Top Ten Best Minecraft Ripoffs


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1 Ark: Survival Evolved

... really

This... isn't a rip-off.. what..

2 Terraria

This actually came first. And it's better. It has everything Minecraft has, and more.

How the hell is this a ripoff if the creators themselves even say it isn't?
Notch says that Terraria is a pretty good game and if his Minecraft game is competing, he
said himself would be honored to challenge such a good game.
Redigit says he has no link whatsoever towards Minecraft, and people say Terraria is a ripoff of Minecraft because it's in the same GENRE.

This isn't even a ripoff. It came first, and it's much better. And it isn't really 2d. It's between 2d and 3d. It has more items, more bosses, better music, a variation of music, events, useful NPCs, a form of currency that isn't rare gems, more enemies, better graphics, more combat, more types of blocks, more biomes, more armor, more weapons, different classes (as in Ranger, Warrior, Sorcerer, and Summoner), Hardmode (Not hard setting, but Terraria still has that. Hardmode adds a lot more content after beating Wall of Flesh), armor set bonuses, the player can go between worlds, NPCs have personally, more types of NPCs, unique seasonal updates (Halloween, Christmas, etc), more updates, the game creators care about their fans, more challenging, more hours of gameplay, a not completely lame End Boss, and here I will end my rant. Not cause I'm out of ideas. Because there are to many reasons why Terraria is better. Anyway, see you idiot Minecrafters!

3 Dragon Quest Builders
4 Block Story
5 Infinifactory
6 CastleMiner Z
7 Roblox

Actually, Roblox came before CrapCraft, look it up.

Should've said Minecrap

8 Total Miner

This is a great game it is not a rip off it was inspired by all kinds of games Minecraft barely makes it on that list

9 Lunacraft

I've seen this. It's cool.

10 Lego Worlds

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11 Eden World Builder
12 SurvivalCraft
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