Top 10 The Body Shop Body Butters

These are my favorite scents and textures of TBS body butters in order
The Top Ten
1 Almond Body Butter
2 Peach Body Butter
3 Satsuma Body Butter
4 Brazil Nut Body Butter
5 Mango Body Butter
6 Passionfruit Body Butter
7 Blueberry Body Butter
8 Olive Body Butter
9 Strawberry Body Butter
10 Raspberry Body Butter
The Contenders
11 Cocoa Butter

Smooth, creamy and delightful to your senses, with a sweet and clean cocoa smell! Cocoa Butter is by far my favourite scent! <3

12 Passion Fruit

It's a sweet and divine mix I think it's my favourite it has good moisture too

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