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41 Sadie

Bring Sadie back for season 7! I love the character, but I want to see her become her own person a little bit. She needs a little bit of a life outside of Katie. She really is a fun girl!

I think she should come back because she really needs more screen time. Give her more room to develop apart from katie.

Sadie is such a good character and made it far in the first season on her own. If put in another season, I'd like to see her go all the way. Plus her elimination in S1 was the worst with Courtney eliminating her because she got hit in the head a couple times.

Love her more than Katie hated her elimination love her character thick girl for the win

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42 Kitty

Let's have Kitty on to the show so she can have a boyfriend, so she can double date with Noah and Emma.

I'd like to go out with mickey.

We need new people

She would be friends with everybody espescailly gwen leshawna and lindsay

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43 Jacques V 2 Comments
44 Sierra

Look at Sierra in season 3. She knew how to make a boat in the first challenge, she can be sneaky (She knows a lot about Chris and Cody) yet kind and she saved the contestants from the niagara falls. She's a strong contestant!

I just wished that they in all stars didn't make her a weak fangirl who couldn't live without Cody.

She has a lot of potential.
Her voice actor has also been given an award for her voice acting as Sierra.

Yes please bring her back her and Cody should kiss

You need to bring her back she is funny and crazy but a worse izzy

Her voice is amazing and her character is funny

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45 Sky

She should play in season 7 because that way Sky and Dave should work things out

I think it would be interesting to see Sky get crazy about the money and get super competitive over it, and possibly even turn into an antagonist.

I hope she's in another season with Dave. That would bring the drama.

Let's bring Sky back to not only do so well in the game, but also make up with Dave.

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46 Dave

Dave needs to come back! I hate the way they ruined things for him and Sky and Dave's character as a whole! He is so awesome and didn't deserve to have his character trashed at the end

Pair Dave with someone else in season 7 and make sure he is NOT CRAZY!

I want him and sky to get together

Dave should come back so he can make things right with Sky.

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47 Mr. Coconut

Have him randomly drop in the show showing himself once in awhile and being super creepy

Mr. Coconut, a well known athletic competitor is going to win Season 7.

Mr. Coconut is amazing talented and good looking. He has the skills to win

It's Mr. Coconut.

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48 Ryan

Ryan is awesome! Put him in season 7! He's my favorite Ridonculous race character, and his relationship with Stephanie is really cute. He's strong and a good willing contestant, I love his cockiness!

Yes I want him back he will probably with stephanie get kicked out early because their kisses are annoying

Strong, muscular, bring him back! He is definitely good competition.

Ryan is a very cool character. I would like to see him again.

49 Junior

He was really nice he should return.

Junior is a good character, I'd like to see him come back.

He looks kinda like a young Justin Bieber

Cute little kid.

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50 Pete

He is funny and deserves more recognition.

51 Jimbo

Stop adding characters that do not even exist - Yona_db

Who? You guys know what you should bring in a charcter and have her and chris fall in love.

52 Ennui

Put Ennui on season 7! I see so many big things going for him! I could see him with a love interest, just cause it would seem like something new for him! He's like a hardcore version of Duncan. I really see people rooting for him!

Ennui and Crimson would be great characters for season 7! They could be allied with Mal, possibly. (In a strategic way.)

Ennui is the best character in the total drama universe ever! No Question!

I love when jaques asks him if he likes stuff

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53 Spud V 1 Comment
54 Mal

I feel we should get more of mal I don't know how they would do it but he has to be there

I like him because he's abnormally unique and I believe his fan-base is larger then average, along side with the fact you could throw in so much more backstory with him, much you could do with him

Mal -Mikes evil side-I think he and the other personalities should return-
-Posted by Joshua-

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55 Devin

He's definitely one of the hottest/cutest Total Drama characters and he had much more of a plot than Carrie did. We saw him when he was angry, he's a tough, scary dude. I honestly think he'd make it pretty far in the competition and I'd love to see him again.

Devin should compete with Carrie with him.

Who the heck is devin

It's devin idiots yes he and carrie needed to win they are baisicly mike and zoey

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56 Al

Alijandro always starts up drama and makes things interesting.

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57 Max

Max should come back to the show just as comic relief.

No he is just a idiot

58 Scorch

He was so cool and awesome in Total Drama Potato island. He deserves more attention and the way he wrestled 2 scuba bears. He even eliminated Alejandro.

Great guy

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60 Katie

Bring Katie back for season 7! She's the fun happy attitude everyone needs to have around. Not to mention she's so trendy! I would like to see her develop friendships aside from Sadie. I get the whole best friend thing but it's healthy to have other close friends too. I also love her cheerful screams for the mall and boys! She's such a typical girl!

Katie has potential of being a decent player, if fresh makes her come back, but throws her off the show early, I will just stop watching it. If she makes it either close to the merge or a few challenges into the merge, I will be happy.

I don't get why they eliminated her instead of Sadie, you guys have to admit that out of the two of them Katie was the stronger contestant

I love Katie she didn't compete till tdi so I want her to come back and kick butt

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