Top Ten Minecraft PvPers On McSG and Badlion

The Top Ten

1 huahwi

Why would he not be number 1? - XboyzYT

2 ibeaturscore

He's beaten huahwi, but he can't beat him again - XboyzYT

He is og I think he should be top 1

E girl

One of the best SG youtubers out there, funny and good at pvp. - idkdan

3 grapeapplesause

He could almost beat huahwi - XboyzYT

4 kvnplays

Kvn is an over-all great pvper, his content is kinda boring though. - idkdan

Kvn is a lot better than iBeaturscore, by a longshot, and he is obviously better than Grape, since iBeat is better than Grape. Huahwi I believe is a better all-rounder than Kvn, but Kvn would probably win in a sword-only fight.

He is a pvp GOD - XboyzYT

5 primal phase

He is so underrated - XboyzYT

6 bluedeww

He is good but not the best - XboyzYT

He should be number two danteh number 1!

7 dragnita

Just because she is a girl does not mean she is bad - XboyzYT

Sad that she quit, she was my favorite SG youtuber. - idkdan

8 solrflare

Some have hard of him some have not, he is good anyway - XboyzYT

My name is solrdropL and he definitely deserves this place

9 tossed midget

He is sort of unknown, but good - XboyzYT

10 xNestorio

He is, THE GOAT - Zakattack2

Katniss god #SHOT EM

He is just honestly the best pvper and I think he needs to be the 2nd best pvper

The Contenders

11 Danteh

He had the best record on bad lion so far!

He has the highest record on Build UHC - PeeledBanana

Best record in badlion history, and who else finds minecraft PvP too easy, and he needs challenges to not make it too far in UHC. Who else can do that? - Zakattack2

Thank you all for voting ;)
I have the current record on badlion and for this list I am the #1.Or maybe #2 next to huahwi.

12 justahotdog

He is the worst on the list, but still decent - XboyzYT

13 Hawii
14 JplayzMC_YT
15 BurnthatRYAN

He is a PRO

16 SamitoD

Yea yea smarted is bad but he is ok enough to make it at least at #50

17 CreeperFarts

He is really good in badlion & must check out his 1v1 and as per the Best PvPers rating system he was rated #3!

18 Hivlik

Absolute pvp GOD

19 DuckiesYT

He can take a 4v1 and just destroy them! He is like the best pvper on Emenbee Realms

20 Tapl

He is bigboi

21 Technoblade
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