Top Ten Best Cities to Recreate In Minecraft

Here some cities in the world that you can create in Minecraft. Some hard and some simple. But this list are the most famous!

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1 London, United Kingdom

How would you get the London Eye to spin? - IpodSwagger

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2 Tokyo, Japan

This would take a good long time for Tokyo man!

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3 Los Angeles, United States
4 New York City, United States New York City, United States The City of New York, often called New York City or simply New York, is the most populous city in the United States.

THIS would be cool. I would especially like to see the Statue of Liberty. - Minecraftcrazy530

That'd be fun to play in! - MontyPython

Love to see you do this🙅 - jmepa1234

5 Dubai, United Arab Emirates Dubai, United Arab Emirates
6 Paris, France

I've done this and I've even made a lift and staircase in the Eiffel tower also I've made a tour around Paris. This SHOULD BE at least 4

7 Toronto, Canada Toronto, Canada Toronto is the capital of the Canadian province of Ontario. It is located within the Golden Horseshoe in Southern Ontario on the northern shore of Lake Ontario.
8 Hong Kong, Hong Kong
9 Shanghai, China
10 Chicago, United States

The Contenders

11 San Francisco, United States

Oh yeah good idea. Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Transamerica Pyramid, Fisherman's Wharf etc. - CanadianGuy99

12 Berlin, Germany

Don't forget the Berlin Wall.

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13 Montreal, Canada

I add Montreal because it's my hometown! And I'm happy if you like it! - CanadianGuy99

14 Pittsburgh, United States
15 Sydney, Australia
16 Houston, United States
17 Amsterdam, Netherlands
18 Boston, United States
19 Philadelphia, United States Philadelphia, United States Philadelphia is the largest city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the sixth-most populous city in the United States, with an estimated population of 1,567,872 and more than 6 million in the seventh-largest metropolitan statistical area, as of 2016. Philadelphia is the economic and cultural anchor more.
20 Moscow, Russia
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1. London, United Kingdom
2. Tokyo, Japan
3. New York City, United States
1. London, United Kingdom
2. Los Angeles, United States
3. Tokyo, Japan



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