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41 King Bowser - Mythical Creatures Mod

He beat KINGGADORA which i s in the 6th spot and has 15000 health and hits like a truck but king Bowser only has 1500 health and it STILL beats kinggadora

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42 Garble - Mythical Creatures Mod

This guy is a tough nugget of anger and death. Even the King had a hard time beating him.

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43 Basilisk

I think is not very hard to kill the basilisk! Its just annoying!

Um monstro

44 Mutant Obsidian Golem V 1 Comment
45 Mutant Zombie
46 The Princess - Orespawn
47 Cyclops Golem - Orespawn V 1 Comment
48 Naga - Feed the Beast

The Naga is pathetic. You can kill it with vanilla stuff, without even using Golden apples, or anything. It really doesn't deserve to be here, even as 62nd.

This is twilight forest, you fool!

Naga is from twilight forest


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49 Vortigon - ChaosCraft V 1 Comment
50 Wither Skeleton Titan V 1 Comment
51 Samantha the Wither Girl

The Player can't hurt her, and she deals armor piercing damage. Even has a powerful melee attack!

52 Hammerhead - Orespawn
53 Jeffery - Orespawn V 1 Comment
54 Wither2.0 - Lucky Emerald Block V 1 Comment
55 Ursa Major - Mythical Creatures Mod

Looks like a mutant mobzilla but somehow loses when he fights mobzilla

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56 Rhodes - Rival Rebels

Giant robot boss with 15000 health and you can ride it. It has a dual Ein-Sten beam, seeker rockets, a flamethrower attack, and can even shoot nukes

Best part of rhodes is that he fights another rhodes and when you dismount he will move non stop killing mobs

57 Robo Pounder V 1 Comment
58 Sea Viper V 2 Comments
59 Sea Viper - OreSpawn
60 Mutant Enderman
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