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21 DJ

DJ is the best. He is funny and embarrassed easily, and is a softie. But he is also a strong competitor. Go DJ!

DJ is my favorite! He's really sweet and has a good heart despite his intimidating size. He's a good friend and He's adorable with his pet bunny. DJ deserves to win a season, I hope he finally gets a chance to. I would at least like to see him again.

Dj was the coolest even heather doesn't hate him that's how likable he is, also he is a great competitor and does well in challenges, and apparently he is an AMAZING cook!

He's the goat of tdi.

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22 Cameron

Cameron is awesome he is the under dog and should have won

What no he should be in at least top 15

Cameron is by far the best character to ever win the show. He is smart and hilarious.

Cameron is hilarious. The ultimate underdog

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23 Ezekiel

Ezekiel has never really been given a chance to compete, if in any future seasons he ends up making it past the first elimination, I'm sure Ezekiel could turn out to be an extremely likeable character. Heck, I also think that the writers of Total Drama have something against Zeke, so they need to sort themselves out and give Zeke some more respect, even if they just make him human again

I'm still waiting for Zeke to be turned back to normal and compete again. Guy got the super shaft in the series. Would have been nice to see him evolve as a character instead of pretty much LITERALLY devolving. This guy needs redemption BAD.

Ezekiel never did anything. He was sexist to girls and when he returned he was stuck up and rude. Where is the sympathy factor? Nowhere! He did nothing, what about all the characters that the fan base hates when they did nothing wrong and Ezekiel did plenty? Nowhere! I am ashamed fan base.

He's my favourite Character.

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24 Shawn

Shawn is awesome! My 3rd Favourite Contestant! I think it's funny how he believes in the zombie apocalypse, he's got some amazing skills and his armpit serenade was epic! I also loved his relationship with Jasmine and I hated Amy coming back in 'A Blast From The Past' and ruining it! If she didn't come back, Shawn wouldn't be hiding and Jasmine wouldn't be angry with her!

Shawn was by far the best character ever to play this game. I wanted him to win right from the start. I liked how he believes in that zombie apocalypse thing. And by the way MY name is Shawn.

Shawn is amazing he has some wicked survival skills and deserves Jasmine. They are perfect for each other. The zombie thing I can understand. He also has a pretty good armpit serenade

Nice think many more

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25 Jasmine

Jasmine is amazing. I thought she would've gone at least runner up but oh well. GO JASMINE!

She's nice, and so tall and pretty! Plus, her voice is awesome and she has survival skills!

JASMINE IS BADASS! She's my 2nd Favourite Contestant! Why the hell isn't she in the Top 10? She's got awesome survival skills and will stand up for anyone she considers her friend. I wanted her to win Pahkitew island because she has a FANTASTIC idea for the million. Flower Shop/Cage Fighting School for the win!

What jasmine is the most badass characther with an astraliaun accent she should be I top ten

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26 Sky

Can I vote 3? Oh, I can't. Well, Sky is the new Zoey. Pretty, sweet, a little dramatic at times. But she is AMAZING! Even before the show, I knew she would be one of my favorites.

You commented: "Go Sky! Dave suck and he deserve to die! ". My favourite contestant is Sky! My 2nd favourite is Dave! The, Ella, Jasmine and Shawn! Sky is the best! I still liked Dave and Sky, even when Sky rejected Dave. - AlecS172

Sky was pretty good and I guess she could've won it all but Shawn did

There is only one character I HATE in total drama. and that is sky. I cannot stand her. - taishisohma

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27 Lightning

I hate Lightning! He is such a show off and thinks he's the best. He is stupid because in Total Drama Revenge of the Island he thought Jo was a guy.

Lightning isn't that bad of a character. He's a strong and worthy competitor, he was WAY better in ROTI. In All Stars they made him so obsessed with himself which don't get me wrong he is, but they really overdid it.

I think he's funny

I ADORE Lightning. I didn't really get the hate for him either, he's a funny ass boy who has great moments.

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28 Harold

I like Harold

He represents nerds all around the world like me

Harold is way too underrated, in Island he won 2 challenges IN A ROW for his team. Also he stuck it to Duncan by knocking Courtney off of the Island, plus, he has mad skills! Since he is a geek, people automatically think he sucks.

Most underrated character on the show. He's super funny and nerdy and should have won season 2. I can't believe he's so far down the list

he is fun

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29 Beth

Here's something you may not have realized: Beth had a similar story as Samey, only Beth did it far better. Pretty much all Samey did was be depressed that she's living under Amy's shadow, whereas Beth had good moments (in each of the first three seasons) that didn't directly involve Heather. Second, Beth decided to stand up for herself on her own Samey, on the other hand, wouldn't have done anything about it if Jasmine didn't kick her butt into gear. Finally, and most importantly, Beth didn't sink to Heather's level in order to rebel against her. Yeah... Samey, you do realize that essentially poisoning your bossy twin doesn't make you the good twin, right?

It also grinds my gears that, putting how bad The Final Wreck-ening was aside, Beth was the only finalist up to that point to not even be present for that finale, not even being in one of the balloons. Seriously? I know she didn't want to be a contestant ever again, but come on! She fought harder to get to that finale than ...more

Beth is a great player. She can be really funny at times when she is like 'sorry, was that mean? ' She is so kind and I was happy when she won TDA.

Arguably the most underrared person on the show, Not only was she the first person to stand up to Heather after what she went through, but she's also quite memorable for her friendship with Lindsay. - Turkeyasylum


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30 Max

Max is my favorite! His story line is hilarious! "EVIL..." and "Scarlett is Hopelessly in love with me, but I must stay strong, EVIL does not date." - OrangeOranges7032

OrangeOranges7032 I totally agree. His story lines are HILARIOUS! :) I love it when he says EVIL. It's the way he says it that makes it funny. E-VIL! Its hard to tell wether Scarlet is into him or not. She got pretty annoyed at him and tricked him into admitting he built the trap he's team got caught in."Apparently they're kinda dating now" I wanna see more.

He's evil of course people hate him so good luck next time max see ya probably in season 7. - walkjord807


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31 Chris McLean Chris McLean Chris McLean is a fictional character from the Total Drama Island series as the official host who makes the campers perform a series of challenges for immunity ranging from often humiliating to dangerous.

Well he is the one that created the show. You have to give some credit to him. I wish hosts in real life were like him.

Ummm hello? Why isn't Chris in the top ten? He's the life of the party and there would be no Total Drama without him. He's hilarious and I love how much he doesn't care about the campers' well being. He is sarcastic and witty. every time he opens his mouth I want to punch him in the face, and that's great. I just love Chris. Oh and he's also really cute

Is it sad how similar me and Chris are we both are narcissists and I mean I relate to his personal struggles more than the others I mean he deserves the massages being a host and having everyone hate you is hard believe me I'm no host but yeah

He gets paid mess with the cast and I love that

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32 Ella

Ella is amazing. Adorable and has an interesting personality

^You wish that Ella's amazing. She's deluded, for cryin' out loud! Even though she was able to charm a bear with her song, she's still too black and white for my taste. Therefore, she's better off givin' up on her excessive optimism. Besides, I'm no longer an optimist. Instead, I'm a pessimist an' proud of it.

As much as I love Ella's adorableness, a part of me wants to see her realize her life isn't a fantacy and face the harsh truths of reality. I just think it would be an interesting conflict for her and make for some good character development.

She's amzaing she claimed a best with a song

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33 Geoff

He's so chill, relaxed, knows how to have a good time and cheer people up! Example 1: He cheered Gwen up and made her a party person even in his last episode! Example 2: He made Bridgette that really sweet heart shaped jar (even if it was a bit corny it was still so cute! ). Example 3:He's VERY loyal and sticks up for his friends. Example 4: He risked being kicked out of the guys alliance by not voting against Bridgette like the rest of them, just to make her happy. In the end Bridgette went home and Geoff had to sleep outside the boy's cabin hanging in a tree. Example 5: In Total Drama: The Ridonculous Race, he refused to save 'princesses' because he didn't want to make Bridgette upset! I MEAN HOW CUTE IS THAT!?!?!? please VOTE FOR HIM because HE'S AMAZING, CUTE, SWEET, THOUGHTFUL, CHILLED, KIND AND I COULD GO ON! HE SHOULD BE FIRST BUT HE'S NOT SO please MAKE HIM FIRST!

He's so energetic and upbeat. How can you not love the guy?

What's not to like about Geoff?

Geoff is radical. An awesome character and loves to party. Geoff, you will always have my respect dude!

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34 D.J

Loves his mama OBVIOUSLY

DJ is just a great character, the way he stood up to Chef and helps everybody. He's so strong and still is scared of tonnes of things - DinoKea

He is Big Mac mlp

He's so sweet

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35 Mr. Coconut

Hands down, best character!

3 words no game play!


Best. Ever.

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36 Samey

Love her. I can relate to Samey (Sammy) getting abused by a sibling. But Amy crosses a very big line. Samey is one of the sweetest characters on the show. I really am pulling for her to win in a future season.

The best character! Glad she showed amy who's boss!

I really feel Samey should have won. I mean she is sweet and smart and she's a definite underdog. Don't the underdogs usually win in the end.

SHE is Thebes Best

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37 Justin

His sexy but was evil he was the bad ass of the season all the girls; sharks loved him but got worse he had sex with heather in the pilot and made harold look at her boobs

Justin is a terrible character. TERRIBLE I say.

Wow he kept his antagonist side very impressive he was really in it to win it in TDA I love how he just used his looks to his advantage and he could control people so easily with his looks

Justin is sooo funny like u don't even know... He's so hawt. He doesn't like Katie and Sadie but he tricks them and he's funny and cool and nice

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38 B

Go B he is actually very smart even though he doesn't talk. He got sabotaged so he was voted off to early! B

He is a genius and is going places. Doesn't need the show's million cause he will totally get much more with how awesome he is.

He saves everyone from everything.

B is by far my favorite character, he is a silent genius. He got eliminated way too early!

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39 Mal

Mal was my favorite personality

He is powerful, with his emo powers of doom.

He is awesome the coolest he should appear again I think he return and live


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40 Sam

Sam is awesome. He is like Seth Rogen.

Sam is so cool I wanted him to win season 5 but he didn't - walkjord807

I hate Sam except for his laugh. His laugh is pretty funny

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