Top 10 Hardest Minecraft Modded Bosses

I know most of it will be orespawn or godzilla mod, but they're the strongest guys.

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1 The Queen - Orespawn

Queen can penetarate through any armor once killed and if we have no bed and far from spaawn And there are multiple of purple power and it can kill a god player in survival even with the mods like Avaritia in which even the void can't kill but the purple power can still do A lot of damage and kill us which also includes infinity gauntlet which gives us unlimited resistance and nothing can kill us and we are a god and the only thing in vanilla minecraft that can kill us maybe the void but the queen can sstill defeat us as she has a insta kill and also she drops the strongest armor I have seen although royal guardian sword is stronger but the queen drops the princess which can be very op. Also the prince is little bit better as he can be into the adult form but queen would be more strong if she had a adult form. So that is why I think queen is truly the Boss of Bosses.

The titans and warlords are stronger, most of the titans and warlords are in the 10,000s or higher.

The queen is actually weaker than the king herself because she has 1000 health less than the king and does the same moves but because she summons purple powers they do the beast's amount of damage so that's the only reason why she is more powerful. Idiots out there might think that the wendigo is more powerful but she is not. She has more health than the queen but when the wendigo and the queen fight, the mods crash so it looks like that the wendigo has won but she has not. Plus, the wendigo is just a copy of the queen and even the whole mod that the wendigo comes from is a copy of ore spawn. The queen is the true most powerful boss in Minecraft.

I vote for the queen not only because of her amazing design but is also one of the most fun and balanced fights in whole game also stop saying witherzilla is stronger it cannot count for strongest minecraft mob because anything that 1 shots the queen and ultimate king means that mod is either extremely glitchy or wants to be stronger than orespawn enough said!

2 Witherzilla - Titans Mob Mod

There is only one way to kill this: delete Minecraft. Or just let him do it for you.

It is nigh unstoppable from what I've heard. Besides, the Queen can't even take down normal titans.

Well he is the most powerful mob simply not even mythical creatures Godzilla orespawn mobs can kill this monstrosity not even do damage he's bacikely unkillable but I have beaten him before but yeah that was in 1.8 so yeah he's more powerful than the wither king queen Godzilla URSOMAJOR spikezilla wendigo and the list goes on and on for a while

This dude does infinity damage and he is bellow the queen


3 The King - Orespawn

How does the king have better drops then the queen she drops her scales witch make the queen armour witch is better then the royal guard set and if the queen and king could fight then the purple powers would kill it only if it did not affect the king but still the king drops stuff from all mods you got installed but still the king is beastly and the extreamly powerful so he stay 2 here and I got a question does the king and queen have a damage max of a number like mobzilla but anyways king 2 and it should stay that way and can the king fight the windago tell me please thank you and sorry if misspelled anything but anyways this a one of my comments to the king so thanks and yeah 2 that's good!

I really don't like mods because it destroys the game and the game will crash if you have too much.

The Orespawn developers said that he is stronger than The Queen, so loyalty to The King I suppose. (plus he drops The Prince, which is far greater than anything that The Queen drops, and believe me... I HAVE killed both and The King has WAY better drops than The Queen)

I think the king is stronger than the king. The king is more destructive as said by popular mmos. The king als has better drops. The queen drops her scales which you can use to make queens scale armour or the the queen scale battle axe but the king drops the royal guardian sword, and the sword is stronger than the axe

4 Burning Godzilla - Godzilla

The queen does a percentage of damage, and will win a battle against him, but the king doesn't attack frequently enough to win because of his regeneration of 50hp every half second and his SUPER-REGENERATION at low health. Burning Godzilla is the second strongest mob in Minecraft next to the official release of Orespawn's Queen which can kill it. However, He still can be harder to defeat because you can make creeper repellent that keeps the Queen's special ability from hitting you, then, he would probably win the battle against the Queen, because without the purple power, the queen is like the King, but neutral, and without the ice attack, though you would have to continue to put down the repellent as the Queen tosses her opponent across the climate. Besides being a stronger version of Godzilla with 2,500 attack damage, 12000hp and a regeneration of 50 points every half second. Burning Godzilla has a "radiation effect" that sets everything within a certain radius around him ...more

Poison that is the strongest poison effect possible AND lights you on fire when you go near him. At one point he was literally IMPOSSIBLE to kill with the strongest equipment in the game with even more than one player and still can regen over 3000 health per second when he drops below 1000 hp he has 10000 hp he hits for 1500 per second when below 5000 hp but by the time you even get to hit him you are at half a heart from the poison and fire and he has insane armor so even with the strongest sword in the mod you do only about 400 damage instead of 2500 he might not beat the queen in a duel but he is harder to beat than the queen by the player because the queen does percent health but he still is harder than the queen to beat by the player in my opinion and or any other mob aside from the ultimate king because he's unbeatable but is still impossible to beat alone without other mobs

The one weapon that kills him is an Oxygen Destroyer in your inventory with an Oxygen Launcher in your hot bar with your hand on it.

It is beatable but I had to heat to get op things on creative and I tried it without cheating and I couldn't do it(I'm not really good at Minecraft but good so it might be that reason or I could be the boss is to hard).I think that it is better than the king not the qween though.

5 Ultimate King - Orespawn

Godzilla and burning Godzilla are weak at this point and whoever puts them that high up on the list needs to look up ultimate king, the queen, the titans, and almost all the other mobs here, BURNING GODZILLA DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE ABOVE ULTIMATE KING!

The Ultimate King is supposed to be a more powerful version of the King, so why is the King rated more powerful? The Ultimate King is immune to melee attacks, and pretty much the only ways you can kill it is with the Queen's most powerful attack, commands, or other mods. Hitting it with most range attacks does so little damage that it regenerates the damage dealt more than damage can be dealt to it. Even if you find a way to get past his protection from close range attacks and regeneration, its still unlikely that you will win.Ultimate King still has a ton of health and deals a huge amount of damage, making him, at least in my humble opinion, much more powerful than the Queen herself. And yet, despite all of this, the Ultimate King is still ranked 5th.

Mobs from the Godzilla mod should not be this high on the list.

This thing is stronger than Windigo, queen, chaos guardian, gatekeeper, and wither storm combined, he is easily the most terrifying and powerful thing yet, he takes down titans like they are babies to Godzilla, also taking no damage from attacks that are normally insta- death.

6 Godzilla - Godzilla

Pretty hard to kill so be prepared and is the 2nd strongest mob in the godzilla mod so use the oxygen launcher

1000 health and attacks really hard

It's 10,000 health not 1,000

Super insane

7 King Ghidorah - Godzilla King Ghidorah is Godzilla's Greatest Enemy of all times since 1964's Ghidorah: The Three Headed Monster.

Godzilla has insane region

15000... that's all I have to say#1

I like him even though he runs away at low hp

Godzilla is insane and whith big Bertha It's impossible

8 Chaos Guardian - Draconic Evolution

First of all, the normal chaos guardian is nothing compared to the king, but the engendered chaos guardian is the strong one and could kill the windigo.

Its super powerful, and almost impossible to kill without full enchanted draconic armor. It pretty much kills you before you even see whats happening. Definitely a powerful boss, even if it isn't as powerful as the King, or Godzilla.

It's an ender dragon on steroids; its attacks are so powerful it can kill people in creative. Even with the recommended gear it can make quick work of even the most experienced fighters.

Its super powerful, without the draconic armor it can kill even in creative mod, these is one of the most powerful bosses in minecraft without draconic armor the staff of power the draconic bow you can't kill him

9 King Kong - Godzilla

She is really cool but kind if copies the king

He is around 8 th

Mothra is not stronger than King Kong.

9500 health and strong, but suprisingly it can't kill Godzilla

10 Kiryu - Godzilla

Ties the competitor when it dies because of the one minute instant damage it does. And he is a Godzilla boss.

This is Godzilla with a killer finishing move

Kiryu is a boss

I agree like half of this is from the Godzilla mod, but all of them are tough enough to get here
7500 health, attacks like a beast, and when it dies, the opponent dies

The Contenders

11 Spikezillla - Mythical Creatures mod

he's weak I've seen Godzilla kill him in one melee attack

so big

He is scary

This shuld be 4#

12 Windigo - Mythical Creatures mod

Hold off, Witherzilla is a true GOD, the windigo is a weak, pathetic mobvthat stands no chance against true titans

A very terrible made mob and sorry mod creator about this but you can't just copy one of the best mods in Minecraft's mob and make it more try to make it more powerful. It is just a copy of the queen and people think that it can own the queen but it can't because this mod and orespawn mod mixed together actually crashes so the windigo is not as powerful as the queen and it looks stupid, and is very lame. The queen is the true most powerful mob in Minecraft and I hope that everyone out there agrees with me. My name is BRUTALBRINE and Imade another comment on the queen and how she is more powerful.

Shoots two kinds of projectile and is a horse version of the queen has percentage attack and spawns arctic scorpions

Windigo can’t beet ultimate king, and witherzilla crushes the windigo in a second.

13 Mobzilla - Orespawn

4000 health and attacks like a beast. Don't expect something op like Bane of Pigs will instantly kill it. The damage max is 120.

He can't kill the queen but he shoots loads of fireballs at you he massacres villagers and villages

Watch out for the fire balls. They took the most damage out of my health bar.

This guy is a beast! 1

14 Mutant Ender Dragon

That would be awesome,
Ender dragon: Iam the best boss ever
Mutant ender dragon: *exists*
Ender dragon: I was the best boss ever

There is no such thing

There is no such thing

What the heck is the mutant ender dragon anyway? Eh not like such a mob would survive the Executor dragon.

15 Kraken - Orespawn

If the mothra below is from Godzilla mod it is stronger than the kraken if it's from ore spawn it is not supposed to be here and I mean mothra

He is very hard he duplicates he throws you up in the air you need good weapons

1000 health, attacks like a death machine, killer lag, and duplicates

Very strong is kraken ai can't kill him

16 Mothra

It's powerful it's weapons are stronger than royal guardian sword. I had diamond armour with sharpness 5 but I now that mothra set is stronger it's the godzilla mod it's piece of crap diamond to godzilla mod is bull . Thanks

Wait the one from Godzilla mod or ore spawn mod

I think Mothra is gone and the nightmare from orespawn should be here because I took on both and the nightmare brought me to 1 heart and Mothra took me to full health.

I really don't know who is stronger mothra-Godzilla or the kraken-orespawn

17 Legendary Herobrine

Witherzilla + Ultimate king + ender colossus vs. Herobrine:
Herobrine:"One shot dead"
they all died

He's crap I can kill him in one hit because I've the last sword you will ever need in my right hand and ariana grande sword three in my left hand

You don't know who is Herobrine he is Notch's dead brother dude he will KILL EVERYTHING IN HIS WAY

He is the most powerful. You can't deny that.

18 Ender Colossus - Titans Mob Mod

The titans should be 1, and nobody else should be here, except all the Titian’s.

You've got to be kidding me. Ender Colossus isn't higher on the list? He attacks the player in real life he's so powerful!

There isn't a way in Minecraft or any other universe that can prevent the player from getting schizophrenia thanks to this guy.

is a greater titan should be top ten

19 FuriousDestroyer - PopularMMOs

There's only one mob this one's failed to defeat: The Creeper Titan!

Wow how does he do it I have no idea but I know how he does part of It Lucky blocks!

Well exactly that is true in minecraft life

Herobrine = FuriousDestroyer

20 King Bowser - Mario

He is not the strongest but he is cool. He shoots lava balls for gods sake.

Took down King ghidorah.

I love this mob

It is amazing

21 SpiderZilla

Ultimate king and Windigo are way better, but this thing is crazy

Why the hell is this beast not as powerful as the kraken? It has 12000 health and hits like a truck. I know that when spiderzilla fights a mob from orespawn it crashes and. The orespawn mob wins. That is not supposed to happen and spiderzilla is supposed to be more powerful than most of the orespawn mobs.

No texture but she's real power and kills young adult prince easy should be number 3 she kills King Kong I saw it happen

This mob is probably the worst one of this list and the worst one only in the computer version!

22 K'ril Tsutsaroth - Orespawn

That's not orespawn! that's wildycraft

23 Wither Dragon

This mob could slay you with one hit so watch out

if I were a mob I briefer to be him

What's the whither dragon

This can't one hit killed by anything from any other mod! He's got 20,000 HP, and he can hit through an enchanted golden apple

24 Hydra - Mythical Creatures Mod

It shoots fireball galore

2nd favorite


25 Nightmare - Orespawn

You can't win if you fight this guy outside

I killed it with a piece of coal- Jragon

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