the top tens. Read those and you will have more reasons on why she should be your favorite. So if you do not agree with my explanation you try to explain any other way! See ya! Hope this changed your mind about Bridgette! PEACE OUT!


Alejandro is awesome he is a master at being a villain he's like a justin and heather combined and he made to the finale in world tour being a winner and 5th place in all stars.

GAME. PLAYER. Honestly, I cheer for the manipulators, because at least they're playing the game! He and Heather deserved to make the finals of World Tour. Owen was a floater, Gwen sorta played, Duncan and Beth didn't do much other than be involved in drama, Lightning was a floater, Cameron played the game, Mike and Zoey both just got lucky, Sky was a floater, and Shawn was an OK move to the finale. He's smart, cunning, and someone I wouldn't want to go up against, because I'd run the risk of getting voted off very fast. I respect this guy!

He's just great, clever, handsome, very strategic. Sure, he's manipulative and evil, but he's still a fantastic character, my number 1

Lots of people hate Alejandro, and I understand why. Alejandro deserves to win, he may be a trickster but he has smart ways. He was the best contestant in All Stars, and in a World Tour. I know he manipulated Bridgette, Leshawna and Courtney. I like all of those people. It's just that after all the work he out into the game, he deserves to win. Especially after Heather betrayed him in World Tour.


Lindsay is a good character. she may have a brain of a piece of paper but she is kind and gets along with everybody. even HEATHER! and after what we saw with heather and Lindsay I was just furious! she doesn't deserve these unfair eliminations and doesn't deserve this hate! but I liked it when she swore to heather that was so funny like DAMN GIRL! Lindsay rules!

Lindsay Is the best female character she is hilarious , they did her dirty in World Tour all hail Admiral Lindsay Her Hotness!

Despite her dumb brain, when she got voted off because of HEATHER, I was super upset! I loved Lindsay because she was nice, pretty, and super funny!

In shows my most favorite character are the lets say the stupid one. Lindsay made the show interesting and funny. I like how she call her friends in different names.


I love her crazy personality, she’s hilarious! I love it how she comes back when she’s eliminated and I love the characters’ reactions to her! I also love that she always manages to surprise us and is unpredictable. She likes people for who they are on the inside and is very sweet, she gives flair to the show!

I love her craziness and over-the-top optimism! Her other names like E-scope and Explosivo are so funny! I love her quirks. She deserves to win a season! She should’ve been in All Stars. I love her character! I wish I could’ve seen more! She is pretty cute with Owen

Izzy, along with Lindsay, is one of the funniest characters on the show. She doesn't need to rely on any kind of relationships to stand out as a great character (I'm talking to you, Zoey, Mike, TDWT-TDAS Duncan...), despite his relationship with Owen, because the reason we love her is that she is Izzy
Being a secondary/terciary character (depending on the season), she is and will always be funny. She deserves more participation in the next seasons

Izzy is so great. She's crazy, fun, and so hilarious! Even the stories she tells are really funny about her family and what she did in the past. I LOVE her relationship with Owen they are sooo cute together. And the best part is, everyone thinks she's crazy and weird but she doesn't care and goes her own way!

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He is one of those guys that just wants to be cool and have a date but tries way too hard. I feel like he developed as a good character over time showing that underneath his attempts at trying too hard to be cool he became a great character to support.

Back in season 1, I thought he got eliminated too early and didn’t even get to show off his full potential. I thought he was a sweet, funny, and relatable character. I later learned I was right when he came back in World Tour! He never got enough attention in TDI, but World Tour made up for it. He deserved to win something and should’ve been in All Stars. He was so thoughtful when he sacrificed himself for Sierra!

Cody's elimination in TDI didn't put him in the top ranks of the contestants in terms of popularity but you'll rarely find someone who hated him. When he came back in World Tour people were like, "Yeah, you know what? Cody deserves a second chance." and as time passed more and more people found themselves cheering for him. Cody's jump to popularity came from some very clever dialogue, a good personality, and of course a heroic role when surrounded by so many villains and crazy people. He should've been in All-Stars... And won! But then again maybe that would have hurt his popularity more than it would have boosted it.

Cody is adorable and one of my favorite characters. I thought there was something special in him in Island, but when he came back in world tour I was so proud that he actually came in 3RD PLACE! So proud! Sierra was hilarious and I ship them. Cody should’ve come back for All Stars instead of Sam or someone. Bring him back! ❤️


Mike and his personalities were what drew me back into to the series. Well him and Dawn. After World Tour I was ready to give up on Total Drama as while it was good it felt like it was going down hill. Without Mike I likely would not have stayed with the series till the very end.

He is an adorable character! I love how he is so sweet and loves Zoey! He is a good-looking, smart, fair, and funny character. He also is one of the kindest! His MPD just made him even better. All his personalities made me laugh (except Mal). I hate how Mal took over him completely in All Stars, but he was a great antagonist and brought more drama. On the contrary, I think Mike didn’t get enough screen time because in the beginning, Mal was come-and-go, which I thought was cool, but then after only a few episodes, he took over Mike, who’s one of my most favorite characters, and I really missed him. He and Zoey is my favorite couple. I wish they were going to make another season (featuring Mike)! He is one of my most favorite characters in TD ever! His missing tooth is also cute. I love how he went from insecure to confident and gave Mal what he deserved! Episodes with Mal and no Mike felt a bit empty. I also missed his other personalities. ROTI and/or AS should’ve been full ...more

To be honest, I use to be a Duncan and Gwen fan. But Duncan has changed a lot since he first appeared for the worst. Then Revenge of the Island brought a new cast. Make is the one who made me like the new cast. And just when I thought I couldn't like Mike more than I do when he appeared in Revenge of the Island, he came back for All-Stars. I was happy to see him come back! He is hilarious and kind. And he is very quirky. I love all of his alternate personalities--ESPECIALLY Mal. He made the All Stars season interesting. He constantly is having inner conflicts on top of the crazy challenges Chris comes up with. Mike deserves to be the best. And I hope we haven't seen the last of him and his other personalities--including the Malevolent One!

If you ask me mike is my favorite! He was awesome in revenge of the island and he deserved to win all stars. He's cool, strong, nice, and smart. He punched a shark in the face like it was nothing! And him controlling his multiple personalities is awesome, and did you know they where planning for mal since total drama revenge of the island? I never knew until I rewatched the episode he fought his personalities and he said this head is under new management mine and before he said mine you could see the shadow of mal appear behind his shoulder when I saw that my mind was blown! Mike deserved to win at least one total drama season he's a true all star!


She is kind and sweet with a core of steel inside as seen with her Commando Zoey persona. I greatly enjoyed her as a character.

She’s so sweet and beautiful! She reminds me of me when she’s so caring. Her and Mike are my favorite ship! I also like that she is a damsel at times, but can defend her SELF too! She’s also very loyal and I don’t find much wrong with her. Commando Zoey kept forgetting about being a team player, but soon realized and came through. She was really brave and cunning in that episode! She is one of my favorite characters

Out of every single girl in total drama she would be the best girlfriend ever. He lps Mike when needed and he does the same too.

Zoey is also a VERY SPECIAL AND GOOD SOUL she was one of my favorite cat on TDAL and she is athletic and nice toward everyone on TDAL, even if they did betray her. (courtney)


She is my favorite character! She was able to figure out about mike's personality disorder without having to be told WAY before Cameron did, She was able to tell which ice balls were safe or hazardous, she is basically a B translator, and she saved her team from the beetle. Shes creepy, I LOVE IT!

As much as it pains me, I get why they killed her off early. She was TOO perfect, and I guess they didn't want her to take away all the spotlight from everyone else.

She’s so cool! She should’ve been in All Stars instead of Sam! I love how she senses the auras and how the characters are so surprised at her amount of personal information on them. She’s kind of like a real life Luna Lovegood, except a little less quirky! I love her character

Dawn is my absolute FAVORITE total drama contestant EVER! She was so sweet and my favorite thing about her is that she could always be herself and didn't care how everyone called her weird and creepy. And I also hated how everyone thought she was weird and creepy, I mean she's being herself, I personally would friend her for LIFE! And secondly I like her because she reminds me of Luna. HP fan for LIFE!


Harold is an amazing character. He may often brag but he does the work that he actually says he can do. He was robbed in World Tour.

He is one of the most memorible characters, and my favourite, he can do anything if he want, and if he whould be more carefull. Greate ninja skills, high intellect, great beat boxer.

Harold should really be higher on the list, his performance in tda proves he's not just a scrawny nerd and can contend with Duncan and Courtney in these types of things.

A well developed character who is AWESOME! This guy has mad skills and is very entertaining to watch. Great kid has lot's of quirks but very funny. Harold should of won Action but I still love Duncan too. I Don't understand why he is so low, people love him! Come on guys. Let's get him higher on the list!


Leshawna is very funny to me! She is my favorite character! I just love leshawna so so SO MUCH! Like the show would not be a show without her. She has to be one of THE ABSOLUTE, BEST characters I have ever seen! In my opinion, Leshawna is NUMBER 1!

She was honestly my second favourite character in season 1 however I felt like they really derailed her and she lost her loving personality but I will always find her as one of the best!

Sassy Queen! I love her soo much! She was literally robbed three times! I feel like if she weren’t eliminated in that one episode of TDI, she would have won the season. She sticks up for her friends and is super funny. You go girl!

she is so FUNNY! I know people who act like her and they are the best I also love leshawnas personality! you should vote her she is great!

Chris McLean Chris McLean is a fictional character from the Total Drama Island series as the official host who makes the campers perform a series of challenges for immunity ranging from often humiliating to dangerous.

He was overall a really great character for me, him being the host was great, he was funny, kinda a rebel, and all the stuff he made the other characters do was hilarious.

Ummm hello? Why isn't Chris in the top ten? He's the life of the party and there would be no Total Drama without him. He's hilarious and I love how much he doesn't care about the campers' well being. He is sarcastic and witty. every time he opens his mouth I want to punch him in the face, and that's great. I just love Chris. Oh and he's also really cute

Chris and I have so much in common. We both despise teenagers. He is the only reason I watched season 4. I hope he comes back for another season.

Chris is the greatest host ever. It wasn't the same watching the Ridonculous Race. Don is okay, but Chris is awesome. He was the only reason I watched season four.


I approve of his refusal from eating dolphin-dogs in Total drama island. I also like Bridget for that. Who cooks dolphins? They're the innocent souls of the ocean. The only complaint I have against DJ is his co-operation with Duncan and Geoff against Harold. Sure, it's Harold's fault, but teaming up with Duncan? You can do better than that.

How is DJ at number 17? He is literally the nicest character on the show. He deserved a spot in All-Stars, maybe that would've made a disappointing season a bit better. The only thing I have to complain about his character is how unfair everyone of his eliminations were in the first three seasons. His elimination in World Tour is one of the only complaints I have about that season, but it made sense. After that, I was never a big Alejandro fan, but he's still a good villain.

DJ is my favorite! He's really sweet and has a good heart despite his intimidating size. He's a good friend and He's adorable with his pet bunny. DJ deserves to win a season, I hope he finally gets a chance to. I would at least like to see him again.

DJ was the first favorite I had, and it stayed that way, then I started paying attention to Noah, and Cody in season 3. Season 4 brought in dawn who was AWESOME and cute 😍 Now it's a three way tie. Between them! DJ is still number one for me! I hate how they only had him in the first 3 seasons! Since season 3, he has been gone, WE ARE ABOUT TO FINISH SEASON 7, please PUT HIM IN SEASON 8


My favorite character! Very cool and definitely deserves a greta redemption arc storyline. I can definitely see him winning and too much people agrees with me. He didn't deserved the dirty scripting the writers gave to him. He's too much more than just a number nine obssesed guy.

I liked his storyline with Gwen in TDI. Sure, he might not be super complex, but he's a pretty chill bro and he helped Gwen become a better character overall. Too bad TDA ruined that too...

Trent has always been my character ever since the beginning of Total Drama. Total Drama Island, Trent ruled. In Total Drama Action they destroyed his character, if they were going to break up Gwent they could have at LEAST had a better plot line then Justin overhearing it. Now for the future season that is coming up, Gwent needs to be revived. Literally 90% of the community agree with the fact that Trent needs some serious redemption, also a lot of people even see Trent WINNING the season, he should at least make it to the merge-final 8 in my opinion, Trent is a character who deserves it generally.

Trent on Island was a pretty cool dude. He was that laid back, sane character that made the madness around him more evident because of his comments on the matter. What they did to him in Action was horrible character derailment and my opinion is shouldn't have happened, but Island Trent was definitely a guy I rooted for.

He and Gwen were cute, fun and just brought a light touch to TDI, which admittedly is my only canon season.


^You wish that Ella's amazing. She's deluded, for cryin' out loud! Even though she was able to charm a bear with her song, she's still too black and white for my taste. Therefore, she's better off givin' up on her excessive optimism. Besides, I'm no longer an optimist. Instead, I'm a pessimist an' proud of it.

As much as I love Ella's adorableness, a part of me wants to see her realize her life isn't a fantacy and face the harsh truths of reality. I just think it would be an interesting conflict for her and make for some good character development.

She gave me so much snow white vibes! Her voice is beautiful and I was really sad that she got voted off

Ella is very nice and one of my favorite characters. Her singing can get a little annoying though.


A great scheming villain who just loves to make you hate him. He also has a pretty unique strategy with how he keeps sabotaging his team.

Scott is one of the best villains on the show. I didn't think they would be able to create a character as good, if not better than Heather, but they managed to pull it off.

Scott's my second favorite, in TDRI he was decent, yes, but in my opinion upon reaching TDAS he was hilarious. He would never get a break and wasn't even so villainous anymore because he had no time to be villainous with all the time spent with him getting hurt by things and being strange, plus his line "I'm sad, and when I get sad, I eat dirt."

I love the fact that he wants to play the game to win, by any means necessary. He is a villain and what I like about him is that he loves being a villain. He doesn't care if you don't like him because he doesn't like you either.


He’s the type of guy you would want to get high with honestly! He’s super chill, so nice and positive, and he would have your back no matter what.

Geoff is iconic. One of the best characters from the first season and made an impact on the show overall. He can be funny, he's radical and is one of the CHILLEST characters on the show. He was only a bad character when it came to the second season but other than that, he pretty much dominated the game and was a formidable competitor.

He's so chill, relaxed, knows how to have a good time and cheer people up! Example 1: He cheered Gwen up and made her a party person even in his last episode! Example 2: He made Bridgette that really sweet heart shaped jar (even if it was a bit corny it was still so cute! ). Example 3:He's VERY loyal and sticks up for his friends. Example 4: He risked being kicked out of the guys alliance by not voting against Bridgette like the rest of them, just to make her happy. In the end Bridgette went home and Geoff had to sleep outside the boy's cabin hanging in a tree. Example 5: In Total Drama: The Ridonculous Race, he refused to save 'princesses' because he didn't want to make Bridgette upset! I MEAN HOW CUTE IS THAT!?!?!? please VOTE FOR HIM because HE'S AMAZING, CUTE, SWEET, THOUGHTFUL, CHILLED, KIND AND I COULD GO ON! HE SHOULD BE FIRST BUT HE'S NOT SO please MAKE HIM FIRST!

Geoff is the best character on the show. He should be number 1. I can not understand why that party guy is number 41!

Chef Hatchet

Guy's awesome. I love the humor he brought into the series. He acts as Chris' foil being a rather tough guy more than willing to get down and dirty.

Basically the heart and soul of the show, and one of the best, funniest and most entertaining characters of the show, if not the best ever.

Hands down the funniest character and my second favorite. It's a disgrace that he is this low!

I don't know what it is but he was just a very enjoyable character.


I know this is an unpopular opinion, but Sky is my second favorite character (after Cody). With this list, I now know that others like Sky, too. After seeing her first interaction in TDPI, offering Max gum, I knew she was a really kind character. She is also very confident, and a great team leader. I'm so glad she made it to the finals, and I wish she won (in my country Shawn wins). I know she's a bad match with Dave, but losing the boy she liked at a million dollars must not be her day. I try to forget about the fact that Shawn won, and keep watching the alternate ending, the ending where Sky won. I don't understand why so many people hate her.

Sky is my overall favourite character from Pahkitew Island. I know this is an unpopular opinion because people usually say Samey, Ella, Shawn and Jasmine. But I liked how Sky had her quirks but she was still normal. And this may be an unpopular opinion but I loved Skave! I ignore the final episode and the episode where Dave got out because he went a little overboard for Sky. I still love Sky and I hope she returns as long all the top 8 of that season for another one.

I know that this may be an unpopular opinion but she is the prettiest, and my all time favorite total drama character. she became the new zoey, she used to be my favorite character but ever since pahkitew island she has had the most amazing personality and has become my number one pick. She should be number one on this list.

She is soooooooo god damn cute I would treat her soooooooo well she's also my favourite character alongside Shawn and Courtney !


The "Iron Boy" suit he made to beat Lightning was awesome. The Cameron ending should not have been the alternate one.

Cameron is by far the best character to ever win the show. He is smart and hilarious.

I think cameron is a nice guy and I like him he plays fair and square

Cameron is awesome he is the under dog and should have won

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