Top Ten Birthday Party Ideas


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1 Themed party

I don't know what theme to choose for my sleepover. The problem is I might stray from it quite easily. - Sugarcutie268

When I was younger, I had a Winnie the Pooh theme and a Blues Clues theme

So many themes to choose from! - Wolftail

2 Sleepover

I did that. They are fun... Not the people I sleep over with. - AnonymousChick

Doing this for my birthday this year. - Sugarcutie268

I'm doing this this year. - Sugarcutie268

3 Dance party/Karaoke

I'm not a good dancer and my friends would get distracted too easily. - Sugarcutie268

I would love to do this! - Wolftail

4 Go to somewhere fun

This is what I'm going to do for my birthday that's coming up very soon - funnyuser

For me the place would be the Wolf Conservation Trust. - Wolftail

I wish! :(

5 Gaming

For my next birthday all I want to do is get my friends and family and play Minecraft on the Xbox. - Wolftail

Hmm... I might throw this into my sleepover. - Sugarcutie268

6 Outdoor activities

As long as I had the energy! - Sugarcutie268

They can be fun! - Wolftail

7 Fake kidnapping

This only works if your party is at your house. Plan a disguise, and take it with you to the party.

Say to you're friends "I'm going to go outside for a minute." and go outside, taking your disguise with you. Out of sight of any guests, put on the disguise, go up to your front door, and knock.

When someone (preferably a party guest) opens the door, scream "I GOT (your name), AND NOW I'M GOING TO GET YOU! " Drag them somewhere out of sight, take the disguise off and say, "It's only me! "

You don't have to try it, it's only an idea! - Wolftail

EPIC until he either calls the cop or realises you are small.

Laugh out loud, that would be funny. - Sugarcutie268

8 Make a video and post it on YouTube

I'm not allowed to have a YT account

I don't think I'm allowed on YouTube - Sugarcutie268

It might even go viral! Who knows? - Wolftail

9 Camping

I know some people hate camping, but I love it! It's like having to survive in a forest (or wherever you're camping at)! - Wolftail

I could turn my bedroom into a forest. - Sugarcutie268

I did camping in my backyard once it was so fun. Also we brought a T.V. in.

10 Try to stay up all night

My parents will NOT allow this.

Lol this is me and my friend every sleepover ever

Well I don't want to fall asleep first. - Sugarcutie268

I try this a lot. - Wolftail

The Contenders

11 Paintball

The Best - pratham2025

12 Go Swimming
13 Laser Tag

It's so fun. I went to one of my best friend's party a few days ago but our worst enemies came. We lost against them because they cheated, but at least we all had fun shooting them many times!

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