Top 10 Best Minecraft Decorative Blocks


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1 Enchantment Table

The most expensive on this list, you can use this as a book stand in adventure maps! It also serves a purpose to enchant! Cool decoration! - Jbone123

They add so much decoration I even built a library it has like 20 villagers in it

2 Bookshelves

This probably the best decoration block around. Being the oldest on this list from being introduced on 0.26 SURVIVAL TEST 9 - Jbone123

3 Stained Glass

You can used stained glass to make cool designs! It earns itself the 3rd place! - Jbone123

4 Armor/Armour Stands

Show off your favorite armor with a cheap recipe! - Jbone123

Good decoration the best

5 Paintings
6 Ender Chest

Cool take off of the original wooden chest! - Jbone123

7 Slime Block

You can make trampolines - Haumea

I love this block

8 Anvil Anvil Anvil are a Canadian heavy metal band from Toronto, Ontario, formed in 1978. The band consists of Steve "Lips" Kudlow, Robb Reiner and Chris Robertson.

Great for really anything! Also has a use! - Jbone123

9 Banners

Should be 2nd first armor stands

10 Quartz Block

Modern look - Toptenanimallovers

Gives your walls a more modern appearance.

Plain white.
Those three words explain it all.

The Contenders

11 Glass

Plain :( Good use though! - Jbone123

12 Ender Crystal

There placeable in 1.9!

13 Wooden Planks
14 Brewing Stand

They have one of the game's best textures, and they look great with restaurant-themed builds. - AlGalaxy

15 Sea Lantern
16 Flowers
17 Clay
18 Item Frame
19 Colored Beds
20 Carpet
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1. Enchantment Table
2. Ender Chest
3. Stained Glass
1. Bookshelves
2. Enchantment Table
3. Stained Glass


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