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21 ImBarelyTrying

1v1 -chipper888

22 GetRighted
23 GalaxyWing2949
24 HeroMonster

He is raging when his rusty lmfao is he hacking?

This guy awesome friendly good pvpier he must be in top 15 Keep up to good work

Lol this kid is too overrated -Aerotic

Lol of you guys toast is mad because of hero just spamming gapples in cpvp lol its because of that or its because of your losing toast -101killerz

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25 xZokoD

It’s no surprise that he isn’t as good as he used to be after his break, But in my opinion, I think he used to be better than Acer

26 Samuryan

Why isn't he here?

27 Dricher
28 SuperGamer10_YT

I Saw him on cpvp reking everybody deserves top 5


29 LichGamingFTW

He is God

30 Inaccurate
31 ItzCanto

Can land most of her hits. She has a good strafe that is hard to predict, allowing her to get unique combos and extra hits.

32 Gaming With MCPE

When this guy starts strafing you there is no way to make him stop one time he gg10 me in less than a minute and he is hard to predict with his confusing strafes

33 FLA

Salty but is still good he even pvps with 200 or higher ping

34 ItsRageMC

Is a good pvper I know this Because he hit Me With a 8 hitter in mcpe using split When I'm using mcpc-CrystallaGaming

35 KrystalAngela

A UHC player, most often playing strategically, rather than aggressively. However this does not change the fact she is very good at using split touch. She can fight in confined areas, and wide spaced ones as well.

36 Kwickerkicker
37 xHawkz

This guy was a amazing split pvper on 0.14 he could defeat many people if it was a split 1v1 and he could compete against top non split players certainly would be top6


I hate trump

39 DarkCloudMC

He haven't beat Toast yet bro

This guy have YT and he is good at combos

He beats Fantastic toast and he is good pvpier

40 34killersEnd

Good pvpier He kills 6 in cpvp

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