Top Ten Colors That Don't Go Together


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1 Red and Purple

I like this combo

I don't really think they go together.

Red and purple are beautiful together. Vibrant and energizing. Love them. Of course, I am a member of the Red Hat society and those are our colors. BE BOLD.

Sounds awful

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2 Orange and Green

Ta worst no doubt


I think this list was mistitled; so many combos here work. - MaxAurelius

so bad

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3 Pink and Bronze

They're the best!

Um they look great together...

A lot would put on bronze eyeliner or eyeshadow with hot pink lipstick ( they go together)

Beautiful! Some people have no taste in colors it's so sad!

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4 Silver and Yellow

Think silver and yellow go great together but, in some cases you have to use subtle amount of either color.

I like grey and yellow. My toy wolf called Max is grey and yellow

They should never go together ( silver is cool, yellow/gold is hot get over it! )

Hi awesome peoples yellow silver no way

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5 Blue and Gold


Thanks helps for my slide

Blue looks better with silver because it's a cool color. With gold, it just looks ugly.

Ravenclaw colors! Obviously the best!

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6 Brown and Maroon

I love the color maroon, but with brown? They’re a similar shade so yeah.

I wore this yesterday (I'm in 12th grade) and everybody laughed at me. It was just an experiment. So you know this happened on April 14th 2017.

Its butt ugly I've seen these colors together and I wanted to puke

No way. They are too close together. What makes maroon is brown and purple. Couldn't pair those.

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7 Purple and Yellow

The Lakers do it

These go great together.

Yeah so weird

Yeah. All I can say is that they never match!

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8 Brown and Black

This should be the number one worst color combo! Ew

These two colours can be quite a startling combination.

It's tacky together and they don't match. Brown shoes and black pants. Major no no

My costume for a play is a plain dark brown dress with a teal and black corset and the black totally kills it

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9 Orange and Pink

Thank u I need your help u help me find a wackiest tackiest outfit thank u so much so it orange and pink don't go together but first I had pink pants and a blue shirt but now I have pink pants and orange shirt thanks

If you use the right shades, they kinda look like sunset colours

Orange, if you think about it I have orange pants and I have to dress tacky, so I think those will be good to dress for tacky because they don't match!

I love this combination. Add red and you have a stunning trio!

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10 Orange and Blue

These colors work great together!

Even though these colours clash I think they work well together

They look amazing together!

Orange and blue are too bright

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11 Yellow and Brown

I like this combo. It reminds me of pee and poop together in the toilet.

I think mist color combinations can be good, but this is really ugly. But who knows maybe it could look good!

Uh they do

When I think yellow and brown the first thing that pops in my mind is a toilet ( for obvious reasons)

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12 Yellow and Pink

Pink Gold Peach anyone? - darthvadern

Pink Gold Peach isn't pink (technically) nor yellow, she's rose gold. - Jasmine21064

They are the worst color combo ever! I don't why blondes think they can get away with wearing pink!

One of my favourite colour combinations. I love how they go together. Should be removed from this list, as it makes no sense this being here.

Yellow... and pink. They're both vibrant and together, they burn my retinas... Thank god I stopped looking at those colours together.

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13 Yellow and Black

I LOVE BEES - MaxAurelius

Horrible - darthvadern

I personally don't understand whats wrong with yellow and black, not only do most people think it looks good together, and they compliment eachother, but they were chosen by nature to be together on multiple organisms such as bees and some flowers!

I love Wiz Khalifa he sings black and yellow black and yellow black

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14 Gold and Black

Vegas Golden Knights

Gold shirt, black jeans. yup dope - AlphaQ

Gold and black look great together, they are a warm and a neutral, which can almost never go wrong.

I really like this combination of colors because they compliment each other a lot

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15 Purple and Brown

They look fantastic together very cute!

I love the right shades of brown with purple accent!

Purple is my favorite color and my hair is brown so yeah they work together.

Love the combination of rich purple and brown...classic

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16 Blue and Pink

They're a bit weird : they remind me of Kirby and Meta Knight or Kirby and Blue Kirby... - KirbyPopopo

I think pink and blue go together perfectly. You are absolutely wrong if you think pink and blue don't go together. You look fabulous just the way you are and nobody can tell you differently. Not even your family or friends... Etc. I'm so angry when people think that pink and blue don't go together. Look on the color wheel people.

I think that blue and pink go together if it's the right shade of blue and pink

Wow! I can't even imagine why anyone would even put this on a top twenty list for colors that don't look good together. Plus I Love the fist comment, " You look fabulous just the way you are and nobody can tell you differently. Not even your family or friends... Etc"

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17 Red and Aqua Green

That matched

NOPE THIS IS UGLY! But useful for mismatched clothes day

I think it's a kind of interesting color combo. Perhaps neon

Gross combo. Irritating nonsense

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18 Gold and Orange

I think that gold and orange do not go together really well because gold is really sparkly and orange is just, slightly basic honestly. I just feel like they don't go together really well.

Yeah, I agree with the same type of shade... - KirbyPopopo

Eh, not really. I personally think that orange and gold are too similar in shade

19 Maroon and Yellow

It looks a bit like Red and Yellow... so nah. - KirbyPopopo

Makes a great warm look


It would look nice in the fall like pumpkins?

20 Pink and Purple

Eh. They're really childish colors but they're okay.

They do go together fine. - Powerfulgirl10

They do together

They do tf

21 Red and Blue

Yeah - it sucks

Huh? This combination is amazing in my opinion, second best in my opinion - darthvadern

Red and blue doesn't go together, your dad, mum, or both might think it looks great, maybe even your family, the truth is it doesn't, if you want to look like some kind of kid trying to be "cool", or a fictional character, then go ahead. -me

Red and blue just... don't go together. Try looking at a site with red text on a blue background, it's painful.

22 Blue and Green

When considering this combination, you must think of bright green with bright blue, with no blend of the two. It's garish and ugly. Yes, the two can be paired well if you blend them and the contrast is not harsh, but with two solid colours bright green and bright blue are frankly a hideous combo.

What? This is the BEST! IRYO though - darthvadern

There is a little rhyme which goes: blue and green should never be seen unless there's something inbetween. - Britgirl

I love blue and green being together. It's nature, blue sky and green grass.

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23 Purple and Green

Perfect together

The joker is purple and green

They go well together acording to the colour wheel

24 Purple and Blue

Purple and blue is actually my favorite color combination (along with pink and yellow), so I disagree. - Jasmine21064

I think these colors go great together! They are 2 of my favorite colors. Light blue and light purple look great together, obviously, but a surprisingly gorgeous combination is light purple and navy blue. Turquoise also goes well with purple.

Nothing says early 90s time share like purple and blue

They look very great together.

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25 Pink and Red

They really clash

Hideous they are just not compatible colors

Not that bad Valentine's colors

Worst color combination

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26 Red and Orange

Love those colors together

No way

I love this combination - darthvadern

Red and Orange together ROCKS! It's my favorite combination

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27 Maroon and Pink

Just does not look pleasing to the eyes

If you think about it, red tights with a pink top on a hot blonde does not look bad, and yes, they are Valentine colors 💗❤️

28 Brown and Yellow

I like yellow and brown together.

Love these 2

29 Green and Gold

Those are my school colors GREEN AND GOLD FOREVER

I think green and gold are perfect together


30 Orange and Purple

I'm actually going to a wedding in October and the colors are orange and plum! Never would of guessed those colors together! But it's very pretty.

I think plum and orange can work together, because plum is a more reddish colour. But normal orange and purple together have I never liked. - BlackberryTurtle

I think orange and purple do go together.

They so do not go together!

31 Red and Yellow

This is the color combination that I just cannot stand. I love colors, I love them all individually and finiding good combos-- this is not one of them. Gross.

Worst color combo ever

It’s like McDonalds or ketchup and mustard. Ugly color combo.

Even though theses two colors are beautiful and are in the fire combination I just think they don't go with each other unless their is some thing between them then again this is just my opinion

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32 Brown and Pink

I think brown and pink matches perfectly. (Hard to say about dark brown or gray-brown)

Good combo actually. - Powerfulgirl10

I know it was on list.
This is cringe combination!

33 Black and White

Black and white go great together, especially if you add in another hot color like red as an accent

Totally agree

It does matche

Both these colors seem to go with everything but each other. White Hollister T with black skinny jeans? ~Mistyrain

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34 Red and Gold

Red and gold look FANTASTIC together but look best on people who have black or brunette hair.

Iron Man's suit looks completely fine, great combo.

Are you bonkers? They're awesome together! Throw on a red dress and add some gold jewellery and you have a fashion statement!

I don't agree. - MaxAurelius

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35 Blue and Brown

Blue and brown never, ever, EVER go together. EVER! Unless you want to announce to the world that you have no color sense whatsoever.

If you want that dated look from 10 years ago, feel free to collide brown and blue. Horrific combination.

Love dark and light blue with brown

I think a certain blue goes good together with brown

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36 Navy and Gray

Goes amazing together

Navy and grey look amazing together, especially on horses.

Never ever liked those together

37 Yellow and White

When I was a toddler I used have a white and yellow striped sweater

They go great together

Hell no. its horrible. just horrible.

I have seen frech colonies and they look grt

38 Brown and Red

Yes they do,

I do not tink brown and red look pretty together but I think red and aqua green looks pretty


They look good toghter

39 Purple and Tan

Purple is amazing, and tan pretty much goes with anything so I am going to say yes, they go pretty good together.

40 Brown and Silver

Would silver wallpaper go with brown paint on doors skirting boards and dado rail

41 Black and Navy Blue

Should be wayyy higher. The slight yet noticeable difference is really, REALLY painful to look at. I also see these colors together way to often like people, wake up! Even people who consider themselves fashion experts wear these and I'm just like I can't be the only one who noticed how nasty it actually looks. - Organ

Another bad combo. Very very tacky

If it was cyan blue it's AMAZING but it looks dull with navy blue.

Navy blue and white look nice but cyan and white looks boring.

42 Maroon and Blue


43 Black and Peach

Guys do you understand its like all colour combinations? facepalm

Dude, seriously?

Black goes back with like everything! what

44 Red and Green

For Christmas.

Splash of red with yellow green

45 Mauve and Lime

It looks bad

Well, mauve is a lighter shade of purple. If it was darker, it might not go well, but I think it goes well with the light purple. Lime is my least favorite color though, - MaxAurelius

46 Orange and White

UGLY like hairless cats

Orange and white are the colors of my high school.

But those orange cream popsicles. - shawnmccaul22

47 Bronze and Silver


Do they go together?

The Answer Is Yes.


48 Black and Brown

That do not mach

It does. I know everybody has got their own opinion but I know nobody who would consider black pants combined with classic brown Timberlands as a fashion sin, at least not in regard to the colors. - Organ

49 Black and Green


I think it actually looks good. I used it once to color someone’s kindness Soul in an Undertale AU with Hatred (Black.)

50 Indigo and Magenta

Nice warm colors. Good for school colors

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