Ten Most Annoying Things About Parents

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481 They're stupid
482 They're immature

My dad for sure. He tells me not to swear, fart or make naughty ( You get the point) jokes, but he does all the time with my friends and me. But when I tell him when I drop some shots fired in school at some kid, he's like that's bad

483 They're stubborn

I really like cars, so when a Porsche or a corvette drives by, I give the driver thumbs up out the car window. Every time I do this, she says it's un-classy to do that. I ask her why it's unclassy, and she says there's no way to explain it, it just is. Maybe the reason she can't explain it is because SHE IS WRONG. Seriously, what's wrong with telling someone their car is nice.

I ask them politely for something the answer "no"

484 They don't accept what you believe in
485 They don't respect your beliefs

I read in 'What the bible really teaches' that God doesn't put people in the fire if they're bad and they die. My mum says the book is bad how does she have full evidence the watchtower is bad!

486 When my dad threatens to knock my teeth out when I am trying to have a calm logical talk with him

The way to stop them is to beat the living crap out of them. That's what I try to do but my dad gets my one weakness when I'm angry I'm ticklish :(

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487 When my parents have psychotic outbursts over mundane things
488 When you're on the phone your mom yells

Worse, my mom mumbles on the phone so I can't understand a damn thing.

489 When you ask them to buy you something, they say it's too expensive

Two bucks of Australian money is too much for a game on the claw machine. Yes, I'm a claw machine lover lol

490 They always think I'm being moody because I'm a teenager, even when I'm acting normal

Maybe I am moody but I fell the same

491 You get in trouble for the dumbest things

I don't do drugs, don't have sex, don't drink, don't sneak out of the house but get in trouble for lying in bed or not exercising like what?

I got in trouble 2 years ago for not watching Frozen. I'm a male not a female. Frozen is for female. - njalabi63989

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492 When they read your texts and reply back to your friends

This happened to me. I was texting my friend some really secret stuff and her mom responded saying "I don't wanna read that again this is her mom"

493 They send you to kumon

Yea there's this stupid tutoring class called kumon. I hate it!

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494 They always have to be right
495 They never spend their money on you

Asks for game that costs $16. Parents say they can't afford it. Have 42,000 stored in bank, and in cash 12,000 - BaggyCoyoteRBLX

My parents spend a lot of money on me. - IcetailofWishClan

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496 They call you selfish or rude for no reason

My dad is so stupid he flips out because I say please don't do that when he is talking crap that he knows I hate. - Harri666

497 If they are in a bad mood they take it out on you.
498 When they are talking over a TV program but then the second you say a word then tell you to shut up they are watching the program, then when they ask you during commercials and you say never mind and then they just get really and annoyed. V 1 Comment
499 They need to know everything

I come back from school and the next thing you know. As soon as I step into into the house this happens: How was your day today? Was it good? Where you good? I hope you weren't naughty. Do you have any homework? DO YOUR HOMEWORK! I'm like dude personal space man. And let me answer the first question. Wait what was it?
It's the same with parties and sleepovers
They need to know every single part.

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500 They give you no privacy

I was chatting on roblox and my mum snatched my iPad and looked at the entire conversation. Then when the guy was talking to me, she replied to him! Far king hell.

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