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61 Chef Chef Jerome "Chef" McElroy was a cartoon character on the Comedy Central series South Park who was voiced by soul singer Isaac Hayes.

Bring chef back for season 7! He's really grew with the characters and they started to become a weird disfunctional family lol.

He has been their since the beginning your really gonna change him I won't watch

If Chris comes back, then Chef obviously will also, I'm pretty sure.

It just isn't the same without him. It would make the series funnier and get better ratings. Plus, it would mean that Chris would be coming back as well.

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62 Mary

I want to see Mary compete in season 7! She will be the brainiac of that season, they all need one! She is my favorite braniac on the show. I hope they add her!

I saw that Mary liked Geoff in the ridonculous race which could be a potential episode
Plus we need another smart contestant in total drama because the ridonculous race is a different T.V. series

63 Fernando

He's with fearless and is the best in math and English and afrikaans.People say he's hot and Handsum.He's a little off a hopeless romantic.Vote for him.He is a friendly guy.Any girl would love to be with him.I think.

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64 Ellody

I would like Ellody and Courtney meet.

Ellody is a great girl. I want to see her come back for a total drama season. She rocked it on Ridonculous Race.

She's super smart and if Courtney doesn't go on the next season it should be her I can see an Alliance with Cameron right about now😁

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65 Beth

I like the character and didn't like the way they just cut her off

Bring her back now I like her and she won action in my country my fave season is action so...

Kind of underrated.But personally my favorite character. I hope she's at least put into consideration. - Ranter

Beth is amazing ok

66 Emma

Emma is a lot like Courtney with the lawyer thing, and how she tries to hide her true feelings. Maybe that's why we love Miss Emma, besides the fact she's pretty, and completely adorable with Noah. It would be weird not to see her again, because she left a big impact on the Ridonculous Race.

Just for the relation with Noah!

She forgot bout' the race after noah and owen were eliminated in Indonesia

Totally she would be friends with Gwen and Leshawna

67 Justin

He needs more character development maybe we can c a strange thing between him and beth

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68 Stephanie

Yes I want her back with all of her sass

Stephanie should come back to compete in another season.

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69 Tammy
70 Taylor

I like her and a fancy rich girl on an animated T.V. show u want see often and plus I would like to see how long she could last on a regular total drama so vote for Taylor!

She is so annoying yes bring her back

she sucks


71 Oslo

Who in the would is Oslo

72 Tyler

Bring Tyler back! I wanna see more of him and Lindsay's relationship, I want to see it progress, they are one of the cutest couples in total drama history! He needs to come back and be improved with his sporting skills and surprise everyone!

Tyler's a hilarious character that deserves a lot more screen time plus he, Noah, and Owen would be great together as an alliance and his relationship with Lindsey could be developed a bit more but all in all he deserves another shot.

Tyler is a character who has never made much of an impact he has only been in two seasons and never got past the merge.

Tyler's funny

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73 Cameron

I loved Cameron! He needs to come back. Cam Gwen Duncan mike Zooey leshawna were my favorites!

I loved Cameron! He was smart competitive and a team player

I want him to interact with Cody


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74 Anne Maria Anne Maria

I want anne maria back because I want her and zoey to get in a cat fight. she also reminds me of SNOOKI, I don't know why

Voted herself off we want more anne maria

Anne Maria was only in one season so I hope she's in season 7

Yes! First of all she should have come back for all stars,second SHE'S AMAZING

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75 Leonard

Maybe his wizard stuff woks later?

He's cool. I like him. He should come back! I love wizards and magic.

He is cool he should be in season 7'and be in the finale 2 and win one million dollars


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76 Sugar

Bring Sugar back for another season! She's so funny. I think she's suppose to be an older honey boo boo lol.

I want sugar and heather to get in a huge cat fight that would be the funniest thing ever!

I want sugar to beat heather and I hope heather gets beaten up by sugar and you can do it sugar you beat heather up, kick her butt, and eliminate her forever! And you can also beat up Alejandro because those two your gonna have to deal with, and you can do it sugar you beat those two up! Your strong sugar,your STRONG!

More like I want Heather and Alejandro to kick that dumb blonde's Ass...she's SO ANNOYING

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77 Ezekiel

Ezekiel is great and he should compete but can he turn human again first?

Everybody wants to have characters just so they see them again and see how they interact after the past. THIS GUY doesn't EVEN HAVE A HISTORY ON TOTAL DRAMA. He was always voted out early. I get he was the failure of the cast, but I want him back in HUMAN FORM.

Can Ezekiel at least make it past the first episode? I know Ezekiel is irritating and all that but he needs more screen time

We need Human Ezekiel again to compete and make the merge. come on guys!

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78 Staci

It would be interesting but the only friend she will have is probably tammy

It would be funny if she came back. Plus, she has had hardly any screen time

Staci did not have enough screen time.


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79 Dakata

Dakata is not a character.

Who's dakata it's dakota

Let the girl have her spin off series!

Yas! Dakata! Dakota's totaly derp cousine!

80 Topher

For season 7 chris and don will be the hosts I think at least somehow he would get chris eliminated and don and the competitors are gonna save him and eliminate topher and he will be mutated

Do not bring Topher back for season 7. He's a copy of Chris, and really his only reason for being there is to stalk Chris. We need people who are all about winning the prize money. The show needs to be interesting again.

CHIS IS TERRIBLE! Topher would be a way better host. Also the cat he has is a bonus because I love cats. (He has a cat in his audition). - Scaranna

Don't bring him back, because Topher wants to be the host of Total Drama and he might be worse than Chris.

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