Hottest Footballers of 2010

The Hottest Footie Stars (Or They Might Be Newbies) Right Now! This Is Sure Gon' Be Intresting!

The Top Ten

1 Ricardo Kaka

Wow, fittie here! This tanned brazilian is gorgeous! I mean wow, Caroline Celico ( his wife) is some lucky girl! Well lets just hope she realises it! - Sophiepinkx

2 David Beckham David Beckham

Who doesn't, or can't love this guy? He has what all women lust for - Charm! His eyes light up with his smile and.. oh look at me?! I'm getting distracted :L, well we can just say he's pif:) [ I'm a geordie, and that's slang for very hot] - Sophiepinkx

3 Mesut Ozil Mesut Ozil

I don't usually go for the German's, but as soon as I saw this guy in the Germany vs England match, I knew this guy would beat Chris Smalling { England's second hottest player, after Beckham} In the looks stake anytime! - Sophiepinkx

4 Iker Casillas Iker Casillas Iker Casillas Fernández is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Portuguese club Porto and the Spain national team as a goalkeeper.

Ok, so I shouldn't really have favourites but this guy is just LUSH. Spelt large bold. ,. His dark feautures, are amazing like him... AND he's one of the world's best goalkeepers.. what more could a female want?! - Sophiepinkx

5 Cesc Fabregas

This arsenal and spain hunk, is amazingly buff.. wow,.. he works magic on the ladies for sure, he's actually single right now, my sources say.. Lovely news.. - Sophiepinkx

6 David Villa David Villa David Villa Sánchez is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a striker and also serves as captain for New York City FC in Major League Soccer.

Spanish hot stuff here ! Ladies watch out! He's in Iker's spanish football team, since he's espana too.. and wow.. he makes magic with the ball! I'd do it with his ball ANYTIME! ;) - Sophiepinkx

7 Roque Santa Cruz

Being a avid supporter of Manchester United football club, I don't usually go for Manchester City ( our fierce rivals) players.. But this guy bends the rule a bit. This 6 foot hottie strikes all the boxes for me! - Sophiepinkx

8 Fernando Torres Fernando Torres Fernando José Torres Sanz is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a striker for La Liga club Atlético Madrid, on loan from Serie A club Milan.
9 Mario Mandzukic
10 Mats Hummels Mats Hummels Mats Julian Hummels is a German professional footballer who plays as a central defender for FC Bayern Munich and the German national team.

Come on, the guy is German, looks like Orlando Bloom, AND has fabulous hair, what more could you want? ;D

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