Top Ten Minecraft PvPers On McSG and Badlion


The Top Ten

1 huahwi V 1 Comment
2 grapeapplesause

He could almost beat huahwi - XboyzYT

3 ibeaturscore

He's beaten huahwi, but he can't beat him again - XboyzYT

V 2 Comments
4 kvnplays

Kvn is an over-all great pvper, his content is kinda boring though. - idkdan

Kvn is a lot better than iBeaturscore, by a longshot, and he is obviously better than Grape, since iBeat is better than Grape. Huahwi I believe is a better all-rounder than Kvn, but Kvn would probably win in a sword-only fight.

V 1 Comment
5 primal phase

He is so underrated - XboyzYT

6 bluedeww V 2 Comments
7 dragnita

Just because she is a girl does not mean she is bad - XboyzYT

V 1 Comment
8 solrflare

Some have hard of him some have not, he is good anyway - XboyzYT

V 1 Comment
9 tossed midget

He is sort of unknown, but good - XboyzYT

10 xNestorio V 2 Comments

The Contenders

11 justahotdog

He is the worst on the list, but still decent - XboyzYT

12 Hawii
13 JplayzMC_YT
14 BurnthatRYAN
15 SamitoD V 1 Comment
16 Danteh

He had the best record on bad lion so far!

Best record in badlion history, and who else finds minecraft PvP too easy, and he needs challenges to not make it too far in UHC. Who else can do that? - Zakattack2

17 CreeperFarts

He is really good in badlion & must check out his 1v1 and as per the Best PvPers rating system he was rated #3!

18 Hivlik V 1 Comment
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