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1 L-Drago Destroy

Super ultimate strong even though I don't have it my friend has it it defeated my variares and my BFF's cosmic Pegasus I can't wait I'm gonna get it at April 2018. It is the best bey in the universe no regrets

Gee l drago is absolutely the best metal fighters bey by far I have got like 12 beys and it can beat at least 10 of them and he absolutely crushes them.

It's the best beyblade ever it has an amazing attack and balance. It beats phantom orion bigbang nemesis and eveyry other beyblade. Cool

L drago didn't beat my big bang pegasus yet he mastered all my other Beyblades

2 Big Bang Pegasus

Big bang pegasus can crush the opponent when it is in final drive mode. Also it can beat any Beyblade when it switches into every mode he has. BEST BEY.

I say that big bang pegasus is the best Beyblade in metal fury. The metal frame, core and the pc frame makes it look awesome!

Big Bang Pegasus is the best Beyblade ever made it can beat l drago destroy with its super power

It's my strongest Beyblade ever because it is really good at knocking out another bey

3 Phantom Orion

Undoubtedly the best stamina bottom in the game, along with the metal wheel and core moving all weight to the edge for increased balance and stamina with an attack mode which still has solid attack however more recoil. Phantom is more stamina based so stamina mode is recommended also it has the longest spin record of 7:12. Easily beating galaxy Pegasus Big Bang Pegasus basalt Horogium (twisted tempo) variares and diablo nemesis.

This guy beat all of my 19 other beys in a battle. It actually blew big bang pegasus, diablo nemesis, and Scythe Kronos apart. In Stamina, this bey is completely and absolutely unbeatable. It took all the hits and did not have its spin reduced at all. It currently holds the world record for longest spinning bey.

Best bey ever. If you have the one that can't mode change then the bottom of the fusion wheel scrapes the top of the other bey and it loses stamina fast
Mine seems like an attack-stamina type whose power rivals that of Pegasus

Why you don't believe us Phantom orion is the best world's bey it can spin through 7-8 minutes I bought it and it crushed my galaxy and big bang pegasis. Phantom orion rocks.

4 Nemisis

It beats all the beys out. Basalt will surely loose. One time I made a battle basalt vs nemesis, nemesis won. It rocks

It rocks so much. It beats almost all my beys in any stadium

Diablo nemisis is the strongest Beyblade in the world

El diablo nemesis deserves to be a top 1 not el drago

5 Variares

Super cool bey, it can spin left and right. Its metal is so hard that it was dropped by me from 1st floor to ground while playing, but it did not cause any damage. So, VOTE FOR VARIAREAS. PLEASE PLEASE...

If anyone thinks that variares is not a good bey than he is a fool

Epic bey... Enough said

Best ever but I got the Hasbro one its still good and kills all of my Beyblades including meteo ldrago it so cool looking buy this Beyblade if you want to win every battle

6 Earth Eagle

Earth Eagle is an epic bey! My favorite bey, they are many around the world but this is the best one yet! Earth Eagle has the strongest attacks of all my beys, and I got more than a hundred and it beat my Scythe Kronos and Galaxy Pegasus and Nemisis and Phantom Orion.

Earth Eagle is awesome bey! It's stamina and defense it's cool it is my favorite bey in all beyblade earth eagle special move is cool. Love it it's the BEST bled in the UNIVERSE. Earth eagle is also battles win between rock leone vs earth eagle

Eagle is the best bey among scythe kronos

Awesome Beyblade in the whole world

7 Fang Leone

He cracked all my beys including twisted tempo and he won all my tournaments on attack mode

Fang Leone is awesome it should be number three my Fang Leone beat Phantom Orion!

I love Fang Leone a ton! It beat a Phantom Orion in less than a minute!

This bey has so many parts ad so much defense and stanims'

8 Scythe Kronos

It is extremely powerful, I let it rip in one of my stadiums against my friends L-Drago Destroy and Phantom Orion at the same time, instantly knocked both out of the stadium and still spun for around 7 minutes before it started wobbling.

It's a pretty good all around bey. When it starts to wobble it will charge towards the other persons bey a do lots of damage. I have never lost a fight so far with that Beyblade!

Kronos beats L-drago destroy every time vote for him he's awesome best bey ever buy I'm

It's the best bey ever I bet you

9 Blitz Unicorno

It is one of the best with even smashed my twisted tempo and rock leone and hades Kerbecs and has the best attack beat my l-Drago with just a few hits not even smash attacks just glancing hits and cracked my twisted tempo and broke my stadium by throwing my Vulcan Horuseus into the stadium wall.

Love it it's the BEST blade in the UNIVERSE. If I can get two blades for 1 I wont give it EVEN if its galaxy pegasus and lighting L-drago!

Blitz Unicorno is the best bey with the best character

It is the best bey it can easily defeat LDRAGO destroyer!

10 Earth Capricorn DF145 WD

He is a very good combo try it maybe with metal face or 145 sd for performance tip. It is very good try it. Capricorn can defeat any Beyblade

Very good bey. Really really amazing! Stadium out all the way home capricorn

My best bey incredible stamina outstanding defense and awesome attack!

The Contenders

11 Cosmic Pegasus

I love cosmic because it is so awesome. It beat all my beys but I think that it is pretty hard for cosmic to beat flame sagittario

Cosmic Pegasus is a good bey and is also called Big Bang Pegasus

How these Beyblades become top ten pegasus only will 1st

I got him yester day and he beat all of my fredids beys including phantom Orion

12 Storm Pegasus

He is the very first best bey of all, and nothing beats the firts

It is really awesome

It is very fast and stamina full Beyblade storm pegasus have
defense attack it's best bey in the world so please vote this bey
storm pegasus is famous Beyblade in cartoon channel

13 Diablo Nemesis

This bey is awesome. It has two modes and it is totally unbeatable except for a select few beys. By the way, shouldn't this bey be better than proto nemesis?

Diablo nemesis rocks. It was able to blast, away both big bang and l drago destroy at low spin velocity

It beat my brothers fang leone in an intense balance vs defense type showdown

Very good bey it even broke twisted tempo to pieces

14 Spiral Capricorn

Spiral Capricorn rocks its metal flat tip seriously adds attack power like it just smacked my tempo out of the stadium

15 Gravity Destroyer

He spins left and right. He almost broke my earth virgo

16 Evil Gemios
17 Basalt Horogium

It beated spiral capricorne and storm pegasus easily

18 Galaxy Pegasis

Galaxy is the best it bet meteo l drago gravity persus

It is spins along time

19 Jade Jupiter

People Jade Jupiter is the ultimate Beyblade. He beat and broke all beys in his path. He never lost once. Ones all the Beyblades in the world went up against him and he won. All the beys broke got knocked over the stadium and were runover by 10 cars in a row. My soul partner. He should be on the top of the list. Dynamis is an awesome blader too. He should be the main protagonist of Beyblade metal fusion, masters, and fury of course. Dynamis is my favorite blader my second being Ryuga and my third being Reiji. Jade Jupiter never lost to anyone. That means I am the number 1 blader. No one can beat me with Jade Jupiter on my side. He is practically unstoppable. If there was Battle Bladers then I would be the champion. Jade Jupiter is my soul partner. Jade Jupiter is the strongest Beyblade in the world second being all L-Dragos and third being poison serpent. I wonder if Jade Jupiter can lose. I respect other people's opinion on Jade Jupiter. Sorry for such a long comment.

This bey should be the best it beat so many of my Beyblades

Awesome you guys can give me a thumbs down I don't care

Jade Jupier is he coolest bey blade and jade jupiter should be first

20 Proto Nemesis
21 Dark Wolf

This is a very good bey. IT has good stamina, good defense but less attack. It has defeated my rock leone, earth eagle Meteo L-drago, and gravity destroyer

Dark wolf is a very well-rounded bey. A shining example of a balance type.

The bey is very very good

22 Flame Byxis
23 Ultimate Meteo L-Drago Assault

He is cool looking but he stinks

24 Flash Sagittario
25 Blitz Striker
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