Creative and Unique Easter Egg Ideas

Easter egg, which is also know as Paschal egg. The decorated Easter eggs and rabbit should be the symbol for the season of Eastertide (Easter Season). What should be the most attractive Easter Eggs stand out among your friends?

The Top Ten Creative and Unique Easter Egg Ideas

Lace Easter Eggs

In order to decorate Easter Eggs, you might only need some lace trim. After that you can wrap the egg and tie them with beautiful ribbon. And now you can get the lace Easter Eggs. - Cozylace

Cameo Easter Eggs

Do you need an easy method to create outstanding craft Easter Eggs? You only need some craft lace, such as the rabbit pattern. And then you can either add color to lace trim or put lace trim to eggs to get a shape. - Cozylace

Feather Easter Eggs

Feather Easter Eggs should be another easy craft egg decoration. Just need some glue, colorful feather and hard-boiled egg, you can make some special Easter craft with outstanding design. Here are the steps you should follow to get the craft Easter egg. - Cozylace

Floral Easter Eggs

Floral Easter Eggs on the cherry blossom branch should be a beautiful decoration for the Easter Season. If you are good at painting eggs, you can choose some eggs together with craft paints to design your Easter festival. - Cozylace

Mosaic Easter Eggs

Have you ever considered making a mosaic Easter Eggs with stunning effects? You have to dye eggs into different colors, or use a different time to dye eggs. As for the case, you can make mosaic Easter eggs with great effects. - Cozylace

Botanical Easter Eggs

When you are boring about dying Easter eggs manually or painting, you can use some flowers or leaves to get so called Botanical Easter Eggs. Compared to the other Easter egg craft, it should be much more complicated. - Cozylace

Curve Easter Eggs

Curve Easter Eggs should not be a simple job; you have to make sure you have the skill to create a stunning Easter Eggs in the way. You should make sure to choose the eggshells that are thick enough to curve with. - Cozylace

Flowery Easter Eggs

When you need to design some beautiful flowery Easter Eggs, you can use acrylic paint, paper mache eggs, paint brushes, decorative moss and an egg carton. Here is the easy way to can DIY gorgeous Easter Eggs you can follow. - Cozylace

Easter Egg Candle

Except for decoration eggs with paintings, you can also make Easter Egg candle for the festival. Choose the old candle or candle wax, candlewicks, a small amount of clay, a pot and funnel to make the Easter Egg Candle now. - Cozylace

Doughnut Easter Eggs

It is cute to make Doughnut Easter Eggs if you love doughnuts. What is more important, you can also have fun to design the beautiful doughnut according to your imagination. Just check out the detailed solution as below. - Cozylace

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