Top Cell Phone Providers in USA


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1 Verizon

Poor service rude employees on hold min. 55 minutes, that's poor service and still question or problem or resolved.
ALSO -stole idea of prepaid phone service from net 10 and AT&A

I had unlimited Data because I was grandfathered in by buying a certain phone. They dropped unlimited and I am dropping them... They lied when they said it was forever.

You guys are retards. The customer service is fine and everyone who says they can't get reception must be living in some horrible third world country.

I don't have a cell phone (nor will I ever get one) but my mom used to work for Verizon.

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2 T-Mobile

Unlimited data and the have 5g now and it’s only 2018


3 TracFone

Never had a problem with the service or the customer service. I have been with them for over 10 yrs. now. LOVE the triple min/ triple Data plans and phones! Since you are not tied down by a contract you have a lot of flexibility with them from a $20 on up every three months.

I like their porn service.

I have a track gone now. It's a holographic specs phone. Picked it up for 20 dollars I love my phone. The bat has long standing time on standby or gold leaf mode. Where to gets minutes for it? Anyone? Xpensive. Xpensive. Xpensive

4 Net10

Tracfone at #1? Wow people. You can get 300 net10 minutes for the same price as 90 tracfone minutes(29.99). You still get ripped off with the Triple Minutes For Life program. The only thing better about Tracfone is they have a slightly better phone selection.
I like Net10 because it's affordable and because there's no contract.

5 AT&T (Cingular)

In the middle of the desert I still get signal. (29 Palms) - lawranceandrus

I don't understand that there is another top ten but instead of providers its services and it the same thing yet it's the opposite of this top ten...

Gougers! Treat customers despicably!

6 Cricket
7 Straight Talk

Good for the price. Will be better when they get 4G service and really should stop false advertising.

8 Sprint
9 Boost Mobile

I love Boost we been with them for about 4 years and weve never had any problem with them, there awesome to use and now we got our family and friends to switch over to them and they all tell us that they really like them they said that they wish they new about boost along time ago cause that's who they would of chose to be their carrier.

I love boost been with them for 3 years now... It's simple and easy payments

I have Boost Mobile - very affordable and have had no problems! THANKS BM!

10 MetroPCS

I am very happy with the services provided

Great and doesn't cost much

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11 Consumer Cellular

Quality Service and Great price

12 MTS
13 Xfinity Mobile

New, and great service!

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