Top Ten Craziest Crayon Colors


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41 Beaver

Since artificial raspberry flavouring is made from the anal gland of a beaver, perhaps it is red?

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42 Banana Mania

I can understand banana, but banana mania?

It must be in between yellow and dark yellow. - funnyuser

43 Magic Mint

Mmm I'm eating mint lip balm right now it is magic

44 Purple Pizzazz
45 Outrageous Orange

Because Orange decided to be outrageous.

46 Dandelion

Who names something after a weed

The orange is the new black shade.

Dandelion is getting removed from Crayola...

Luckily, I have a Dandelion crayon at home, I love that color so much. - Officialpen

47 Orange
48 Burnt Sienna
49 Flesh

This used to be a crayon color. It's a white-ish color. Hey company, FUN FACT: other races exist with different skin colors! Offensive.

50 Indian Red
51 Electric Banana
52 Wild Strawberry
53 Cornflower
54 Antique Brass
55 Radical Red
56 Razzle Dazzle Rose
57 Blue

This my favorite color of all time! Who ever put this is dumb

58 Lavender
59 Indigo

I agree. How can the name sound crazy

60 Navy Blue

Hey, lets get some known colors in this top tens list to troll, even though this wont make anyone mad at all!

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