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I really really like Duncan. He's without a doubt my favorite and most iconic character of the series. He's like the "main protagonist" and breakout character of the Total Drama series. He has a great character development through the series and it's really funny how he wants to keep his "bad-boy" style even though a softer and nicer side of him keeps emerging. His relationship with Courtney is without a doubt the most well built up and thoroughly developed in the entire series. I was really sad to see them grow apart on World Tour and later on, but I can always hope for more of them on later seasons (Seriously, they're like Ross and Rachel from FRIENDS. No matter how many times they break up, they always get back together). He has a seriously amazing and badass style that made me want to watch more of him out of all the contestants. He is the reason I started watching and loving the show in the first place. So that is why S4, S5 (2nd part) and Spin-Off were not my ...more

Duncan is one of the best characters in Total Drama! Why? His Rebel personality is just something that you have to love! I love how he has to always play the bad boy and pull pranks on anyone he doesn't like! (P.S. I kind of feel sorry for Harold). I absolutely LOVE how He's so rude, rebellious, and an amazing rule-breaker on the outside but a caring, friendly person on the outside who cares for his friends like Geoff and DJ and is open to relationships. Plus I liked his relationship with Courtney! She is so sexy and hot and I love how she bosses Duncan around for always playing the cool, laid back prankster guy! I felt so sorry for her when Duncan fell for Gwen. I mean she was sexy too, but still. I felt like Duncan's character drastically changed later on in the series but he remains one of Total Drama's greatest characters all the same! His rebellious bad boy nature is just something you can not move on without thinking about!

It was a close call between Duncan and Heather. But I think Duncan just edges her seeing how he became my favorite since season 1. However, Heather probably has the best development on the show and like I said, it was a hard decision.

Duncan is so overrated, I really don't understand why he's on the top. He's rude, he's a liar, and an ugly cheating roach.


Gwen is SO the best! I hated that in Action Trent went crazy and started throwing challenges for her. It's not fair that she gets blamed for everything. And she didn't CHOOSE to vote out Trent! They forced her! I HATE Justin so much! Poor Gwen only broke up with Trent because she THOUGHT that their relationship was making him go mental. She tried to HELP him and gets blamed for kicking him out! I hate the way they characterize Gwen as a "bad" character in Action, whereas she is still pretty much everyone's favourite character! The producers should not have chosen to do that, because it made A LOT of fans very angry! Also she so should've won in Island! Izzy helped Owen cheat! Gwen did hard work to win, and kicked ass while doing it, whereas, even if I like Owen, he's just a smelly fart machine addicted to food! So yeah Gwen is THE BEST.

Gwen is awesome! She is even better then Duncan. She is stylish and smart and she knows how to beat a challenge. I hate Courtney when she's trying to beat Gwen up because she kissed Duncan, but I wish Courtney would just shut up because she is annoying and talks too much and complains about EVERYTHING. I think that Gwen should have won in the first show, "total drama island" because even though Owen is "funny" he is just annoying and smelly and I actually like Owen because he knows how to put people in a good mood. But usually he is annoying and loud and stupid, and he didn't deserve to win the competition because Gwen was right in front of the finish line and Izzie Cheated and put a plate of brownies in front of a fan so Owen could beat Gwen. That should be considered cheating because the contestants shouldn't receive help in the final challenge! Gwen is my favorite person because she is a realistic version of a person who struggled in life, yet again a bit of a cliche. Goth girl. ...more

From season 1 - 2 I really enjoyed Gwen and thought she deserved better . However, what she did to Courtney was just pure EVIL. Courtney is my favorite character and should not of been treated so poorly by her best friend in TDWT. To add to that, she also lied saying Courtney and Duncan were not together when they obviously were. Sorry to disappoint you with this comment but I believe Gwen should not be this high up in the list .

She is honestly my favorite character in almost all the seasons she was in however I feel like they focused too much on her and Courtney's friendship during All Stars but nonetheless she is still great!


When I was younger I hated Heather because I didn't understand her. But as I grew older, she became my favourite character. I picked Heather because the show wouldn't be Total Drama without Heather. She's manipulative and knows exactly what she wants and how to get there. The show would honestly be dead without her and I wouldn't be around to watch it. Heather is a very strategic character and added fuel to the fire. I think she should have won Total Drama Island as well as Total Drama World Tour. Her feuds with the other characters were great. I also think Gwen is a great character as well and the show would also be dead without her. I didn't mind Courtney but she is not my fave. She just got on my nerves sometimes and I just think she's a wannabe trying to be Heather. No one beats Heather.

I don't know why but I honestly find Heather hilarious! I'm not sure what it is but I can never actually hate her even when she's being extremely annoying!

Heather is a strong character and also is one of the best singers in Total Drama World Tour. She is so interesting to watch because you never know what she's going to do. So happy when she won Total Drama World Tour.

She's the evil strategic queen of total drama. Shes responsible for over 20 eliminations. And her relationship with alejandro is the best in total drama


The guy with a black for a stomach his nice and he knows how to eat my man he even let himself get launch by a canon awesome

Owen is by far the greatest character on the show! I was so pleasantly surprised when he won Total Drama Island, I was SO happy for him! I really hope to see him again in the series, he is, in my option, the STAR of the show!

The mastermind who eliminated my favorite character Duncan

a teenager who has no experience of summer camp I was very happy when e won just for brownies!


Noah was okay in the first season but when he returned they just made him such a good character, his popularity is also boosted by the stupidest results to challenge ever, I mean Noah and Owen did what they were supposed to but the girls (And Cody) still won when they caught Duncan. Not only do fans hate his elimination in world tour but it makes some hate Duncan in return. I guess you could say they didn't think he could hold his ground on his own but with Owen there I see London is not only one of the funniest episodes but we actually see how Noah is by himself. He's also learning from past mistakes, in TDI he didn't try but in world tour he is a team player and I do hope he competes again.

Wait was noah in the top ten for smartest total drama contestants

the sarcasm is the key to the show he also had some comedic relief potential in my opinion also he's iconic definitely in my top 5 characters

Noah was a chill, laid-back character the only thing that made me laugh was is sarcasm noah over all a 8/10

Smart for knowing Alejandro was going to turn on all of them. Wish he made it farther.


Courtney is awesome! People hate her because she always insists she is a CIT and is "annoying" or whiny" but she is very helpful teammate and in order to keep her team in place, she takes leadership so that there is no fighting over it because no one can win an argument against Courtney because she literally is going to be a lawyer when she grows up, which really makes me love her bossy attitude. She has so many great qualities to her and she always makes me smile when she comes on the screen. Courtney is way better than Gwen in my opinion because she never gives up when Gwen does give up and is so negative it's not enjoyable. Gwen has no morals and doesn't care at all to the fact that Duncan and Courtney were dating and if you say they "broke up", well that's still not fine I think. Do you think that there was "nothing technically wrong" is someone kisses your ex/boyfriend. The most annoying thing about Gwen is that she can't make her mind up and in ...more

Courtney is a queen and deserves to win a season. All the Gwen fans are saying that she needs to chill out about Gwen kissing Duncan but that is literally not a minor thing because even if they "weren't technically dating" that does not mean that they are free real estate. They were clearly still into each other and since Gwen and Courtney were "friendish" that would basically be your friend kissing your ex which I think is wrong since it takes a long time to get over a break up and Trent was literally her boyfriend not that long ago. Trent was throwing the challenges for her but she still liked him and he liked her so kissing Duncan was literally hurting both her friends and she broke up Duncan because he was still obsessed with Courtney which was not a surprise because like what did you expect? They were dating not long ago and it was clear that he still liked her. Just because people aren't dating anymore doesn't mean they don't have feelings for each other ...more

Courtney was so awesome! Her attitude and spunk made her the best in my opinion. I used to ship her and Duncan SO HARD. Until Duncan kissed Gwen. Like why?! I understand why Courtney is mad, wouldn't anyone else be mad too?

definitely my favorite character shes tough, smart, EXTREMELY mentally helpful to her team and physically, and shes very competitive basically everything a good character needs and her relationships/friendships are always great!


I lOVE Bridgette! She and Courtney are my favorite characters because they both are super pretty and both of their personalities are like mine. And her and Geoff are such a cute couple!

I love Bridgette so much! She was way better performing in Total Drama Island than the other 2 seasons she had performed. In Island, it was awesome so see that she was a cool and chill person. She was excellent athletic abilities despite being clumsy at times, and performed very well. But I hope she can compete in the future and make it farther to the merge this time or to the final 2. The two seasons she had competed, Action and World Tour was not very good for her because she kept making out with Geoff (only appearing in 2 episodes, excluding aftermaths) and 4 or 5 episodes in World Tour because of Alejandro (again, excluding the aftermaths, I know that she has to be in the aftermaths but she doesn't have to be in all of them because she was qualified to compete in WT while Geoff didn't and I wish they can show her actually surfing in the competition. She has so much to offer for her character in Total Drama but she didn't reach her potential yet. It's time for her to show what has ...more

Bridgette is so pretty and down to earth and athletic! I think her and Geoff are such a cute couple!

Very chill and down to earth. I think Bridgette, DJ, and Dawn would make a good friendship alliance.


Alejandro is awesome he is a master at being a villain he's like a justin and heather combined and he made to the finale in world tour being a winner and 5th place in all stars.

basically heather but as a boy and mexican he has mad skills and one of the strongest

manipulative and pure evil. He's nothing but a ruthless villain that is hated even more than heather

From Aropman- the guy is good at being bad I mean that's million dollar worthy am I right? Handsome and clever


Lindsay is the best character by far. Her "dumb blonde" persona is played off perfectly with a little bit of an edge. For being dumb, she has a sense of wit that outmaneuvers even the smartest contenders at times. Her pure innocence just captures your heart.
She is the comic relief most of the time but name one time you hated her... Even when admiral Lindsay her hotness was annoyingly cute.

Despite her dumb brain, when she got voted off because of HEATHER, I was super upset! I loved Lindsay because she was nice, pretty, and super funny!

All I can say is: Admiral Lindsay her hotness I would make you my winner of td action!

In shows my most favorite character are the lets say the stupid one. Lindsay made the show interesting and funny. I like how she call her friends in different names.


Cody's elimination in TDI didn't put him in the top ranks of the contestants in terms of popularity but you'll rarely find someone who hated him. When he came back in World Tour people were like, "Yeah, you know what? Cody deserves a second chance." and as time passed more and more people found themselves cheering for him. Cody's jump to popularity came from some very clever dialogue, a good personality, and of course a heroic role when surrounded by so many villains and crazy people. He should've been in All-Stars... And won! But then again maybe that would have hurt his popularity more than it would have boosted it.

Cody is so cute! People say I'm like Sierra... Just because I like Cody. It was HILARIOUS when he punched Duncan in the face! I laughed my head off when he did that! GO CODY! :D

Cody is probably another one of my favorites because he is so relatable and to be honest he kinda reminds me of me. I love it when he tries to hit on Gwen. I got so sad when he got voted off.

Cody could have won WT but he is such a nice person and had to save Sierra.

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To be honest, I use to be a Duncan and Gwen fan. But Duncan has changed a lot since he first appeared for the worst. Then Revenge of the Island brought a new cast. Make is the one who made me like the new cast. And just when I thought I couldn't like Mike more than I do when he appeared in Revenge of the Island, he came back for All-Stars. I was happy to see him come back! He is hilarious and kind. And he is very quirky. I love all of his alternate personalities--ESPECIALLY Mal. He made the All Stars season interesting. He constantly is having inner conflicts on top of the crazy challenges Chris comes up with. Mike deserves to be the best. And I hope we haven't seen the last of him and his other personalities--including the Malevolent One!

useful or not he has multiple personalities that help him a lot and sometimes not but this guy is awesome going up against all his personality

Without mal in control Mike was a good guy and is super nice towards zoey. (without mal in control lol

I honestly think Mike has a unique personality with the multiple personality


Zoey has mad athletic skills! And I totally love her because of her kind personality and cool style.

Zoey is also a VERY SPECIAL AND GOOD SOUL she was one of my favorite cat on TDAL and she is athletic and nice toward everyone on TDAL,even if they did betray her. (courtney)

Out of every single girl in total drama she would be the best girlfriend ever. He lps Mike when needed and he does the same too.

What? Zoey is 13th place?! She is the prettiest, most thoughtful person ever! She's amazing at parkour, and SUPER cute. She is nerdy (in a way), and doesn't care what other people think. She is a red-headed, nerdy version of Sky the awesome.


she was really funny in some of the aftermaths and also her craziness made her so enjoyable

Izzy is such a lovable and funny goofball. She's so fun to watch and I'm sad that she left early in TDI.

Izzy is my second favorite after Sierra, she is really funny and a good addition to the show!

Izzy is one of the funniest characters on total drama and she doesn't like to run from a fight. (Especially when fighting chief) Shes crazy and she doesn't form alliances or get on anyone's bad side


She is awesome! She can read auras and was totally eliminated too early! :( She knew about Scott and tried to take leadership for her team. Plus, the other characters reactions to her makes me laugh

She is my favorite character! She was able to figure out about mike's personality disorder without having to be told WAY before Cameron did, She was able to tell which ice balls were safe or hazardous, she is basically a B translator, and she saved her team from the beetle. Shes creepy, I LOVE IT!

She is honestly the BEST character in TD. I still can't get over the fact that Scott FRAMED her!

As much as it pains me, I get why they killed her off early. She was TOO perfect, and I guess they didn't want her to take away all the spotlight from everyone else.


Harold is the best. He is just a epic nerd that owns it! Even though he never has a major role, he has the best.

he got robbed bye owen and if he didn't he could've won season 2 I was sad when he didn't

Completely underrated.
I love how much he changed when him and duncan were working together.

He's got mad skillz. Another great comic relief who deserved better.

Chris McLean Chris McLean is a fictional character from the Total Drama Island series as the official host who makes the campers perform a series of challenges for immunity ranging from often humiliating to dangerous.

he's so funny and a great host but when the ridicules race happened boring

He was overall a really great character for me, him being the host was great, he was funny, kinda a rebel, and all the stuff he made the other characters do was hilarious.

I like how he takes pleasure in making the campers' lives a living hell.

best host also chef mclean (chrismcleanxchef made it myself withen 2 seconds) are relationship goals


he may be tall and strong but his very kind and gentle not what you get from this show that often

He is just the kind, sweet and coolest guy in town and his mom will ALWAYS be proud!

Is it really hard to know why DJ is epic? He has a great personality

This guy is an animal lover, he didn't deserve the curse that much


She was honestly my second favourite character in season 1 however I felt like they really derailed her and she lost her loving personality but I will always find her as one of the best!

I love her for being loud and standing up for herself and the others

She is cool and down to earth. Also she sticks up to heather when nobody else does!

she is so FUNNY! I know people who act like her and they are the best I also love leshawnas personality! you should vote her she is great!


the guy is cool sure humiliate himself a few times in season 2 but hey his honorable and run with gwen while carrying a rock cool dude

I liked his storyline with Gwen in TDI. Sure, he might not be super complex, but he's a pretty chill bro and he helped Gwen become a better character overall. Too bad TDA ruined that too...

Amazing character! his whole relationship with gwen was so sweet. It's like they were ment to be!

Trent is so laid back which is one of the features I love about him. I also love him and Gwen together!


She gave me so much snow white vibes! Her voice is beautiful and I was really sad that she got voted off

she's my favorite character of course I would put her on number 1

Modern day Snow White. If only people saw life with happiness like Ella...

She’s really pretty and her voice is so beautiful and she has such a kind HEART!


A great scheming villain who just loves to make you hate him. He also has a pretty unique strategy with how he keeps sabotaging his team.

Scott is one of the best villains on the show. I didn't think they would be able to create a character as good, if not better than Heather, but they managed to pull it off.

I just really liked his character, his personallity and that he was a red head.

I love the fact that he wants to play the game to win, by any means necessary. He is a villain and what I like about him is that he loves being a villain. He doesn't care if you don't like him because he doesn't like you either.


he's a party animal and he's so cool and kind except in the aftermath but steel really cool

I really enjoyed his character, he's very chill, cool, and if you ever wanted to go party his the guy to call.

He's so chill, relaxed, knows how to have a good time and cheer people up! Example 1: He cheered Gwen up and made her a party person even in his last episode! Example 2: He made Bridgette that really sweet heart shaped jar (even if it was a bit corny it was still so cute! ). Example 3:He's VERY loyal and sticks up for his friends. Example 4: He risked being kicked out of the guys alliance by not voting against Bridgette like the rest of them, just to make her happy. In the end Bridgette went home and Geoff had to sleep outside the boy's cabin hanging in a tree. Example 5: In Total Drama: The Ridonculous Race, he refused to save 'princesses' because he didn't want to make Bridgette upset! I MEAN HOW CUTE IS THAT!?!?!? please VOTE FOR HIM because HE'S AMAZING, CUTE, SWEET, THOUGHTFUL, CHILLED, KIND AND I COULD GO ON! HE SHOULD BE FIRST BUT HE'S NOT SO please MAKE HIM FIRST!

Geoff is iconic. One of the best characters from the first season and made an impact on the show overall. He can be funny, he's radical and is one of the CHILLEST characters on the show. He was only a bad character when it came to the second season but other than that, he pretty much dominated the game and was a formidable competitor.

Chef Hatchet

Basically the heart and soul of the show, and one of the best, funniest and most entertaining characters of the show, if not the best ever.

Cool guy, reminds me of dad because they're both black and bald

I don't know what it is but he was just a very enjoyable character.

Hands down the funniest character and my second favorite. It's a disgrace that he is this low!


She is so sweet and so strong I would love to meet her in person

I know this is an unpopular opinion, but Sky is my second favorite character (after Cody). With this list, I now know that others like Sky, too. After seeing her first interaction in TDPI, offering Max gum, I knew she was a really kind character. She is also very confident, and a great team leader. I'm so glad she made it to the finals, and I wish she won (in my country Shawn wins). I know she's a bad match with Dave, but losing the boy she liked at a million dollars must not be her day. I try to forget about the fact that Shawn won, and keep watching the alternate ending, the ending where Sky won. I don't understand why so many people hate her.

She’s so beautiful and really smart and a great leader and really kind! But it was kinda disgusting when she did loud BURPS!

Can I vote 3? Oh, I can't. Well, Sky is the new Zoey. Pretty, sweet, a little dramatic at times. But she is AMAZING! Even before the show, I knew she would be one of my favorites.


One of my favorite ROTI characters, this guy's just hilarious with his cowardice and weird one liners.

Brick is a really funny character.I love how when Cameron won he said he's going to fashion school.Why the heck was Sam in All Stars that was Brick's spot.He lost immunity to save the other team.

Total Drama is a show filled with good and bad characters. The are people who are amazing, but if there is one character(in my opinion) that comes close to being almost perfect, it would definitely be Brick. He has almost all of the qualities of a great Total Drama character. He's nice, funny, heroic, a team player, he's even sympathetic in some ways. He got eliminated for SAVING LIVES. HOW IS THAT NOT AMAZING IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM?!?!?! Brick should've been in All Stars, and he will forever be my favorite character of this franchise.

Because Brick is awesome and funny and if anybody was a hero on Revenge of the island, it would be BRick because he gave up immunity to save Cameron, Mike and Zoey!

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