Ten Most Annoying Things About Parents

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1 They always think you're lying even when you're telling the truth

This happens to me alot, so annoying!

Me too, even if I'm telling the truth they always say "your getting the wrong message" I mean danmed I'm right!

Dude! Parents are idiots sometimes. When they get too mad at something, they don't care! If I were you, I'd be talking to them about why they don't give you a chance to tell them the truth! - ItsMehBro

This happened to me today I was writing stories in my notebook when I went to the living room and my brother was using my tablet without permission. So I went and just snatched it from him. So he almost got on my back he was trying to get it from my hands. I holded it tightly so he won't get it. I told my mom about it and she told my brother to give it back to me cause it is mine. But my brother wants to still use it so my mom told me the stupidest thing to let him use it. I got his damn tablet it was already gonna be dead so I slammed the tablet on my bedroom floor like an idiot. My brother acts like if he never used a electronic device before. I went to the room my brother was using my tablet at and I tried to snatch it from him but he was holding on it so tight I couldn't grab it. He did the stupidest thing he kicked me all over my body. I thought he was gonna bite me numerous times. I told my mom right away but she said go tell your dad. My foolish mother is lazy and does'nt want ...more

I am so sorry for you does this always happen to you if it does well I hope some day it will change.

This does not happen if the child previously didn't lie like a stream - Alkadikce

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2 When having an argument or just talking, they say you're getting an attitude when it's really just you trying to be neutral about it.

Seriously! This has been happening to me since forever! They always say I'm getting an attitude, but it isn't true. I'm just trying to keep my emotions under control.

So I'm 13 and I was at volleyball practice (my mom is my coach) and we were doing this drill for ball control where 3 people stand in front of the net with their backs to the net and there is a line in front of the outside hitter position the first person at the net passes the ball to you and you pass once to yourself and then to the next person at the net and so on and then you pass/set the ball to yourself all the way around the other side of the net and back to the line so anyways I was in the line and it was my turn so the first person passes me the ball and then the next person and finally I get to the 3rd person at the net and I kinda bump set it you know like. It was a pass but it would've been a good set and the girl at the net spikes it back to me and of course it goes over my head (always swing down! ) and I miss the ball but you aren't supposed to hit/spike the ball in this drill so I would've been the first person to make it all the way around and this girl (we'll call her ...more

My mom always thinks I'm having an additude when I'm just trying to be real...

It’s silencing. When you have the upper hand in a “debate”, they’ll just tell you to leave so they their beliefs aren’t challenged.

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3 Because I Said So

I also hate everything eles on this list especially:

6) Turning nothing into something
8) They always think you're lying even when you're telling the truth
9) Their singing
10) They die
11) They think that they hold your future
13) Making your bed
20) Very talkative and gives you lots of commands even if you can't do it
22) They choose what is the best for you but actually its the worst
25) They choose your name

- Trivium

Almost everything in this list I hate I love my parents singing I ESPECIALLY LOVE MY NAME and I hate making my own bed so I let them make it

I don't care what kind of authority figure you are, this will never EVER be a valid reason for anything. If you have a good reason for telling your kid to do/not do something then why not just tell them? And if you don't, why would you tell them to do it? You can't be a good example for your kids if you keep your motives a big mystery, so just explain stuff. It won't kill you.

They don't understand me. they even don't like noticing me on very important cases like ;Mum I'm hurt on my hand or ;Mum, Dad please buy a new laptop

Annoying! - Firemist

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4 They are big liars

When my brother decided to study music as a major and a career, my mom was supportive of him. She said, "I'll let you chase your dreams" and that "I'll let my kids decide their future". Thus, I had a conversation about my aspirations, and it went like this:

Me: Mom, I want to be an artist. (I'm in tenth grade by the way)

Mom: No. That'll never happen. You MUST become a dentist. Art will just be a hobby for you.

Me: Why?

Mom: You'll just starve and live as a beggar if you are an artist.

Me: But you let my brother pursue his dream of becoming a musician. Why won't you support my dreams? I don't want to become my dentist. I'm not interested in it. I love art, so I want to make it my career. Wouldn't it be great if my career would be something that I love to do? I have no interest in being a dentist.

Mom: Look. Dentists have high salaries. That's why you MUST become a dentist. Since you're my child, you have to listen to me. You ...more

I feel so sorry for you dude. Don't let your mom get in the way of your dreams. Ignore her. - Pegasister12

Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus. Need I go on?

=( My dad told me the boogyman would eat me when I went to sleep if I was a bad boy I was scared from about 4 - 6 years old

Intentionally or not, it is no surprise for them to -try- and act like they know stuff about something they know absolutely nothing about.

Did you want to learn where babies really came from at the age of two? - GleamingShadow

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5 They always want you to be honest but when you are they get angry

Coming home after she made me come shopping with her:

Mom: "What's wrong? "
Me: "Nothing"
Mom: "Something is wrong. Tell me! "
Me: "I don't want to say"
Mom: "I want to know! "
Me: "Well, I heard you gossip about me while I was in the dressing room. You told the cashier that I'm a really grumpy kid."
Mom: "Look at you! You ARE grumpy! Don't get mad at me! "

She might as well have said, "I'm the perfect parent and you're just the stupid teenager."

When I have a mom like that I will gossip about the bad things that she do in the social media I mean that the meanest mom I heard she said "perfect parent" nobody's perfect what she is the parent 0% sin an 100% good - lovestarlist

So true. Although tact helps a little bit, it won't help if the parents don't expect you to actually be right about something that pertains to the "real world." It comes across as being a smart-ass even if you're not. And if you aren't saying like a smart-ass, you're guaranteed to sound even MORE like a smart-ass.

My dad recently joined church these past 2-3 years and changed. He turned from getting angry and shouting all the time to being angry and then having sudden moments of smiling and niceness afterwards (which is harder to deal with and more confusing! ). This month, he started to have us have family meetings every Saturdays to talk about rules (don't like it but unwillingly agreed), but before that we must listen to him pray before we review our household rules. I'm 17 and I've been raised an atheist (besides going to church for Christmas and such days) my whole life. We are an Asian family so we're not allowed to talk back to parents no matter how wrong they seem to be. So, for Saturday meetings, he said we can speak freely---whatever we want. I spoke honestly and told him I wasn't comfortable with him speaking about religion because I wasn't raised like that here and at school either and then had a fit. I literally had a panic attack, but afterwards both of my parents got angry and ...more

I know I totally agree!

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6 When you say all the other kids are doing it or have it they tell you that you're not other kids...but when they compare you to other people it's okay

"Mom please can I have call of duty? All of my friends have it! "
Mom-"Well they have a different family than us. Don't compare you with your friends. "
*A few weeks later*
"Mom can I go to the mall with my friends? "
Mom-"Does so-and-so's mom let him go to the mall without supervision? "

My mom threatened to hit me because I was playing Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto... what is life?

OH. MY. GOOD. THIS IS SO TRUE! I try every argument I can to get them to buy me an iPhone, including the "everyone else has one too"...
Me: Can I please please PLEASE have an iPhone 4s?
Me: Well yeah and I like iPhones too so please?
Dad: NO. You are NOT them and you are my kid so you must do what I say and I say NO.
***months later***
Me: *using their argument against them* Well its because, oh I don't know... I'm NOT THEM.
Dad: that's NOT THE POINT!

They compare us to some other people when they want to, but when it comes to the point that we're comparing ourselves to others, the reply we get is "DON'T COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS." - Pearl13

Abby can go there whenever she wants. I just want to go one time!
Yeah, but there are many kids who can't.
Yes, because their parents are narrow-minded. Unlike you. *asskisser-moment*

Oh yeah, that's pretty annoying. - CharismaticKat

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7 They let your little brother get away with things and don't believe you

That REALLY gets annoying. My brother does something, I get mad at him, and he's SEVEN. And my parents always say "he's younger than you are", or "He's little" or some crap like that. He's in second grade, I mean come on! Just ' believe me for once! He CAN hurt me, dad. Just because I'm a 6th grader I'm not invincible.

It's just plain unfair. They stick to whichever side of the argument they think is more feasible. They're still doing this when my younger brother's 13, for God's sake! One time, I dropped the iPad and they used MY money to repair it! When HE broke it, they used their own money! He's not 3 anymore, and I'm not some charity or insurance company! It is so unfair! - PositronWildhawk

I agree. The only reason I didn't have to do that was because I was bankrupt because I did chores for free - Enderninja327

Yup 100% agree brother punches me across the face for not giving me game go show mom my swelling cheek and bloody mouth she says in blaming my brother like what why would I Make a few teeth crooked and bloody just to blame my brother who said he didn't do it with a bloody knuckle or two and later after my brother had punched me again on the pter side of the face and my mom saw it she said you made him do it I'm sitting there moving my jaw hurts and when I got to the dentist he asked who punched me and I said my brother he told my mom and said she saw him punch me but didn't beloved me still so yeah I have a fractured jaw and a chipped tooth I can't eat vey well and no one will help me and only my friend at school helps me eat I'm 18 and I'm thinking of running away to a small house I had built In the woods with some sticks a tarp from my house and I'm staying there until I find a place to live

Give him a drink and say you're sorry but pour bleach in the cup and serve it. - AlphaQ

It's unfair. My mom hates it when people say shut up. My brother just gets a warning, but when I do it I have to do his chores. - Smash64

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8 They turn the littlest things into a huge deal.

I forgot a pair of cleats for a race, and my dad YELLED at me over it. OVER A PAIR OF SHOES.


"Dad, I forgot them. And plus, we were running on concrete, and it would've ruined the spikes."

Use those spikes on your cleats and kick your dad in the nuts with the spiky cleats on. - TeamRocket747

I just got back from a trip and my ipad only had 30%, so I charged it with my charger. My dad says "give me your charger." I asked my dad why he needed it. He said his phone had no charge. I told my dad "I'm charging my IPad, I can give it to you later." He said " GIVE ME YOUR CHARGER NOW! MY PHONE HAS NO CHARGE." So I took the charger and put it on my dad's night stand, and he started yelling at me for not giving the charger to him in his hands, and made me plug in his phone. When I plugged in his phone, I found out he had 75%. After I finished plugging it in he grounded me for a month and on my way out kept yelling at me.

Mom: "HURRY UP AND GET YOUR SHOES ON! " *Runs out the door*

*I put on my sandals and get out of the house and she locks the door*

*Ten minutes later*

Mom: "Why are you wearing you sandals when you KNOW I don't want you wearing them! "

Me: "You were rushing me though.."

She acts like I'll get frostbite or freeze to death just because it's winter and I'm wearing sandals

I'm picking grease of my lips instead of using lip balm, and then they start yelling at me to use lip balm. The I called him an idiot, and he starting screaming even louder! I TOTALLY AGREE!

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9 They call it arguing but you call it explaining

My sister started an argument and so I argued back and my mom told both of us to shut up and I said I shouldn't get the same punishment as my sister because she was the one who started it when she said not to say anything else I said fine but I was just saying that since my sister started it... You're not going to (place)! I didn't even want to go so I said I didn't even want to go anyways and she said not to say anything about else I said fine but I'm just saying you should choose something else because I didn't want to go to... You're getting a spanking!

Today my sister was making soup and forgot about it but I saw the pot was boiling and I said "you forgot about your soup" so she walked over and I walked away. After a few minutes I noticed that the soup was still sitting in a pot on the stove (the stove was off) so I said "why aren't you eating your soup? " And she said "I didn't know what to do". Really? How can she not know how to put soup into a bowl, grab a spoon, and eat the soup! I said "How can you possibly not know how to eat soup" and when I said that my mom yelled

"GIRLS STOP FIGHTING I'm SO SICK OF HEARING YOU TWO ARGUING ALL THE TIME, BOTH OF YOU JUST BE QUIET! I'm DONE WITH THIS CRAP! " Are you freakimg kidding me were weren't fighting, we weren't even mad at each other I was just asking her a question. I didn't say that to her though because last time I did she made ME apologize to my little sister for 'yelling' I even asked my sister if she really needed an ...more

I can say something and my mom says she doesn't understand. When I explain it to her, for some odd reason, she'll come out of no where be offended by it and yell at me saying "why do you always start arguments with me? " It doesn't matter if I was talking about SpongeBob riding and elephant, she's still gonna get mad.

*sigh - CharismaticKat

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10 They always think they are right

Look, I know my parents might think they know everything because they're adults, but COME ON! Just the other day I was talking to my mom and my dad comes storming into the kitchen yelling at me like "Rachel! You're supposed to be taking the garbage out! Not sitting around the house! " And then I realized it WAS garbage day, so I just went to go put the garbage near the road. But that's when the problem began: I asked him what garbage had to go out, and he answered saying the blue bin, the compost, and the garbage. I wasn't sure if that was correct, because I looked outside and everyone had their black bins and garbage out, so I looked it up on my tablet and told my dad it actually was the black bin and the garbage that had to go out. And guess what he did? He threw a hussy fit right there on the spot! He kept on telling me "No! You're wrong! It's the blue bin instead of the black bin, and blah, blah, blah." So of course my response was to correct him, and he continued with his ...more

Ok I am thankful of my parents but whenever I disagree with them they don't respect my opinion. Today when I was eating dinner I told them uniforms should be banned. This is how it went.
My point:No one I know gets bullied by the clothes they wear and I asked my non uniform friends if anyone does and they all said no, they cost a lot of money for parents

My mom's point:Everyone wants the latest clothes even though parents can't afford them

Me: (sits up straight and tries to start the discussion)

Family all laugh at me because I look so serious and all that crap. Even when I tried to make a point they just laughed at me. I felt like punching a wall. So my parents flat out disagree with everything I say and my brother who I absolutely hate continues to laugh and annoy me. I want to throw him off a cliff. Just because he's my family it doesn't mean I have to like him. I try to convince my parents that uniform is a waste of money but my mom gets angry at me for ...more

In my family, I must listen to whatever my parents say, even if I disagree. Why? Because it's apparently "respectful" and they "worked hard to raise me". Yes, they probably did work hard to raise me, but why am I not allowed to make my own opinions or choices for simple things like the way I hold a bowl?! They say that I'm in debt to them because they raised me. That doesn't mean that they should control everything I do. If I do make a remark or opinion on something like whether passion is more important or a good job, they often make snide remarks about my opinion. If I dare to point out that they're rejecting my idea completely, they just say that I'm too sensitive. It's quite obvious that they are disagreeing with me and trying to passive-aggressively insult me. Well, it's either that or they flat say they disagree and turn into a full-on debate. And then they start insulting my Chinese and how it's terrible and they can't understand it. If I start pointing that out, then they'll ...more

ALWAYS - CharismaticKat

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? They don't let you browse whatever you want on the internet

Well they don't want you on pornhub - GleamingShadow

My parents think that if I go on YouTube it will give me computer viruses.

My dad will think that if I look at pictures/videos of kids on the internet it is considered as “child pornography”. WHAT THE HECK!

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11 They never understand

Even My classmates that aren't my best friends understand me better than they do. My parents don't understand how I feel when they force me to do a test with little kids. They think that I shouldn't complain because it's "to make me smarter". Seriously, don't only care about education, care about people's feelings too. My classmates, on the other hand, understand how it feels like to be surrounded in little kids and forced to do kiddy things. They know how embarrassing it is - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

I believe in Mother Earth. When I prayer I go "Thank you, Creator, for the animals who have given their lives so that we may be nourished. Thank-" Dad interrupts every time with "Thank you for the carrots who gave their lives too! " Like my personal beliefs are some big joke! Do I mock that he prays to some man living in a gated community in the clouds? No! Because that's rude, wrong, inconsiderate and we don't know the TRUE religion!

Bro, chill your dads just trying to be funny. Maybe you shut him out and maybe he's trying to reach you again - Yatagarasu

My parents are Asian. They think that my ENTIRE LIFE revolves around academics. They force me to study 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and anything that that's not academic-related is considered a "huge waste of my time". It's good to study, but there is a thing called too much studying. Too much studying can make you worry a lot about failing/grades, which leads to stress, and too much stress is not good for your health or well-being!

My parents always try to give me suggestions on how to make friends, but all they give me is crap that only works in the 1980s. They don't know a thing about the 21st century. - Smash64

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12 They die

Wish they could stay forever :-( - michaeler

Yeah I'm 14 years old and I was adopted by my actual grandparents (VERY LUCKY) there about 76 now.. but there still very strong and healthy for their age =)

Oh I'm gonna miss them when they die. You never appreciate things until they r gone. :(

Damn those other comments. We've been naughty we've been naughty. This is a real and true comment. - bluecameron

On October 3 2018, my dads best friend who I call Uncle Tom died by getting into a car crash. I loved him and I loved hanging out with him and he just had to go. Every time my dad mentions him I go to my room and cry my eyes out. He was only 47. Why did he have to die and let me, my dad, and his son Eric down. I just want him back and my life is nothing without him. D': - DrayTopTens

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13 They think that they hold your future

about the parents who told that they want a doctor, scientist, teacher, businessman, nurse, lawyer

what if he wants to be an athlete, actor, musician, soldier, computer gamer

the world will be filled with boring individuals who doesn't enjoy life if thats the case - ronluna

I don't have parents like that but I do agree with what you say, everyone has their own choice of what they want to be when they grow up, I do understand that some parents just want their kids to have a career that can save other peoples life and all but it's not like they're skilled at that, it's not like everyone can be good at being a doctor, we have our own skills. - Hoenn4Ever

My ambition is to be a fighter. This isn't unrealistic. I am a very talented martial artist and if I had the support and the correct amount of time put in, I could be in the UFC in 7 years (i am 15). However, my parents want me to be a doctor and they are cutting my training drastically, they say fighting is a thug sport and they do not see the passion I have (and its not because I am a wannabe thug lol). They are COMPLETELY against what I want and they get mad when I even mention the word fight. They have planned out my entire life for me. I get that I need my education as well as my training as I need a backup. I am that type of a person that will put the time in even if studying and training is the only thing I do (i will give up anything like playstation meeting with my friends etc). I know that with my parents not being supportive of this, I will never be able to get there. I know how it will end up. I will be in a job (maybe a doctor) that I like but I will always be thinking ...more

I hate when this happens. My mom is even trying to pick a college for me. I can't have the right to choose my career that I want. Worst part is when you tell your parents you want to be (career you like), they get all negative about it.

It's your life, you gotta tell your mom that. When you graduate high school, tell your mom you are about to be 18, and that you gotta live life


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14 Your decisions don't matter but theirs do

I quit a bakery job four months ago and when my dad first found out that I was planning on quitting, he nagged me for it and said I'm not doing it and wanted me to stay with it and we were pissed at each other for the next few days, I was also told by my stepmom to stay with it but I stood my ground and didn't let them hold me back, so I wrote a note to my boss and he understood that it didn't work out well. I once again got nagged by my dad since the 19th was my last day. but after my last day, he did give me credit for being honest about it

My dad has this strange philosophy where me, a girl in high school, is a minor and doesn't know anything and has 0 rights, while he, is a major, believes that he has all the rights and is entitled to our personal lives

I actually had this problem today, I was asked if I wanted to come inside to watch my sister do gymnastics, and I said no, then my mom said "you should come in Noah" so I had no choice but to come in, then later my mom said "thanks for coming in Noah" and I slapped myself in the face

I could rant about this but I'd be typing all day - Demon_Kitty

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15 They restrict my freedom

I'm 15 years old! I have never stayed the night at a freinds house, I never gone out with my freinds, none I of my freinds are allowed to come to my house.i'm not allowed to wear any make up what so ever, and I have no privacy and I never had a phone.Also I'm not allowed to have a Facebook, Twitter, or instagram! :(

Almost like mine, they let me have social media and have friends over and a phone. I can relate to the "no makeup" and "no sleepovers" thing. - Pegasister12

This is like story of my life. I cannot wait to be out of the house

I'm 12 she goes through my phone history always asks what I'm on and she says I can't go to a friends house unless she knows the parents. She won't even let me text to my friends (even though I don't have any... ) and I'm gonna have to delete my history after being on here. She says I can't go outside without asking because someone might "take me away." I'm super smart and can run fast I have watched so many I survived episodes so if anything like that does happen I'll be prepared. Two years ago I had to ask her before eating something. I mean seriously! I'm in perfect health!

Well my parents always trust me and I always clear my search history, even if I have an account on this site. Though I'm not allowed to have social media until I'm 14, even if the FOURTH GRADERS have Instagram pages. Six more months, ugh! Though I still love them. - Anonymousxcxc

That's kind of a good thing you know. - CharismaticKat

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16 They take your things regardless of your permission.

My room gets dead hot in the summer because the sun is in the window 12 hours a day. I came up with a technique that can cool it off somewhat. I just keep my fan on 1 and revolve. I get a breeze. When she does child care she takes my fan and puts it in her much cooler room to keep the single napping child cool she's got her own fan. In the middle of the night I have absolutely NO sheets or blankets on with my fan on 3 and I'm laying in my own sweat. So I go in my mom's room and sleep in there. She gets mad and asks me why when I tell her, she just makes up excuses.

So I guess my mom though that I was asleep one night and she walks into my room (I don't say anything to her or let her know that I'm awake as I wanted to see what she was doing in my room at 1:30am. I watch her walk around with a flashlight and open my desk drawer and take out my wallet take something out and then put it back, close the drawer and leave. I checked my wallet in the morning and there was more that $100 missing! I asked her if she knew if my sister took it (obviously knowing the answer already) and she said that she wasn't sure and that she would ask my sister later. I then check my wallet again the next day and there was $50 dollars more that there were the previous day. So she had put some money back in my wallet. I ask her about it the next day and she admits that she took the money and that she has been doing it for years. I am now 19 and I have since then moved out of my parents house and have my own now. My mom never did pay me back.

This is just stupid. Who would do this to their kids?!

"Son, get $20! I need to pay the cleaning lady! "

"Pay it yourself! "


I cannot tell you how many times my mum has done this. Today, I found out she had stolen my dry shampoo that I got for Christmas and had given it to my gran instead. I asked her why she didn't but my gran her own and she said she wasn't passing a shop. Who cares if you weren't passing a shop. You don't take my things then when. Need them the most tell me you've given them away without asking me or telling me first!

My mom takes my phone and tablet away sometimes if she feels like it. - CharismaticKat

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17 They get mad when you prove them wrong

my mom just shuts up and sits there, I asked her why once and she said it was because I win every argument. - Queen-aholic

I feel bad for your mom if she always loses the arguments, she might start thinking she's stupid and start being depressed, that happened to my mom once

My mom just sits in one corner and listens to stupid music and when I tell her she's the one not doing her mother-job she just says I play my computer games too much. Oh really? I don't. And sometimes when she sees something interesting on her phone she smiles and I try to be nice to her (It's hard to see her smiling when you're unhappy) but she just says "Oh I'm not smiling. Probably I did it by accident." And then I said, "Can you please use your earplugs to listen to music, Mom. I don't like your music." Then she gets angry and she says "Then you cover your ears! " I mean like what, whose Mom is as stupid as mine?!

She always try to get on her smartphone to chat with friends or look up stuff but then I sit in a corner always doing my homework. Sometimes I get really fed up. What's more when I complete my homework I get no game-time. Or free-time.

I'm really angry and it's luck I can post this here without my mom seeing I'm using the computer.

sounds just like my mom except my #1 would be "NO" - Nu_Metal_rocks

Why can't they just take they're damn L - Demon_Kitty

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18 Parents never listen

Parents are stupid. My parent is stupid and is lacking as a human being and I will leave them permanently when I have the chance.

They think I don't listen when THEY don't listen to everything that's making me depressed - Demon_Kitty

Ok so I am fourteen years old, and I have a condition called autism basically it s a bit like Asperger I think and I find it really difficult to make friends. And one day my mum finds out that I am being bullied and I try to tell them that it ain't my fault! And they just won't bloody listen

They are hyprocites for this.

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19 They deny half of what you say even when they know it's true

Ya, pretty much. They think they always know what's best, but they don't. I'm missing school tomorrow and I don't want to do my homework. My mom thinks I need to for some nonexistent reason. I can turn it in next week without having it marked late. She won't listen though. Whenever I ask her why, she says, "because I'll ground you if you don't." And also, "so you don't lose points" hello?!?! I already told her I wouldn't lose points. Then she told me it wasn't her fault if I didn't care about my grades. It wasn't my fault that she was too busy planning out her next argument that she didn't listen, like she always is. She needs to actually listen to other people. It's really rude!

So true. They avoid the blame for everything just because they're the adults. This is a minor example but they have done it in more serious situations too: I was at the mall and my dad got me pretzel bites. Since we had just watched a movie I asked if I could bring the pretzel bites in the van. "No," my mom said, "I still need to talk to your dad." Something like that. Then when I finished my pretzel bites I asked "Can I get some more, to-go? " And my mom said, "You should have asked to go to the van if you wanted them in the van." Excuse me!?!?!? I DID ask for that, but nooo, you were so busy talking that you didn't listen to me! Then she blamed ME for not being able to eat pretzel bites in the van. Apparently it's my fault that she talks too much. No, she's just trying to avoid the blame for it, just because she's the adult and parent and I'm just a stupid minor. Grrr...

When I offered my mom to help her clean the house my mom says "No. Go back to your studies instead. I don't need your help"

But when I was busy, she starts complaining like "Why won't you help me clean the house? You're lazy and you would be a terrible wife and mother in the future. You always treat me like a maid and blahblahblahblahblah"

I can't stand her sometimes. When someone wants to help her, she denies it and claims she doesn't need anyone's help.


And here they are now, complaining why I lack housekeeping skills without realizing how It's pretty much they're fault - MLPFan

That is EXACTLY what my mom says. It's always "focus on your books" but they want me to do loads of chores that they never taught me to do. My mom complains about being the maid, yet I was never taught how to clean the toilet or the shower. Even worse, they don't send me to learn piano or something like that. So it's 100% THEIR fault if I'm not a good wife or mother. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Yesterday my mom insulted me because I got frustrated since I had to write a formal email and I had no experience doing so. Later I told her how I didn’t like it when she did that. She said “I never said anything”. YES YOU DID! >:(

My younger sister was in the room when I was being insulted as well, so to prove my mom wrong, I asked my sister about it. SHE DENIED IT AS WELL! >:(

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20 They shout at you for a slight mistake even if you didn't mean to do it

I've stepped on my mom's foot once, and I got grounded even though I said sorry. But when she steps on my foot, I forgive her. One day I stepped on her foot in public, and then she began too yell at me. After she was done yelling, I yelled at her back about her getting made when it was an accident, and me forgiving her when she did it too me. She was really embarressed and turned red. She never yelled when something dumb like that happened again.

Wow, I feel bad for you about getting grounded for stepping on your mom's foot. - mayamanga

I was in my room and my sister was visiting me and my family from California. Then the phone rang. My sister and my mom were both in the kitchen (closest to the home phone) but none of them answered. My room is far from any home phone we own and then I completely hear my dad yelling at my name and I got up quickly and went out my room and he told me in a loud yelling voice to pick of the phone and ran to the home phone only to find it was too late to answer so my dad quietly cursed the d word. He started yelling at me for the whole house to hear and made me cry and embarrassed since my sister was there and she was an adult and I'm only 11 years old. The day before that he yelled at me probably 2-3 times for something I didn't even do. And there was even more people at my house. My 5 year old niece was in my room and she banged something against the wall several times under my bed and I was about to get under my bed and tell her to stop until my dad came into my room and yelled at me ...more

Story of half my life. My mother refuses to apologize for any of it, too. For example, I own a small speaker for my phone to listen to music. I'm in the basement, listening at a semi-quiet volume. Mind you, my mom is upstairs doing laundry and you can't hear yourself think in there. She supposedly yells at me 3 different times to help her. You CANNOT hear a damn thing between the upstairs and the basement. So, instead of coming downstairs and simply asking for my help, she screams at my lazy ass step dad to get me out of my room. So he yells at me because, instead of finding the facts first, they assume I'm ignoring them. I tried to explain the problem and what really happened, but then they just sat there and ignored me. Even though all day I cleaned the ENTIRE 5 bedroom 3 bath house for them, and not even because I was told to. I did it to be nice. But they still tell me I'm being an arrogant prick because I couldn't hear my mom ONCE. I can't wait to find a job and leave. I'll ...more

You have PERFECTLY described my mom.

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21 When they find something out they tell EVERYONE they possibly know

Yes! I remember when I got my period for the first time my mom went and blabbed it to everyone in the family after I told her not to!
Worst part? We had a family party that night (distant relatives and friends too) so I came to the living room to say hi to everyone and my cousin yells out that I got my period just in case some didn't know even though everyone knew and then the whole night everyone was telling me how proud they were that I got it! :$ so embarrassing!

That happened to me and I was so mad. She told my grandma before I went to her house and my grandma told me how to work a pad even though I already knew how to. I just wanted to go die in a hole.

Yeah... SOMETIMES... Like when I fell in a river... And she told EVERYONE. I was so embarrassed. All the people are laughing at me!

I tripped on my little brother's baseball, my mom had to tell every single person she met that whole entire week! I got so angry, and she was like: "Oh, so now I can't talk to my friends, or about my daughter? " and then yelled at me.

EVERY TIME I get sick my mom would tell relatives my symptoms such as diarrhea!

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22 Who are you texting?

I HATE IT WHEN THEY DO THAT! Its none of your business stay out of my life please!

OH MY GOD I want to punch my dad in the face when he asks that!

So so true and annoying. Whenever I'm seen on my phone or any electronic, which I'm barely on, they will snatch it from me and say I'm on it too much. I'm always spending time with them, so when I get alone time, I try to text my friends which is not that much. I purposefully go to my room for a few moments just to text or go on the Internet, but they either barge in and see me and take it away. They say I'm on electronics too much, but they just happen to catch me on them at those rare moments. It's really starting to get to me.

Thankfully my parents don't pay attention to what I do online. - CharismaticKat

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23 They demand constant control over your electronics

When we get/receive our electronics, it implies that they belong to us, and we control them, but even for the slightest things, they instantly become theirs.
"Mom, I got a 86 on the final"
"That's so bad! Give me your phone, NOW! "
"But the class average was a 79! And I had the highest grade in the class. Oh, my stomach hurts"
"Its probably because of that stupid phone. Give it to me before I take it and chuck it out the window! "
Jesus Christ parents are the biggest setbacks to anything you try to accomplish ever

They think they have control over MY property. - Demon_Kitty


They want to interact with you
they only raise you for 18 years and then you are off to collage (hopefully)
they just want to interact with their kid - GleamingShadow

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24 They see only negative things inside you

My dad is determined that I have anger issues but this is the result Of the fact that he is super religious and can't handle the fact of an argument. Also he tried to perform an exersism on me when I was 13. I am now 18 and know his attitude is pure BS. He is extremely hipocritical towards his religion and his "beliefs"

Negative inside you is pretty correct. I was STANDING UP to my mom and suddenly she freaked and swore I was POSSESSED! Are you insane?

My mum thinks I only complain, so when I actually want to say something that has to do with negativity, she complains about how I complain so much. So apparently she thinks I need help cause I talk to myself so much, when she took away all my internet friends, and thinks it's my fault I have no friends and get bullied. Does she even know how lonely I am? Sure I sneak on the internet every once and awhile, but I can't actually talk with anyone anymore. I just want a friend now...just one real friend :(

Its not parents its teachers

my teacher said I had only edited 2 words and I have written 11 words

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25 When they say you don't concentrate on your work even though you are coming back with perfect grades

Seriously, do they think that I earn straight A's by sitting on my ass all day?

I suck at social and for me getting 80 on social is amazing but my parents are like no you should have gotten at least 90 I'm taking away all the electronics in my house. I'm very depressed because in social we do current events and I can't get a high grade without hound online and checking the news or T.V. it's so annoying and when I told them this they gave me a T.V. plugged it in and kept it on static with no channels on the T.V. and said tere you go three my papers at me and told me to work when they asked me why I got 0 I told then the same thing and they said I should have told them I'm depressed and think they only like my brother who can do anything because he's one year younger and deserves more freedom I'm thinking of committing suicide but I don't want to because of all my friends please help I'm super depressed phones don't work my parents have a tracker on me all the time it's stupid

I get 92 percent on my science test and they criticize because apparently "I should be getting 100! " do they ever say anything nice or positive? Ugh

When they don't even know the syllabus of your science portion and they act you are the pro of that subject! - abhishah901

I have Asian parents, so this is SO relatable!

Me: I got 88% on my test
Mom: 88? And u say u study a lot!

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26 Always interrupting/bad timing

This happens to me almost every day, and they just ignore the fact that they interrupted me. Then when I interrupt them, they always shout at me and expect me to apologise but they don't apologise to me.

Parents always call or need you to do something when you are really into something. - DoctorWu

My parents make me do chores whenever I'm in the middle of doing my homework.

I get walked in on when I get dressed and I'm butt naked - Demon_Kitty

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27 They hate cell phones

My parents blam every single thing on my cell phone

My dad is okay with them but my mom on the other hand... - CharismaticKat

They blame everything on my phone - Demon_Kitty

I’m 26 and I didn’t get my first phone till I was 19. Also after getting my phone my parents forbid me from constantly using it cause it’s “bad for your eyes”, yet they use theirs ALL THE TIME and I only use mine in public! (Except for a few rare occasions when I would use it at home)

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28 When they ask a question and you try to answer and they tell you to be quiet.

Mom: SO how was school?
Me: Ohh, well we learned about...

WELL YOU ASKED, I always just what to PUNCH somwthing when she does that!

Mom: did you have to be spiteful?
me: well do you have to ask? rachel (my cousin) was being rude, she used the tip of the correction tape to scratch me, her elder! *shows her the scratch mark*
mom: shut up. I don't want to hear you talk back. rachel is young and doesn't know anything, she couldn't have done that on purpose. that small scratch should be nothing for you. you're her elder right? then you should bear with it and stop whining

WHAT THE HELL? do you really think a dumb child would use the TIP of the correction tape to scratch people?! what do you mean nothing for me? wanna try that? I'll use the same thing to scratch you and I'll see how you like that

Mom: Why would you ever say something like that?
Me: Because...
Mom: Anyway, Jack (my Dad) how was work? (or something random)

Sometimes my mom tells me to be quiet even if I'm trying to TALK to her or apologize!

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29 They treat you like a maid

I have always been my mother's maid. Give her massage, pull her white hair, water the huge garden and her plants, help her laying the table for meals, etc. All that when I was about 6 or 7. She never stood up for myself when I would get into fights with siblings no matter what. She would constantly compare me to my younger sister saying I should be like her. Today I have been still the maid of the house, do the cleaning, and became the caretaker of her since she got very ill from a brain surgery. She still never stands for myself when I need and as soon as I turn my back she talk about me to my sisters. When I say I am overwhelmed with so much work all I get from my sisters is that I am a whiny person while they get on with their lives.

Oh my god I hate this. I did some dishes and other stuff before my mom came home only to have her complain about every little part that I didn't do. At least say thanks for the stuff I did do!

I always have been treated like a slave, my parents say I HAVE to listen to them because I'm just a minor. LIKE WHAT THE HELL! They treat me like I just blew up the house. I have to help my mother with the garden and my mom knows I can get headaches this way. I don't like going down the hall and calling my dad for his meals. I can just stay here and yell "DAD ITS TIME FOR YOUR MEALS! " I don't like carrying my dad his tea. Like what the hell. If you can at least lose weight from getting your lazy @$$ off the couch and get your own tea. My mom says I HAVE to wear about 5 layers of fat winter jackets when I feel PERFECT in a light jacket. My hair has to be free of glitter. I have to like Japanese and Asian $#! T. Like what the hell. I have to make my room about as clean as her shiny knives and forks. I have to get my dads medicine. Its HIS fault he has health problems because he's overweight. Wow I don't care if he gets sick then I don't have to be a depressed Sumerian slave. So instead ...more

Well yes I think that chores aren't super bad because you can sleep inside and stuff, though your parents shouldn't be making you bring their meals when they can obviously get them themselves and doing all of the house work. - Anonymousxcxc

It's called chores
you live in the house help out
or they have to do all the work
it's called helping - GleamingShadow

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30 When parents ask you to do something over and over again that you are already doing

I hate that when it happens. My parents do it like every day and really gets on my nerves. To me it is really a sign of lack of intelligence. Like when I'm upstairs or something like that it seems really stupid that they just can't ask instead.

Ohmy god yes. Sometimes I'll be walking past my dads computer and my mom will be like "don't run into his computer" when I'm already 10 feet past it. -.

When I am tidying they ask me to clear up. Or they ask me too look up something online for them and they are like, why is it not up yet, are you doing something else. Also when I was doing my homework my nan said why aren't you doing anything- I'm doing my homework!

That happens all the time it’s so annoying

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31 "I’m the parent, you are the child"

I was doing my homework one day and my mom literally kept talking and I told her to stop, and after telling her several times, she still didn't stop. I yelled at her to shush and she said I was being "disrespectful". I said that it was her who was bothering me in the first place, and my dad said, "So what? She's the parent, she can do what she wants." Yeah, you tell me to "focus on my homework" but how do I do that with you talking? It's unfair!

Uh I had enough of it they literally say the same thing again and again it's annoying


I think you mean I'm the dumb parent, you are the smart child. - XxembermasterxX

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32 You try to tell them how you feel but they don't care

Parents: How do you feel about moving?
Me: It's my worst nightmare.
Parents: Well you need to keep that negativity to yourself! Why don't you like it?
Me: Oh, maybe because I just made a friend at our new church, also I don't have a phone, I can only get on the internet for school or to do something for you, also I'm on my last year of high school, and this place is about an hour away from here, so I will have no life there, except for taking care of the chickens, ducks, and other animals.
Parents: Well, your just going to have to suck it up and deal with it and show some respect!
Me: Then why ask, if you don't want to hear what I really think?

This is true. I finally got the guts to tell my mom that I think I was going through depression and she told me: "You know what? If you're going through depression I'm not going to take you to the doctor so they can give you some 'magical' pill that will help you. You are going to join group activities, I'm going to take away your phone and electronics and you're gonna enjoy it. Also you're grounded for a week."

My mom didn't believe me when I told her I had depression, she still doesn't. A psychologist even confirmed it for her. - Chelseyne

I've always wanted to tell my parents how I feel however, they never want to hear they think I am being sensitive...that's a crappy thing to always hear for once it would be awesome to call home and tell them how I feel without them saying they don't want to hear it... But let my older brother call home and they are all about it they tend to listen to any and everything he has to say and it just sucks... I want to cut off all social media change my number and go off the grid

Last year, 2017, I finally got the courage to tell my mom I was suffering from depression (I've had it since I was 12, in 2015) and you know what she said? "It's because of all those scary movies and creepypasrstas you watch".

Never in my life have I ever wanted matricide to be more legal.

And bonus points, my mom's a doctor. You know, the people who are supposed to HELP depressed people. But she is a gold digger, so then she could be a quack... - TwilightKitsune

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33 They keep forcing you to talk to them although you literally have nothing to say

THIS HAPPENS ALL THE TIME! And then they say you are not appreciative of them and tell you it's the internet's fault :/

Why mum? So you can share new gossip about your child's privacy to your friends that I don't know well and every family member we have?

They ignored me whenever I tried talking to them as I grew up, so now when I don't talk to them hey get angry and call me names. - Chelseyne

I hate this, and my moms such a chatterbox. She can’t ever shut up. - IceFoxPlayz

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34 When they say when I was your age...

Mom: When I was your age we'd watch ants all day doing nothing."
Mom: When I was your age I behaved perfectly
Mom: When I was your age I never talked back.
Mom: When I was your age I had no video games
Mom: When I was your age music was much better
Mom: When I was your age I read tons of books.
Mom: When I was your age I had nothing.
Mom: When I was your age I had more friends then you.
Shall I go on?

In that case your mom would be lying to try to up your standards.

My dad always does that and it's the most annoying thing ever! When I was your age I would be half way up a mountain by now not watching T.V.!

Sounds mostly like my Dad! My Dad always has one of those "when I was you age" tales about how sad, horrific, hard, strict his life was with his father acting like his life was so terrible when 95 percent of parents has these stories they tell. Really dad, it was over 35 years ago, yet he likes to say that I'm living in the past. Let it the freak go, dang and your Dad ain't even alive to admit it his dang self like let it the freak go like 30 years ago who cares anymore! - Johnny1991

I agree, because they think their youth was better than ours.

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35 They make you do things that aren't important, regardless of your will.

I always suffer this. My parents always make me do cheesy things, like read stupid books, watch horrible movies, and so on!

"Son, lets watch Frozen! It's extremely overrated so that's why it's amazing! "

"No mom! I hate that movie! "


My cousin is autistic, my parents dragged me out so I could watch this stupid movie about autistic people even know I have been in an autistics kids class for the last 6 years, and when this cousin came over he was continuously bugging me about using my macbook even know he has no idea how to use one or bugging my mum to use her iPad or my iPod or her phone or dads phone even know he stuffs them up if we did let him - nope234

Hey I am on the autism spectrum, and I worked really hard to be "normal" so I get your cousin a bit, but if you didn't want to see a movie then why didn't your parents listen to you. - Anonymousxcxc

When I was little, I didn't want to watch Carrie, but my mom made me anyway. I cried because it was a horror movie, then my mom told me to stop crying. IT WAS A HORROR MOVIE! What did she expect me to do at a young age?!


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36 They talk with someone for ridiculously long periods of time

My mom spends talking with my grandma for 30 minutes on the phone. Then We pay so much money because of it. - MinecraftHater

My mom: taks to my aunts and grandmother on the phone for hours until 3 AM (or even longer)

My dad: drinks a ton of wine during parties and talks to other grownups until 11 PM.

Whenever my mom talks to my pastor they talk for a minimum of one hour...my mom tels me to sit in the car as she will be 10 minutes...that is yet to happen. I hsve had to wait for an hour for her at school since she picks me up...because she talked to him. But if I'm late or talk to anyone for a long time she invites herself into the conversationor makes it stop..
And if I'm late coming out anytime she picks me up I am in HUGE trouble

37 They compare you to other kids

I hate when my parents do this!
Mom: why can't you be like your friend Maria who never argues with her parents?
Me: how do you know that she never argues with her parents?
Mom: I talked to her parents, and they said that she is very well behaved!
Me: her parents could be lying! Do you really thing that her parents would actually tell you the truth if the does?
Mom: she behaves well when she comes over!
Me: Of course she would behave well here she is a guest! You have no clue how she is outside or at home!

So one time my friend maddy said "family before friends" about something and now my mom like uses it as a weapon I'm like what

I get higher grades than any other people in my class and my parents still complain how I get lower scores than the year above me...

I had a very annoying 8 year old cousin. I mean, SHE IS SO ANNOYING! She's obviously a fake person, she thinks she's the smartest person in the world, and what makes me sick is when she showed off her oh so good test grades and the fact she is the 2nd rank in her class and my parents are using it as a "weapon" towards me. I mean, of course she always get good grades at school. She's still a 3rd grader and she goes to a public school. If she was a 7th grader and goes to a private school that has a very strong student grade rivalry like me, she won't be as "smart"(yeah right) as she is now. If you compare my grades to her, mine was better to be honest - MLPFan

I feel bad for you! Your cousin is just acting like a brat and your family justifies it. Also for the cousin, if you are reading this, stop being a brat and grow some brain cells - TwilightKitsune


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38 They don't let you buy something with your own money

I want to buy an iPhone because my Blackberry is starting to break. Whenever I bring up the subject, my mom tries to change the subject. So annoying! - Danielsun182

Like on "Some Kind Of Wonderful"? Yeah that pisses me off!

So I went to the Rex Center and bought Sprite and some Spearmint Gum.(I have braces) Then my Nana says I can't bring anymore money to the Rex Center because she says Sprite has a lot of sugar (I had a few school assignments to do). She said I couldn't have the gum (then later expects me to get it stuck in my braces when I go to the Orthodontist and tell them what happened) Don't people understand gum DOES NOT GET STUCK IN BRACES(i've tested this before so I know what I'm talking about)

I really want a portable photo printer that can print 4x6 photos since my mom won't take them to a store to print them out. Our printer has one but the ink doesn't dry fast enough. My mom won't let me because it's "too expensive" to buy, including paper and ink refills. I told her that I will pay for everything with my own money, and she still says no! >:(

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39 They never apologize

I got slapped by my mom and I was bleeding and she didn't say sorry

You got slapped so hard you bleed that is child abuse she should be in prison and my mom never does that and does apologize but if my mom did what you're mom did to you I would never forgive her but good thing my mom doesn't do that.

My mom (slapped me) and step-dad got SUPER I MEAN SUPER mad at me because while my cousin was singing (beautifully) I was trying to tell our cats to stop chewing the microphone wire! Then my step-dad apologizes, and tries to get my mom to, and she WHINES, "but why? I didn't hit you hard (even thought I was seeing a few stars momentarily) and I didn't DO anything! " UH EXCUSE ME?! YES YOU FLIPPIN DID! - Swiftdawn

Once my dad banged me on the wall and never said sorry

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40 They can hit you or get physical with you and get away with it

It's no fair and they say sometimes 'I hit you because I love you' and if you hit them they yell at you.

They shouldn't hit you at all. That's abusive or child abuse. No parent should ever lay a finger on their child. It's wrong. But I guess since they're the adult they can do whatever they want and get away with it.

That's so true, my mom always gets in my face like she's gonna hit me when I show that I'm mad or I feel bad about her scolding me all the time. For a long time she and just my parents in general just treated me badly and I was depressed all the time. My dad has never really been around, and to be honest, I really don't want to have to live with either of my patents. I always think to myself that I wish I could just live by myself and not have to deal with other people. I have always felt like my mom was always bad mouthing my dad to me to make me hate him. For instance she would always randomly talk about him for no reason. My dad does the same thing and my parents secretly hate each other. I don't really think they like me either. I always feel like I'll never be accepted cause I'm not macho enough for my dad or I'm not uptight enough for my mom. I just wanna live for me and stop feeling so inadequate. People make fun of me all the time because I'm skinny and don't walk around with ...more

At my mom's, she slaps me. That's why I love my father's house. My mom slapped me really hard because she was working and I accidentally pushed my sister off her bed. She is great and forgave me, so did my aunt, who saw it. Then my aunt decided to tell my mom when she asked how Emily (my sister) got the bruise I was responsible for kinda giving her and also a cut on her forehead. She gives me the silent treatment for five days and then I am lying on my bed reading when my mom comes in and SLAMS the door behind her. She grabs my knee with one hand and in the other she hits me until I see stars and the room is spinning (I pass out for two seconds). Then she yanks my arm down hard and I still have that scar on my arm from it scratching (on purpose) against my desk eight months later. My dad was absolutely boiling with rage for my mother and so was my step-mom. Then two months ago I asked if she remembered when she made me pass out and she says, "you deserved it." and shoos me out of the ...more - Swiftdawn

That's child abuse and it's illegal and you can tell the authorities - GleamingShadow

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41 They force you to go everywhere with them

My mom gets me to a Nicolas party filled with 5 year olds who stare at me the whole party and are also annoying in "games" and also babies are there. BABIES. I feel like I was somewhere in my nightmares. But it was reality. NEVER GO ON A SAINT NICOLAS PARTY! NEVER! - MinecraftHater

Sadly, you are not the only one here...by the way bro, Minecraft is great! - Coreforce

"Come with me to get my nails painted. We can match red."

"I'm in marching band and we have a competition tomorrow. We're not allowed to."

"I don't care. Come along and get your toes painted and stop complaining.




My mom will ask whether or not I wanna go somewhere and then she will still drag me along with her if I don't want to go.

Last summer my parents forced me to go to a Chinese lantern festival even though I find it boring.

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42 Ask why we do a thing, then get angry when we answer

That's happened to me like over a million times! I step on my sister's foot by accident and my mum asks me why I did it and I say it was an accident and she gets angry because I didn't "Say Why"

YES sometimes my parents ask me something, and when I don't answer, they get mad, so then I DO answer, and they get mad because of the answer. MAKE UP YOUR MID, DO YOU WANT ME TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION OR NOT?!

Top ten anime betrayals - FearMe

so true

43 They say mean things to you

Every second of the day! My parents say rude things to me and when I say stuff that comes off as rude they yell at me! So hypocritical!

There was a time when I got into volleyball and then there was a one-day clinic near our place and me and my brother joined. When we were given one minute water breaks, we return to the bleachers where our parents are. They would say 'You were so lame' 'I would've probably done a better job than you'
LIKE is that what they're supposed to say instead of being supportive? IT'S NOT LIKE we've been playing for such a long time that someone taught us professionally proper forms etc. YOU CAN'T EXPECT SOMEONE TO GET BETTER AT JUST ONE DAY. IT TAKES MORE THAN JUST THAT. Even the coach at that clinic said so! At least he was approving that we'd done a pretty decent job. This continued even in the car. DON'T THEY KNOW THAT THEY'RE UNKNOWINGLY DISHEARTENING US MORE? My brother and I know it already ourselves that we aren't that good so we don't need those words especially from them.

My father's "lectures" are my most dreaded moments. He thinks that he's motivating me but it really doesn't help when he tells you that you're a dead flower. "I try everything with you and all I get is a dead flower. A disappointment."
One other time, my parents argued that I didn't talk to them enough so I decided to try and cooperate with them. My father told me that I was nothing, I had nothing to offer just like the wall behind me I was of no use. My self-esteem was very low and I was like "maybe I am nothing." (I was talking to them honestly as they requested). You know what my father does? He spits in my face and tells me I'm weak and pathetic.

I was called a 5 year old for having depression - Demon_Kitty

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44 They make fun of you

They pretend to be angry just to fool you - ronluna

My mom said more than one time "You're such a goody two shoes. If we met in school I wouldn't want you to be your friend."

Well, thanks for telling me mom. I don't know why I have been studying and getting straight A's, from now on I'll just skip classes and chill, maybe a cigarette or a drink too?

The thing is, even if she's kidding she doesn't understand that bothers me and I find my self struggling with that (being seen as a nerdy goody two shoes, which I'm not, just because I'm not some kind of delinquent like most people on my class).

Yes I don't like that

Like rustling except rustling is funny - Demon_Kitty

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45 When they take your money and never pay you back

Yes! I feel like trying to sue them. I need someone to sue them. They go and steal my handphone and refuse to return back to me. See! These are just fine examples of evil parents

I saved up $300 on top of my $500 to buy a computer. When I bought it, I saw $700 disappear from my envelope. It was a $280 computer. The way it worked was my parents bought it with their credit card, and I would repay them with my cash. They said "sales tax" did it, but that won't raise the price that much. One year later, my little brother got a $400 tablet using my college money, my dad refinished the garage with my college money, and guess what my grandmother used to finish her basement? MY COLLEGE MONEY!

I hate that! My dad does that he says"oh sorry, I wont do it again"the next day,"dad, where is my 50 dollars? "

I was supposed to be paid back WEEKS ago - Demon_Kitty

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46 They punish you for something you didn't even do

It's bad enough when they punish you for something you didn't do, but its 10 times worse when they try and use 'grounding' as a punishment. Telling me to stay in my room is pretty dumb to be honest. I have my laptop with my social networking sites on, I have my phone, my tele and my boyfriend in my room. Not really a punishment is it dumbasses.


My little sister used to change the air conditioning all the time, but they blamed me and when I said I didn't they would just hit me and scream at me they punished me for a whole week, the next week it kept happening they kept hitting me, the next day they caught me sister in the act, they told her not to do it anymore- they didn't even apologize to me

I was walking my little sister and her snobby sidekick to school. At lunch, my mom came to visit me and yelled at me for making fun of her mom. I claimed I didn't do it, but does she ever listen! It turns out that dumb friend of my sister ratted me out:(. Long story short, I didn't get to my friends birthday party and got grounded. I hate when parents do this!

On Christmas 2016 of my cousins took a blanket from another cousin's room and my sister told my parents and they both yelled at me the next day >:(

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47 Overprotective

You know Marlin? Nemo's dad? How he didn't want "anything to happen" to Nemo? Yeah, that kind of suffocating, overprotective love that is just too much for our own good. Oh, and let's not forget the famous quote that overprotective parents always use, "It's not that I don't trust YOU, I just don't trust the people AROUND you! "

This is my parents. They're Asian. They literally take overprotection up to eleven. Some of the things they enforce include:

-no school trips
-no cooking because you will bet burned
-no going somewhere alone
-avoid every black person or dog in the streets
-1 bite of dessert=you automatically get diabetes

Not all black people are bad. And this is coming from an Asian. Those parents should grow up. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Itskenny, I know it sounds racist, but I have no control over my Asian parents' beliefs. Most are friendly and won't harm us, but they would still make me avoid them due to the stereotype of black people and crime thing. My mom will obviously make me avoid:

-groups of black teen boys
-old homeless black men

There is one exception to this: I have a black friend who used go the same high school as me and sometimes we see each other in public. I'm allowed to say hi to him.

Mine too at times. Not all the time.

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48 They blame everything on you even when it's their fault

My mom was drunk all the time and was angry at me because she had no job. because I was just in her life she could be angry at me
for it - Getovait

49 When they tell you to knock before coming in then they just barge in your room not giving you the same respect

I want to nail my door so it doesn't even open. I don't knock on their door but I try to, THEY CAN DO THE SAME FOR ME RESPECT MY PRIVACY

Respect me, I'll respect you.

The same thing happens even if I'm in THE BATHROOM!

They are so rude when they do that - DrayTopTens

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50 What are you doing still up it's seven o clock!

Man, I'm 14 and my bed time is 9:00. At 7:00, my mom says why are you on your computer (my school has computers) instead of getting ready for bed? So I pick my school clothes out, take a shower, brush my teeth and it's like 8:20 she'll start again and say why are you still on your chromebook? I told you to get ready for bed. I tell her I already did and show her I have everything done. She decides to lecture me to bed time I guess, I just walk off and say fine you win, I didn't know that for someone that gets mad even when your children laugh or talk to each other would actually try to get rid of you when you finally got your kids silent when they're home.

My bed time is 8:30, along with my brother. I am 13 years old and everyone else my age is allowed to go to bed at 9:30. I even think that's late to stay up. My mother treats me like a kid and then wonders why I act like one

As far as staying up goes, I always find a way, my dad sleeps like a rock so as long as I don't wake up my mom, things go okay.

Haha that's funny - Demon_Kitty

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