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21 Iron Sword
22 Gold Pick-Axe

Golden pickax. Golden pickax. Golden PICKAX. SERIOUSLY?! You can't even mine diamonds with them. Sure, they mine stone faster than a diamond pickax but who CARES?

Make several golden pickaxes and grind through stone in a fraction of the time for cheaper

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23 Armor

We need to be protected or we'll be dead by a bunch of zombies

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24 Poisonous Potato

They're rare, so you are more excited when you get a poisonous potato than an edible potato.

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25 Porkchop
26 Jukebox
27 Eye of Ender
28 Ender Pearl

Come guys enderpearls should be 2nd+it is the only way to get to the end... OF Minecraft! ยก!

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29 Sticks

This should be in top 5! You can't survive without them!

30 Dirt

How is this so low down? You can't grow anything in Minecraft without dirt! How would you get a good food supply? How would you get wood? How would the world look normal?

Dirt spawns in your world. Be grateful. In Minecraft you plant wheat, right? Well you need dirt. And wood. Without wood you would die.

Why is this so low down on the list?

31 Beacon

Ok, so wood is very useful, and Diamonds are nice, but Beacons, really know how much far you've actually came. Beacons require Obsidian, which can only be mined by a DIAMOND pickaxe. Although Diamonds can be nice to get, Beacons are even more. If that isn't all, It also requires a NETHER STAR, which can only be obtained by killing a wither, which is hard to beat, and requires 3 wither skeleton heads. Wither Skeletons are one of the strongest mobs in Minecraft, and chances of getting a head every time you kill one is slim to none. A beacon would greatly show players how much you have achieved while giving a reward. You can also make it stronger by making blocks of Iron, or even Diamond, which will give special abilities. To be honest, I didn't know how much crappy gold was until Beacons were added.

Beacons are not useful. How? They take long, hard work to get! Plus, the tools to get this are insane. Once getting it nothing useful. Useless! This should be last.

32 Ghast V 3 Comments
33 Cake

It is good because you can eat cake in minecraft!

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34 Block of Coal V 1 Comment
35 Quartz

Hey who ever says that gold is budder and quartz bacon I think he is a stupid hungry guy

First of all, it's bacon, not quartz (i'm finniancaleb on YouTube, watch my first video to know why) and BACON ORE LOOKS LIKE BACON! Although I am a vegitarian, I still find this awesome

36 Dead Bush

It's the most UTTERLY USELESS thing ever

Dead bushes are pretty much useless...

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37 Water
38 Obsidian

You need to go to the nether for something, but no obsidian. Well. You need obsidian for a nether portal.

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39 Stone

It's a very nice block used for variate constructions

40 Lava Bucket V 1 Comment
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