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1 Duncan Duncan

"I like Duncan cause of his sneaky, rebel, manipulative ways. "

You wouldn't like that dumbass is he acted in those ways to you. I hate him because of his delinquency, especially since, I've deal with people like him before. Jerks like him make me wish that they never existed. Hell, I really hate what he did to Harold. But I'm glad that nerd got back at him for all the crap that he gave him. Why, that makes me wish I could get back at all the bullies who picked on me a lot.

Duncan is the cool one you know! I was so excited when he beat Beth to the million dollars in đŸ’°Total Drama Action

I really really like Duncan. He's without a doubt my favorite and most iconic character of the series. He's like the "main protagonist" and breakout character of the Total Drama series. He has a great character development through the series and it's really funny how he wants to keep his "bad-boy" style even though a softer and nicer side of him keeps emerging. His relationship with Courtney is without a doubt the most well built up and thoroughly developed in the entire series. I was really sad to see them grow apart on World Tour and later on, but I can always hope for more of them on later seasons (Seriously, they're like Ross and Rachel from FRIENDS. No matter how many times they break up, they always get back together). He has a seriously amazing and badass style that made me want to watch more of him out of all the contestants. He is the reason I started watching and loving the show in the first place. So that is why S4, S5 (2nd part) and Spin-Off were not my ...more

I had a huge crush on him when I was a kid, I still do now at 16! This may shock people but Canadian high schools are like American ones on HBO, with more sex, and I'm one of the unfortunate kids who is bullied constantly to the point where I've had to file a restraining order. Despite being cast out by my classmates I can actually see myself getting along with Duncan just fine. A lot of my interests are considered to be dangerous by the norm of society, basically I'm a lot like Gwen. He's the kind of guy who I could easily respect, and he just might be like my guy friends and stand with me in a time of need. The biggest difference is that he's more intimidating (no offense guys). - KimikoYukimura

Duncan is my favorite out of the entire show... He almost reminds me of maybe who I would be in 6 years. Like, with dyed hair and blue eyes and rebellious. Sometimes, I think "rules like that are stupid let's just break them anyway" if I were like a girl version of Duncan... With blue hair instead of green and white shirt instead of black.

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2 Gwen Gwen


Gwen had to deal with actual drama, but I still respected her. Unlike Courtney, who was purposely losing so Sierra and her could double vote Gwen. And the tiebreaker was just unfair... I think Gwen deserved a bit better than this. - Qryzx

Gwen is awesome! She is even better then Duncan. She is stylish and smart and she knows how to beat a challenge. I hate Courtney when she's trying to beat Gwen up because she kissed Duncan, but I wish Courtney would just shut up because she is annoying and talks too much and complains about EVERYTHING. I think that Gwen should have won in the first show, "total drama island" because even though Owen is "funny" he is just annoying and smelly and I actually like Owen because he knows how to put people in a good mood. But usually he is annoying and loud and stupid, and he didn't deserve to win the competition because Gwen was right in front of the finish line and Izzie Cheated and put a plate of brownies in front of a fan so Owen could beat Gwen. That should be considered cheating because the contestants shouldn't receive help in the final challenge! Gwen is my favorite person because she is a realistic version of a person who struggled in life, yet again a bit of a cliche. Goth girl. ...more

If I were gay I would fall in love with girls like gwen

Gwen is awesome - ElSherlock

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3 Heather Heather

When I first started watching this show I hated Heather, but then the more I watched the more I began to like her. She may be mean and bossy but could you imagine how different the show would be without her? - Spongehouse

I think Heather contributes a lot to total drama and without her it would be dull.

Heather is the best character and most real

Sure, Gwen was the main character, Owen was lovable, but Heather was the villain for the original season! Besides, she was in the most episodes. - buster

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4 Owen Owen

Why is Owen #4 instead of number #1? Sure, Duncan is #1 and he won a season before, but Owen won Total Drama Island, which was the best season! Have you seen the remixes? Owen is #1 in a lot of them! Even missing out on Total Drama All-Stars was a good thing because Total Drama All-Stars contestants (except Mike, Zoey, Gwen, Cameron, Alejandro and Heather) were trapped in balloons, weren't freed, and got blown away to the sun! Because that never happened to Owen, he was able to compete in The Ridonculous Race! He's awesome! GO OWEN!

You know what is funny is that the final four on total Drama island, Owen, Gwen, Heather and Owen are the top four best total drama characters.

Owen is a really great character. I was really glad when he got to win TDI. He should be able to be in season 8.

See Owen is basically OP like he never makes enemies or decives anyone and nobody ever worries about him and anyone on the show would vote anybody else but him off the show, he is unbeatable

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5 Noah Noah

Noah was okay in the first season but when he returned they just made him such a good character, his popularity is also boosted by the stupidest results to challenge ever, I mean Noah and Owen did what they were supposed to but the girls (And Cody) still won when they caught Duncan. Not only do fans hate his elimination in world tour but it makes some hate Duncan in return. I guess you could say they didn't think he could hold his ground on his own but with Owen there I see London is not only one of the funniest episodes but we actually see how Noah is by himself. He's also learning from past mistakes, in TDI he didn't try but in world tour he is a team player and I do hope he competes again. - Gronk27

Wait was noah in the top ten for smartest total drama contestants

He has a lovely voice and he's intelligent. Emma is lucky

Hopefully he will compete in future seasons (if there are any). His humor is amazing - Spongehouse

Noah deserves much longer on total drama island he is so use full with technology

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6 Courtney Courtney

No matter how bossy and type A she may be, Courtney is a real competitor. I thought she was okay in the first two seasons but she really took off in world tour. and then duncan cheated on her yet she still managed to stay in the competition. I hate when people defend gwen and duncan for this because cheating is the worst form of betrayal period and I think she's allowed to be upset about it. she may be whiny and annoying but in the end she's the strongest girl on probably the whole show.

I honestly think Courtney has many sides, and no matter what people think of her she's competing, that's what total drama is about, competition and she's always ready to do what she has too

She is brains and beauty. She deserved to win and anyone who votes for her is a great person in the society!

I can't understand how so many people can actually like this character - Spongehouse

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7 Alejandro

I would bang him

He is just so cool and funny like me.

Alejandro was so hilarious! I get why people hate him but he's funny

In all stars he could not use his legs he hand walked for days

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8 Mike Mike

To be honest, I use to be a Duncan and Gwen fan. But Duncan has changed a lot since he first appeared for the worst. Then Revenge of the Island brought a new cast. Make is the one who made me like the new cast. And just when I thought I couldn't like Mike more than I do when he appeared in Revenge of the Island, he came back for All-Stars. I was happy to see him come back! He is hilarious and kind. And he is very quirky. I love all of his alternate personalities--ESPECIALLY Mal. He made the All Stars season interesting. He constantly is having inner conflicts on top of the crazy challenges Chris comes up with. Mike deserves to be the best. And I hope we haven't seen the last of him and his other personalities--including the Malevolent One!

He is so overrated - Spongehouse


Mike needs to win All-Stars. Seriously, at LEAST top 3. He has all of the good qualities of Cody, being his teeth, casanova tendencies (Vito), bravery (Manitoba), and humor (Chester and himself), and then some. (Cody's my favorite original character, by the way.)

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9 Cody Cody

Cody's elimination in TDI didn't put him in the top ranks of the contestants in terms of popularity but you'll rarely find someone who hated him. When he came back in World Tour people were like, "Yeah, you know what? Cody deserves a second chance." and as time passed more and more people found themselves cheering for him. Cody's jump to popularity came from some very clever dialogue, a good personality, and of course a heroic role when surrounded by so many villains and crazy people. He should've been in All-Stars... And won! But then again maybe that would have hurt his popularity more than it would have boosted it.

Cody, in my opinion, is THE best Total Drama character. He's funny, quirky, and fell in love with a stalker.

Cody is amazing. #8 is a great place on the list. I wish he could make it farther. If I was a Total Drama character, since I'm female, I would date Cody. Sierra! Back off! Cody's all mine!

He is actually the cutest being in the universe.

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10 Dawn

She is awesome! She can read auras and was totally eliminated too early! :( She knew about Scott and tried to take leadership for her team. Plus, the other characters reactions to her makes me laugh

Dawn is a great character. She should deserve more screen time on the show. She was eliminated WAY to early. She's a great character though!

She was amazing but was eliminated a little to early - Spongehouse

She is awesome

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11 Lindsay Lindsay

I can see that everyone who is voting for her is as dump as her

Point blank and the PERIODT - Luckys

Lindsay is the best character by far. Her "dumb blonde" persona is played off perfectly with a little bit of an edge. For being dumb, she has a sense of wit that outmaneuvers even the smartest contenders at times. Her pure innocence just captures your heart.
She is the comic relief most of the time but name one time you hated her... Even when admiral Lindsay her hotness was annoyingly cute.

I love Lindsay because she is very kind and friendly. She is also very friendly such as voting herself off

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12 Bridgette Bridgette

I love Bridgette so much! She was way better performing in Total Drama Island than the other 2 seasons she had performed. In Island, it was awesome so see that she was a cool and chill person. She was excellent athletic abilities despite being clumsy at times, and performed very well. But I hope she can compete in the future and make it farther to the merge this time or to the final 2. The two seasons she had competed, Action and World Tour was not very good for her because she kept making out with Geoff (only appearing in 2 episodes, excluding aftermaths) and 4 or 5 episodes in World Tour because of Alejandro (again, excluding the aftermaths, I know that she has to be in the aftermaths but she doesn't have to be in all of them because she was qualified to compete in WT while Geoff didn't and I wish they can show her actually surfing in the competition. She has so much to offer for her character in Total Drama but she didn't reach her potential yet. It's time for her to show what has ...more

Bridgette is the prettiest, her hair is the prettiest and she is the coolest! If you did not vote for Bridgette, you are NOT EVEN HUMAN AND YOU ARE TOTALLY OUT OF YOUR ENTIRE MIND! Now I know what your thinking. Why would I vote for Bridgette?! Well my answer is watch Total Drama World Tour! Every where you go you will see her # 1 in the top tens. Read those and you will have more reasons on why she should be your favorite. So if you do not agree with my explanation you try to explain any other way! See ya! Hope this changed your mind about Bridgette! PEACE OUT!

Deffinetely my favorite character! I just wish she got more focus - Spongehouse

Pretty - ElSherlock

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13 Izzy Izzy

You gotta love Izzy!

Friking love this gal

The 1-5 one is great, but the newer one sucks - Sue_Edgington

I can not believe she is above so much popular people!

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14 Zoey Zoey

She's so cute - JazzyJulie

What? Zoey is 13th place?! She is the prettiest, most thoughtful person ever! She's amazing at parkour, and SUPER cute. She is nerdy (in a way), and doesn't care what other people think. She is a red-headed, nerdy version of Sky the awesome.

I was so suprised when I saw Zoey was only 11th pace! Shes so nice and not at all manipulative and she doesn't give up on those she loves!

I Love Zoey because she is super nice, a good friend and she the most beautiful girl in Universe! To me she is an angle from Haven send here to help the world! Zoey

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15 Leshawna Leshawna

Once I saw the show she was my favorite and the drama she had with Heather and love with harold

Without a doubt my favorite character. So sassy and bootalicicous. She definitely needs to come back for another season. First of all, she has some unfinished business with Harold, and second of all, when she was unfairly eliminated on TDI, TDA and TDWT was her redemption. But unfortunately every time Leshawna played the game, she did worse in worse. (Season 1: 5th, Season 2, 8th, Season 3, 15th). Definitely needs to come back.

She didn't deserve to be voted off in TDI. SHE COULDV'E WON IF IT WEREN'T FOR THOSE IDIOT LOSERS. Funny when she gets mad because she gets all sassy on that person.

BRUHH why isn't she higher?

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16 Harold Harold

Harold is obviously the best. GOSH!

Harold is a nerdy no good poop butthole, he should never compete again because Duncan is so good at roasting him, I think Duncan should start roasting Sierra & Cameron in the next season.

Number 23? Harold is an easy number 1. I love how he says he has mad skills and actually does have mad skills. He saved his team twice in a row in island, and made it to 5th place in action. Plus, how they made a geek like him look smart and super skilled was fantastic. - KeyboardHero

"Idiots! " - Spongehouse

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17 DJ

How is DJ at number 17? He is literally the nicest character on the show. He deserved a spot in All-Stars, maybe that would've made a disappointing season a bit better. The only thing I have to complain about his character is how unfair everyone of his eliminations were in the first three seasons. His elimination in World Tour is one of the only complaints I have about that season, but it made sense. After that, I was never a big Alejandro fan, but he's still a good villian.

His high pitched voice always makes me want to laugh - Spongehouse

DJ is the nicest

So good

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18 Chris McLean Chris McLean Chris McLean is a fictional character from the Total Drama Island series as the official host who makes the campers perform a series of challenges for immunity ranging from often humiliating to dangerous.

The perfect host for this show - Spongehouse

The Monokuma of this show

No he sucks

He's mean, and a total crap-head... BUT, that's what makes him the BEST character.

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19 Trent Trent

Kind, calm, and plays guitar. One of my favorites. I hope he returns to the show one day. - Smash64

Trent is okay. When Trent and Heather kissed I was so mad at him. even though it was Heathers fault he could have backed away but he stayed

Trent on Island was a pretty cool dude. He was that laid back, sane character that made the madness around him more evident because of his comments on the matter. What they did to him in Action was horrible character derailment and my opinion is shouldn't have happened, but Island Trent was definitely a guy I rooted for.

He and Gwen were cute, fun and just brought a light touch to TDI, which admittedly is my only canon season.

He was so lucky to hit on Gwen first. Duncan is mean and rude. He is rude because he took Gwen when Courtney was starting to like her AND got Gwen into SERIOUS TROUBLE by Courtney and got eliminated because of him (sort of). Duncan's rude for... BLOWING UP CHRIS'S "COTTAGE", SO WRONG

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20 Ella

Ella's great no question

Ella is amazing. Adorable and has an interesting personality

^You wish that Ella's amazing. She's deluded, for cryin' out loud! Even though she was able to charm a bear with her song, she's still too black and white for my taste. Therefore, she's better off givin' up on her excessive optimism. Besides, I'm no longer an optimist. Instead, I'm a pessimist an' proud of it.

Ella sucks

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21 Geoff

So underrated.

I love Geoff. he's cute and funny. he is also sweet

He's so chill, relaxed, knows how to have a good time and cheer people up! Example 1: He cheered Gwen up and made her a party person even in his last episode! Example 2: He made Bridgette that really sweet heart shaped jar (even if it was a bit corny it was still so cute! ). Example 3:He's VERY loyal and sticks up for his friends. Example 4: He risked being kicked out of the guys alliance by not voting against Bridgette like the rest of them, just to make her happy. In the end Bridgette went home and Geoff had to sleep outside the boy's cabin hanging in a tree. Example 5: In Total Drama: The Ridonculous Race, he refused to save 'princesses' because he didn't want to make Bridgette upset! I MEAN HOW CUTE IS THAT!?!?!? please VOTE FOR HIM because HE'S AMAZING, CUTE, SWEET, THOUGHTFUL, CHILLED, KIND AND I COULD GO ON! HE SHOULD BE FIRST BUT HE'S NOT SO please MAKE HIM FIRST!

Geoff is iconic. One of the best characters from the first season and made an impact on the show overall. He can be funny, he's radical and is one of the CHILLEST characters on the show. He was only a bad character when it came to the second season but other than that, he pretty much dominated the game and was a formidable competitor.

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22 Cameron

The "Iron Boy" suit he made to beat Lightning was awesome. The Cameron ending should not have been the alternate one. - KeyboardHero

Cameron is awesome he is the under dog and should have won

What no he should be in at least top 15

I love him. He has never gotten voted off

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23 Brick

Total Drama is a show filled with good and bad characters. The are people who are amazing, but if there is one character(in my opinion) that comes close to being almost perfect, it would definitely be Brick. He has almost all of the qualities of a great Total Drama character. He's nice, funny, heroic, a team player, he's even sympathetic in some ways. He got eliminated for SAVING LIVES. HOW IS THAT NOT AMAZING IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM?!?!?! Brick should've been in All Stars, and he will forever be my favorite character of this franchise.

Because Brick is awesome and funny and if anybody was a hero on Revenge of the island, it would be BRick because he gave up immunity to save Cameron, Mike and Zoey!

Brick is one character who should've been brought into All-Star over Sam. He's such a great character, trying to win a million dollars while following the cadet code. - DinoKea

Brick I a very interesting character. He's large and in charge, but has no problem taking orders from others. He's tough, but polite. He's determined, but sticks to his morals. He's manly, but has a desire for fashion. I want to see him and Jo become a thing! They have great chemistry! I want to ee him in future seasons

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24 Scott

I like scott beacause he always does stupid things

I love the fact that he wants to play the game to win, by any means necessary. He is a villain and what I like about him is that he loves being a villain. He doesn't care if you don't like him because he doesn't like you either.

That bird that looks like him and laughs like him made me laugh so hard I fell off the couch

I like scott with courtney but I also love courtney with duncan I just don't like they way scott plays the game but I don't hate him

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25 Shawn

Shawn is AWESOME! He's so cool and really funny. I like that he and Jasmine got together in the end and how he actually did decide to split the money with her. They are so cute together.

Shawn is awesome! My 3rd Favourite Contestant! I think it's funny how he believes in the zombie apocalypse, he's got some amazing skills and his armpit serenade was epic! I also loved his relationship with Jasmine and I hated Amy coming back in 'A Blast From The Past' and ruining it! If she didn't come back, Shawn wouldn't be hiding and Jasmine wouldn't be angry with her!

Shawn was by far the best character ever to play this game. I wanted him to win right from the start. I liked how he believes in that zombie apocalypse thing. And by the way MY name is Shawn.

Shawn is amazing he has some wicked survival skills and deserves Jasmine. They are perfect for each other. The zombie thing I can understand. He also has a pretty good armpit serenade

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26 Sierra Sierra

She is hilarious and needs to be higher.

She's really fun to watch. To bad she's really overhated.

Funny but annoying - JazzyJulie

Siiieerrra cody!

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27 Sky

Sky is my overall favourite character from Pahkitew Island. I know this is an unpopular opinion because people usually say Samey, Ella, Shawn and Jasmine. But I liked how Sky had her quirks but she was still normal. And this may be an unpopular opinion but I loved Skave! I ignore the final episode and the episode where Dave got out because he went a little overboard for Sky. I still love Sky and I hope she returns as long all the top 8 of that season for another one.

OVerrated - Maddox121

Can I vote 3? Oh, I can't. Well, Sky is the new Zoey. Pretty, sweet, a little dramatic at times. But she is AMAZING! Even before the show, I knew she would be one of my favorites.

You commented: "Go Sky! Dave suck and he deserve to die! ". My favourite contestant is Sky! My 2nd favourite is Dave! The, Ella, Jasmine and Shawn! Sky is the best! I still liked Dave and Sky, even when Sky rejected Dave. - AlecS172

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28 Jasmine

Jasmine is amazing. I thought she would've gone at least runner up but oh well. GO JASMINE!

She's nice, and so tall and pretty! Plus, her voice is awesome and she has survival skills!

JASMINE IS BADASS! She's my 2nd Favourite Contestant! Why the hell isn't she in the Top 10? She's got awesome survival skills and will stand up for anyone she considers her friend. I wanted her to win Pahkitew island because she has a FANTASTIC idea for the million. Flower Shop/Cage Fighting School for the win!

I love! Her she is better than anyone and deserves to win she has a great voice and makes me fell better for being tall thank you jasmine

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29 Ezekiel

Mistreated makes me love him

I love Owen the most, though Ezekiel is surely second. He is just misunderstood

I HATE that EVERYBODY hates him cause he PICKED HIS NOSE and then he turned into a MONSTER cause of that! MEANIES!

His stupidity and his attempts to play off his inexperience in life makes him the best. His clueless perception of what others think of him makes him hilarious.

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30 Mr. Coconut




He should not have got eliminated! He is the nicest, smartest, strongest, and has the best storylines! He should be #1!

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31 Max

Max is so funny and his EVIL laugh haha

A fairly funny character. Should return in a future season.

Max is my favorite! His story line is hilarious! "EVIL..." and "Scarlett is Hopelessly in love with me, but I must stay strong, EVIL does not date." - OrangeOranges7032

OrangeOranges7032 I totally agree. His story lines are HILARIOUS! :) I love it when he says EVIL. It's the way he says it that makes it funny. E-VIL! Its hard to tell wether Scarlet is into him or not. She got pretty annoyed at him and tricked him into admitting he built the trap he's team got caught in."Apparently they're kinda dating now" I wanna see more.

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32 Chef Hatchet Chef Hatchet

Hands down the funniest character and my second favorite. It's a disgrace that he is this low! - Spongehouse

This guy is way too funny! Cool, sadistic and down-right evil.

Why is this cool guy so low? - girlcool

Lol I love Chef, he's so funny! - DragonPrincess1

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33 Tyler

He needed more screen time super funny

Tyler is strong

I love him and lindsey together

Tyler needs to return for another season of Total Drama. He was very fun to watch with his slapstick humor in World Tour and is need of development. I would love to see him compete again because he hasn't really gotten the opportunity to shine in a season. He's very underrated and deserves to make the merge. It would be nice to see him get more screen time.

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34 Beth

Beth she get more love in that

Here's something I found out,Beth and Samey are similar expect Beth did it far better

Beth is REALLY nice.

Here's something you may not have realized: Beth had a similar story as Samey, only Beth did it far better. Pretty much all Samey did was be depressed that she's living under Amy's shadow, whereas Beth had good moments (in each of the first three seasons) that didn't directly involve Heather. Second, Beth decided to stand up for herself on her own Samey, on the other hand, wouldn't have done anything about it if Jasmine didn't kick her butt into gear. Finally, and most importantly, Beth didn't sink to Heather's level in order to rebel against her. Yeah... Samey, you do realize that essentially poisoning your bossy twin doesn't make you the good twin, right?

It also grinds my gears that, putting how bad The Final Wreck-ening was aside, Beth was the only finalist up to that point to not even be present for that finale, not even being in one of the balloons. Seriously? I know she didn't want to be a contestant ever again, but come on! She fought harder to get to that finale than ...more

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35 Justin

Justin is one of the best, yet commonly overlooked classic characters from the original cast. Most of this damage comes from his lack of significance in season one, but he really redeemed himself in the finale, and then with his role in TDA, he really distanced himself from being forgotten, and made up for his previous unimportance in all ways. Justin is a charming, funny, and manipulative player, who's stunning good looks brought him fame in the second season. Unlike Alejandro, (AKA the lesser Justin), Justin is portrayed as being sort of dim-witted, and having to hide his stupidity behind his appearance, making him a bit more balanced and less Mary Sue-ish than Alejandro. Not trying to throw too much shade Al's way, as he's still a good character, but Justin has always been a step above him on the likability meter. Another great thing I like about Justin is his tendency of losing his shirt. He's very attractive and well-deserving of the love of every girl and Owen on the show. ...more

He never fails to make me laugh - Spongehouse

Great Season 2 villain

His sexy but was evil he was the bad ass of the season all the girls; sharks loved him but got worse he had sex with heather in the pilot and made harold look at her boobs

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36 Samey Samey

My third favorite character next to Harold and Noah. She gets way too much hate in the story by other characters for doing nothing at all. Definitely should have won season 6. - KeyboardHero

Samey was my favorite tdpi player.

A victim of domestic abuse! Why is she so low?!

Love her. I can relate to Samey (Sammy) getting abused by a sibling. But Amy crosses a very big line. Samey is one of the sweetest characters on the show. I really am pulling for her to win in a future season.

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37 Lightning

I like him because he is a lot like Lynn from The Loud House - Spongehouse

I think people just hate Lightning because he had a grudge against Cameron, but he is easily like Mike Holloway from survivor, he had to rely on his physical skills, no idols, or allies, and came out on top(on second) and he was easily one of the nicest guys. Gee, hate the creator, not the character.

I hate Lightning! He is such a show off and thinks he's the best. He is stupid because in Total Drama Revenge of the Island he thought Jo was a guy.

Lightning isn't that bad of a character. He's a strong and worthy competitor, he was WAY better in ROTI. In All Stars they made him so obsessed with himself which don't get me wrong he is, but they really overdid it.

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38 B

Go B he is actually very smart even though he doesn't talk. He got sabotaged so he was voted off to early! B

He saves everyone from everything.

He is a genius and is going places. Doesn't need the show's million cause he will totally get much more with how awesome he is.

B is by far my favorite character, he is a silent genius. He got eliminated way too early!

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39 Tom

Easily the most entertaining newcomer. Hoping he gets picked for later seasons, too!

So awesome! He was caring, passionate, determined and overall amazing! If doesn't eventually win and season I will die a sad man

Tom is so awesome! He should win! Plus the fez is awesome

I love him! He is so awesome and I hope he returns for another season

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40 Jay

I love him! He needs to be higher on the list! - DylanheBuilder

He was funny... Liked him slightly more than mickey hated how he left

Brought lots of entertainment to the Ridonculous Race.

41 Mickey

He is best boy.

I think the twins were great characters in TDRR, and I was sad when they got kicked. Especially since it was before certain other characters, like the rockers and stepbrothers. Sure they had some funny interactions and points to explore, but as the characters in general, I thought Mickey and Jay deserved to get more screen time. - paganomd

42 Mal

I just love how he made all of the previous season bad guys look weak. - KeyboardHero

Mal was my favorite personality

He is powerful, with his emo powers of doom.

He is awesome the coolest he should appear again I think he return and live

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43 Anne Maria Anne Maria

She is so hilarious. And if a character doesn't have a name that begins with T and rhymes with rent, they don't get much better than Anne Maria.

Oops, forgot no one likes her

I like her and vito together she is VERY Obsessed with her hair but she is funny.

Anne Maria is HILARIOUS! Her accent makes her more funny. I loved it when she started crushing on Vito. I can't believe she is so low. Go Anne Maria!

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44 Kitty

She's adorable and nice

I love Kitty! She is so cute! - DynastiSugarPop

! The last one was me! It was so meant for the person in 52! Soz Kitty fans! by the way SHE'S AMAZING as well! I love the fact she's a free spirit and wants what's best for her sis, Emma. VOTE PLEASE!

No offense or anything but I'm pointing out that if you want to vote for 'JEFF' you might need to go to 'GEOFF' who is in number 35 AND SHOULD BE IN NUMBER 1 BECAUSE HE'S AH-MAZING!

45 Jen

I hope she comes back in another season.

The Fashionista deserves another chance people!

or jen

46 Vito

I like vito because his funny character R.I. P vito never forget you

Favorite mike personality by far

He is so sexy

So cool he is my favorite

47 Sammy

She is just so cute!

She is already on

48 Sventlana

Out of all of Mike's personalities, she's my favorite.

Love her so athletic and gymnastic like me

49 Sugar

This person is stupid - Gehenna

I can't believe Sugar is so high. She is extremely dumb and thinks she's awesome when she's terrible.

Funniest person on the show I had never laughed out loud watching this show but when I saw her and her personality I thought she was hilarious.

Sugar is one awesome character

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50 Ryan

Ryan x Stephanie

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