The Top Ten Hottest/Sexiest/Best Looking Guys On Total Drama

The Top Ten The Hottest/Sexiest/Best Looking Guys On Total Drama

1 Alejandro

The Sexy Arch Villian

Yep. very hot.

2 Geoff
3 Duncan

Nothing's hotter than a bad boy with a heart. And don't get me started on his eyes...

4 Lightning
5 Chris

I sexy legend

6 Jacques

The sneaky figure skater with the amazing accent

7 Devin
8 Scott

He is so funny and is really hot. Even though I usually hate country accents, I find his attractive.

9 Ennui
10 Justin

The Contenders

11 DJ

The tough guy with heart

12 Ezekiel

He's such a beautiful guy.I love his voice,I think his body sure is the sexiest and also the outfit suits him perfectly.
Beautiful hair,pretty face,and hot butt.

13 Tyler
14 Trent

He could be a super male model.

He’s the hottest guy not just in total drama, but the whole cartoonverse

15 Topher

Sure his personality can get a little annoying, but he is one good looking lad.

16 Brick

The brave army cadet

17 Mike

From his multiple personalities to his tooth gap, I love everything about him!

18 Tom
19 Ryan
20 Brody
21 Shawn
22 Rock
23 Noah

He has a really hot voice, and her personality is so attractive. He does have a massive head though.

24 Cody

He is so adorable, and I would date him. I love his eyes and his tooth gap!

25 Chef Hatchet
26 Mr Coconut

A sexy beast

27 Dave

I love him! He is good looking and relatable.

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