Best K-Pop Songs of 2015 from Female Artists

The best KPop songs of 2015 by a girl group or female soloist.

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1 I - Taeyeon I - Taeyeon

With over 16 Melon Roof hits, Taeyeon charted in the Top 10 music charts of over 50 countries, and stayed #1 in Korea for over a month- until IU came. She stayed in the Top 10 of Melon for months, and remains in the Top 35, and has even beat IU. Her physical sales for her album "I" broke a record for the 4th most sold albums in girl group history. With over 5 million views in 24 hours and currently 50 million views - the most viewed solo music video excluding Hyuna - it's obvious that Taeyeon dominated 2015. She was the Adele "Hello" of South Korea. - KPopCritic

This is one of my favorite songs is my Kpop Playlist.

Best ever song in KPOP

Keep it on!

2 Dumb Dumb - Red Velvet Dumb Dumb - Red Velvet

I love this song it makes me happy when I listen it and I also like the dance steps of this song.

Red Velvet's Russian Roulette is killin it-- one month, 20 million views!

Red Velvet, once again, breaks the charts and is only two yeas old!

This song is so catchy and it makes me very happy also - parkl911

3 Twenty-Three - IU Twenty-Three - IU

IU, Korea's Little Sister, slayed the charts once again with 23. The hit title track of her album Chat-shire dominated Melon for months, and remains in the top 30. She took the 1-10 spots on Melon upon debut and 23 stayed a strong #1 for nearly a month and a half. Unfortunately, her music video views were low and nothing compared to her previous hits. While the song is good and successful, it just didn't get as much love, success, and hype as the other two. The song hit a Perfect All Kill, being the second song of 2015 after Miss A's Only You to stay #1 on every single music chart for over 24 hours. - KPopCritic

4 Only You - Miss A

Miss A made their biggest hit yet since their explosive debut. Only You gained a Perfect All-Kill, staying #1 on ALL Korean music charts for over 24 hours and gaining several Melon Roof Hits on Melon. The song reached 40 Million views in less than 5 months and charted for months, proving to be one of the biggest hits of 2015. - KPopCritic

While it can be implied that the girls didn't have the so called chemistry as exhibited in their prior comebacks, this song is still a sure fire winner and one of the best they released. - Latinrocket

Fei Is My QUEEN so, yes I do sound bias right now but I will always love this group FOREVER!

5 Ice Cream Cake - Red Velvet

This catchy, retro-style song shot Red Velvet to superstardom. While it didn't receive as much love or success as Dumb Dumb, it was the song that made the group popular and nationally recognized. With nearly 30 million views and a strong top 10 for over a month on Melon, ICC was a huge bop in 2015. - KPopCritic

The beginning of this song is sorta creepy but the song gets more and more exciting! It makes me suddenly have a craving for ice cream cake! - parkl911

A sexual song, this is one of the top songs of all time and I'm a big fan of this album. - Latinrocket

6 Crazy - 4Minute

Crazy gained similar popularity to Only You, and is 4Minute's biggest hit to this day. Reaching 40 Million views in around 5 months, charting for months and slaying Melon, while Crazy failed to have as many roof hits and a PAK like Only You, Crazy was a huge trend in Korea and internationally, with 4Minute's hats in the video becoming an iconic item. - KPopCritic

This song is so catchy. My definite favorite from 4Minute. It just makes me want to get up and dance like the CRAZY person I am because it's just that great! Hyuna, Gayoon, Jiyoon, Sohyun, and Jihyun's singing skills are awesome and they really show it off in this song! I totally recommend it!

4minute is the baddest group of kpop they are beautiful and they have so many talent! I listen to kpop because it was they who iniated me... I Want to Say thanks to all members!

Proud to be a 4nia! Love you ~~~❤️

7 Me Gustas Tu - GFriend

Me Gustas Tu was the second song from rookie group GFriend. While they saw great longevity with their debut single, Glass Bead, Me Gustas Tu shot GFriend into national and international fame when a video of GFriend performing the song (and falling 8 times while performing due to a slippery stage) went viral overseas, GFriend gained international recognition and praise for their amazing dancing, difficult choreography and catchy song. Me Gustas Tu has remained in the Top 30 in Melon since it's debut- meaning it has been on top of the charts for over 6 months, proving amazing longevity. - KPopCritic

This song is catchy, not to mention it is in a different language! Even if the lyrics are kinda cheesy, this song is the ultimate meaning of catchy! - parkl911

THE NATIONAL ANTHEM OF KOREA. Legends only, got me into gfriend - mudbloodsushi

Me gustas tu gustas tu

8 Party - Girls' Generation

This song is song is the perfect song to listen to when people want to feel excited but calm at the same time - parkl911

While the song itself received mixed reviews, it's no doubt that Party had the KPop industry going wild. SNSD's first song after popular member Jessica left the group gained over 7 million views in 24 hours, and has amassed around 50 million after 5 months. Party had several melon roof hits and nearly reached a Perfect All Kill on charts. Catchy, sweet and fun, Party is the perfect summer song and stole the summer of 2015 in the Kpop world. - KPopCritic

This is one of my top KPop songs of all time and is arguably in my top 5. I just enjoy the vibe, the fact that they had shots, and it's such an fun jam. The music video is iconic as well. - Latinrocket

9 4 Walls - f(x)

F(x)' first comeback since popular member Sulli left had fans going wild. The album 4Walls set a new record at #3 for most albums sold in girl group history, and the song had a melon roof hit and stayed #1 on Melon for several days, despite tough competition from digital monsters like IU and Taeyeon. A unique and cool song, it's not for everyone, but it was definitely a huge highlight in 2015 and one of the best and most recognized songs. - KPopCritic

F(x) the best unique group with concepts the best <3 <3 love f(x)

10 Heart Attack - AOA

. AOA kept up their track record of long-lasting songs with Heart Attack, which reached over 1 million views in 24 hours on YouTube. Heart Attack was a huge hit, reaching a melon roof hit and beating digital queens Sistar for the #1 spot on music charts. AOA's cool, school-set love song was catchy with bouncing choreography, and remains on Charts even now in 2016, meaning that Heart Attack has been in the Top 100 Songs on Melon for seven months now and has shown no signs of leaving the top 100, as it rises even more every day. - KPopCritic

The Contenders

11 Ooh Ahh - Twice

Twice, winner of the best rookie award 2015, was a highly anticipated group of 9 beautiful members. Twice captured audience with their debut single, Ooh Ahh, which gained over 3 million views in 24 hours - a new record for a rookie girl group debut music video. The video is nearly at 30 million views, gaining more views than even established girl groups after only three months. Ooh Ahh debuted at a rocky #18 on music charts- but rose every week, beating it's debut place and reaching a peak of #9 on Melon, an amazing feat for a rookie girl group.

Twice's song, Ooh Ahh, also remains in the top 20 as of now, charting on Melon's top 20 for 2 months now and still rising every day. - KPopCritic

I am glad that this song made it into the TOP ten! My favorite girl group for KPOP is Twice - parkl911

12 The Shower - Iu
13 Remember - Apink

The queens of Aegyo are back once again with yet another catchy song! This song is for sure one of the song that gets stuck in your head for the long run!

14 Hello Bitches - CL

The Baddest Female is back! Our Leader is back! CL IS BACK! WHOA! I love this song because this have a good meaning, similar with The Baddest Female, and I'm a BlackJack! BJ, vote for this!

I love when CL Rap! This song have a good meaning and catchy beat. At least should be in top 10!

Miss 2NE1... Please comeback :')

2NE1, miss you so much :')

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15 Lion Heart - Girls' Generation
16 Thinking About You - Younha
17 Um Oh Ah Yeh - Mamamoo

Mamamoo's hottest song yet, the rookie girl group dropped this single in early 2015, and it came with a splash, reaching #1 on over 4 real-time charts like Melon, Monkey and Genie, despite the group being new and coming from a nugu company. Mamamoo impressed Kpop lovers with their powerful vocals, quirky style, funny personalities and beautiful visuals with this catchy bop that sat in the top 20 in Melon for several months and only dropped out of the Top 50 in Melon around October, charting in the top 100 for over 5 months. - KPopCritic

18 Sleepless Night - 9muses
19 Vibrato - Stellar
20 Cupid - Kara

Amazing song_KARA fighting~

21 Ah-Choo - Lovelyz
22 You're Pitiful - Fiestar
23 Aalow Aalow - Laboum
24 You Think - Girls' Generation
25 Ah Yeah - Exid
26 Cold Rain - 4minute
27 Hate - 4minute

This song is released in 2016, not 2015.

28 Hurt Locker - 9MUSES
29 Up & Down - Exid
30 Glass Bead - Gfriend
31 Candy Boy - Twice
32 Hot Pink - Exid
33 Rain - Taeyeon
34 Shake It - Sistar
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1. I - Taeyeon
2. Ice Cream Cake - Red Velvet
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1. I - Taeyeon
2. Dumb Dumb - Red Velvet
3. Twenty-Three - IU


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