Top Ten Best Minecraft Story Mode Characters


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21 Facemeat

Facemeat is an absolute legend

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22 Radar
23 Ellegaard

I think shes a little mean

Female Einstein

The engineer of the Order of the stone, makes machines, leader of Redstonia - Theolegolas

24 Isa

She is a cool character and very powerful I think she could easily take down a member of the order of the stone and is a good leader. I disagree with Milo she only tried to do what was right and she took down a ghast in mid air in a second. She built the whole sky city and a palace she should get more credit

Also known as the Founder, leader of Sky city, does the best she can to save her people - Theolegolas


25 LDShadowLady
26 Milo

Leader of the rebels in Sky City, wants to let people build - Theolegolas

Lol his name

He is a hobo

27 StacyPlays

Love ya stace

28 Harper V 1 Comment
29 Otto V 1 Comment
30 Mevia
31 Pussycat

Love him so good - mattafat

32 Reginald

Captain of the guards of Sky city - Theolegolas

33 Benedict V 2 Comments
34 Wither Storm

Wow I can't believe anyone would even support it. Even Aiden is better than him. At least Aiden didn't take thousands of lives and kill a much loved main character!

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35 Maya
36 Gill V 1 Comment
37 Eversource
38 TorqueDawg
39 Clutch
40 CaptainSparklez

The helpful Youtuber

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