Top Ten Colors You Have (Probably) Never Heard Of

The Top Ten
1 Bastard-Amber

How did this name come about?
In the last couple years it's become my favorite color.

Orangey-peach color sometimes used for theatre lighting

2 Flame-Of-Burnt-Brandy

Orangey-red, color of the flame made when burning brandy.

3 Drunk-Tank Pink

A tone of pink that has been found to reduce hostile behaviour.

4 YInMn Blue

Type of blue that has been called the most beautiful color in the world

5 Puke
6 Dragon's Blood

Red color that can be made from tree resin

7 Mummy Brown

darkish brown

8 Sang-de-boeuf
9 Goose Turd Green

The color of goose poop

10 Eburnean

Similar to ivory, a slightly off-white color.

The Contenders
11 Absolute Zero
12 Celadon
13 Feldgrau
14 Gamboge
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