Top Ten Characters Who Should Compete In Total Drama Season 7


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61 Chef Chef Jerome "Chef" McElroy was a cartoon character on the Comedy Central series South Park who was voiced by soul singer Isaac Hayes.

Bring chef back for season 7! He's really grew with the characters and they started to become a weird disfunctional family lol.

He has been their since the beginning your really gonna change him I won't watch

If Chris comes back, then Chef obviously will also, I'm pretty sure.

It just isn't the same without him. It would make the series funnier and get better ratings. Plus, it would mean that Chris would be coming back as well.

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62 Mary

I want to see Mary compete in season 7! She will be the brainiac of that season, they all need one! She is my favorite braniac on the show. I hope they add her!

I saw that Mary liked Geoff in the ridonculous race which could be a potential episode
Plus we need another smart contestant in total drama because the ridonculous race is a different T.V. series

63 Fernando

He's with fearless and is the best in math and English and afrikaans.People say he's hot and Handsum.He's a little off a hopeless romantic.Vote for him.He is a friendly guy.Any girl would love to be with him.I think.

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64 Max

Max should come back to the show just as comic relief.

No he is just a idiot

65 Ellody

I would like Ellody and Courtney meet.

Ellody is a great girl. I want to see her come back for a total drama season. She rocked it on Ridonculous Race.

She's super smart and if Courtney doesn't go on the next season it should be her I can see an Alliance with Cameron right about now😁

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66 Beth

I like the character and didn't like the way they just cut her off

Bring her back now I like her and she won action in my country my fave season is action so...

Beth is amazing ok

67 Emma

Emma is a lot like Courtney with the lawyer thing, and how she tries to hide her true feelings. Maybe that's why we love Miss Emma, besides the fact she's pretty, and completely adorable with Noah. It would be weird not to see her again, because she left a big impact on the Ridonculous Race.

Just for the relation with Noah!

She forgot bout' the race after noah and owen were eliminated in Indonesia

Totally she would be friends with Gwen and Leshawna

68 Justin

He needs more character development maybe we can c a strange thing between him and beth

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69 Stephanie

Yes I want her back with all of her sass

Stephanie should come back to compete in another season.

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70 Tammy
71 Taylor

I like her and a fancy rich girl on an animated T.V. show u want see often and plus I would like to see how long she could last on a regular total drama so vote for Taylor!

She is so annoying yes bring her back

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73 Dakata

Let the girl have her spin off series!

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74 Puffball

They should also throw in Mila, Bobby Joe, and Celia.

That's in battle for dream island!

Who the heck is puffball?


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75 Soudanco

They should rename this character Jade.

76 Sam

Bring Sam back for season 7! He's the cartoon version of Seth Rogen! I love it! Lol. He's soon funny! His relationship with Dakota is adorable!

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77 Jay

Total awesome charter and needs to be without mikey it would be fun

Jay's design was originally for cameron

He is the Cameron of the new season.

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78 Brody

Brody wants to win, so he can "throw the biggest beach bash party in the world, a bigger party than his bro Geoff ever has".

Has lots of potential must be in season 7,8,9 or 10

Would great and funny if Brody was in season 7

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79 Mickey

Mickey is one of my favorites and I would love to return.

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80 Josee

Only bring josee if you bring al

It would be great to have Josee and Jacque compete on different teams.

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