Top Ten Best Minecraft Ripoffs

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1 Ark: Survival Evolved

Half this list is full of games that are not ripoffs. Just because a game has similar concepts like building and animals doesn't make it a ripoff. Minecraft and Ark are far from being similar. - RogerMcBaloney

Not only it's a ripoff of minecraft, it's a ripoff of the Croods, the Flintstones, and cavemen.

It's true, Ark Survival Evolved is just a 1st person view game, just like minecraft. It also has animals you can tame or kill, also like minecraft. ALSO, you build, just like minecraft.
One difference about these two is that Ark is a ripoff and Minecraft is better.

This game sucks, I lost my level 4 Dodo, My level 10 dilo, and my level 7 Raptor, they all died from a trike! I hate this game, you should not play this game too!

2 Terraria

Its just a sandbox game

Terraria is my second favorite sandbox game. Minecraft is just a little bit over it. If terraria had more mods than Minecraft then I might like it better. But the chance of it having more mods is right now impossible. MINECRAFT IS STILL KING OF SANDBOX.

This actually came first. And it's better. It has everything Minecraft has, and more.

How the hell is this a ripoff if the creators themselves even say it isn't?
Notch says that Terraria is a pretty good game and if his Minecraft game is competing, he
said himself would be honored to challenge such a good game.
Redigit says he has no link whatsoever towards Minecraft, and people say Terraria is a ripoff of Minecraft because it's in the same GENRE.

3 Dragon Quest Builders

I really like this game. This is a ripoff of a ripoff. Minecraft ripped off Infiniminer, but it was better than the real thing. Dragon Quest Builders and Builders 2 ripped off Minecraft, but was better than the real thing. It's just really good.

If you think DQBuilders and DQBuilders 2 are Minecraft ripoffs, it's better if you say that it's a ripoff of a ripoff.

Not really a rip off

I hear this is really fun, but it is not a minecraft rippoff dummys

4 Block Story
5 Roblox

It's not close to minecraft but I do recommend it

Roblox so beast mine craft same

ITS awesome

Roblox is crap

6 Infinifactory
7 CastleMiner Z
8 Total Miner

This is a great game it is not a rip off it was inspired by all kinds of games Minecraft barely makes it on that list

9 Lunacraft

I've seen this. It's cool.

10 SurvivalCraft

It's more advanced. It's the one ripoff I actually play, and I love it. It's hilarious when in Creative mode you build an arena, spawn a bunch of wolves, spawn some bulls and watch them fight to the death. Sometimes, the wolves will begin killing each other! - KalloFox34

Survivalcraft is better in some ways

This is the best Minecraft ripoff I've ever played! - SachiyoHasegawa

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11 Jurassic World Evolution

I witness a troll here

I love this game, but the list never lies. So I guess I will stop using this game.

How is this game even on this list?! It's not even the same type of game. - RogerMcBaloney

The reason why JWE is a ripoff is because you build things and animals move around you, this is why it's a very bad ripoff.

12 Lego Worlds
13 Pixel Gun 3D

The only way it's similar is it's pixel geometry

This is a ripoff - GAMEKNIGHT999

How is this a ripoff it has guns and it is way better

14 Mini World
15 Mine Blocks

It's so nice, 2d edition

16 The Blockheads
17 Hytale

Better animation

18 Blockman Go

A very cool rip off it has all mini games in every single server like bed wars...egg wars...tnt run...etc..

19 Eden World Builder
20 Tiwaz

This is a very bad ripoff of minecraft. it s too blocky, and whcih Notch has copyrighted. this game is terrible and it will make a lot of money that will be paid to jeb so he can dye his hair more ginger.

signed, the simpsons artist

21 Supercaft

Good Minecaft game

22 Trove
23 Block Craft 3D
24 RealmCraft

Realm craft it's not a ripoff the woods. I am a beautiful

25 World Craft

It's a Chinese minecraft ripoff

26 Monster Hunter

Why is Monster Hunter on the list?
Bet some idiot thought "It has living creatures, it must be Minecraft"


I don't know just for no reason

28 BlockStarPlanet
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