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41 They say mean things to you

Every second of the day! My parents say rude things to me and when I say stuff that comes off as rude they yell at me! So hypocritical!

There was a time when I got into volleyball and then there was a one-day clinic near our place and me and my brother joined. When we were given one minute water breaks, we return to the bleachers where our parents are. They would say 'You were so lame' 'I would've probably done a better job than you'
LIKE is that what they're supposed to say instead of being supportive? IT'S NOT LIKE we've been playing for such a long time that someone taught us professionally proper forms etc. YOU CAN'T EXPECT SOMEONE TO GET BETTER AT JUST ONE DAY. IT TAKES MORE THAN JUST THAT. Even the coach at that clinic said so! At least he was approving that we'd done a pretty decent job. This continued even in the car. DON'T THEY KNOW THAT THEY'RE UNKNOWINGLY DISHEARTENING US MORE? My brother and I know it already ourselves that we aren't that good so we don't need those words especially from them.

My father's "lectures" are my most dreaded moments. He thinks that he's motivating me but it really doesn't help when he tells you that you're a dead flower. "I try everything with you and all I get is a dead flower. A disappointment."
One other time, my parents argued that I didn't talk to them enough so I decided to try and cooperate with them. My father told me that I was nothing, I had nothing to offer just like the wall behind me I was of no use. My self-esteem was very low and I was like "maybe I am nothing." (I was talking to them honestly as they requested). You know what my father does? He spits in my face and tells me I'm weak and pathetic.

If any of these parents ever apologize for something, pigs will finally learn to fly. - alphadan12

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42 When they take your money and never pay you back

Yes! I feel like trying to sue them. I need someone to sue them. They go and steal my handphone and refuse to return back to me. See! These are just fine examples of evil parents

I saved up $300 on top of my $500 to buy a computer. When I bought it, I saw $700 disappear from my envelope. It was a $280 computer. The way it worked was my parents bought it with their credit card, and I would repay them with my cash. They said "sales tax" did it, but that won't raise the price that much. One year later, my little brother got a $400 tablet using my college money, my dad refinished the garage with my college money, and guess what my grandmother used to finish her basement? MY COLLEGE MONEY!

I hate that! My dad does that he says"oh sorry, I wont do it again"the next day,"dad, where is my 50 dollars? "

So, we were thinking about what to name our first dog and I didn't like the name, so she said she would give me 5 dollars if we could, so I said we could. 2 years later, we were getting a second dog and I didn't like the name (I mean, why would you want to name your dog Brown Dog? ) so she said she would give me 5 dollars, so I said yes. It's 3 years after and my mom owes me $10. - lovefrombadlands

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43 They punish you for something you didn't even do

It's bad enough when they punish you for something you didn't do, but its 10 times worse when they try and use 'grounding' as a punishment. Telling me to stay in my room is pretty dumb to be honest. I have my laptop with my social networking sites on, I have my phone, my tele and my boyfriend in my room. Not really a punishment is it dumbasses.


My little sister used to change the air conditioning all the time, but they blamed me and when I said I didn't they would just hit me and scream at me they punished me for a whole week, the next week it kept happening they kept hitting me, the next day they caught me sister in the act, they told her not to do it anymore- they didn't even apologize to me

I was walking my little sister and her snobby sidekick to school. At lunch, my mom came to visit me and yelled at me for making fun of her mom. I claimed I didn't do it, but does she ever listen! It turns out that dumb friend of my sister ratted me out:(. Long story short, I didn't get to my friends birthday party and got grounded. I hate when parents do this!

Story of my life at school
Principal: So Yuri (not using my real name) got hit by a kid twice his size and both are getting suspended
Mom: sounds like a good idea
Me: what? I didn't do anything!
Mom: yes you did!
Me: really, how?
Mom: because you were involved
Me: so being the victim of someone trying to hit me with a CHAIR means I should be punished?
Mom: yes
Me: (in my mind) I will hit you with a car and since you were involved and now have broken limbs will also be punished

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44 When the come in your room without knocking, then don't bother to close the door when they leave

It's so very annoying -, -

She always does that, either comes into the bathroom while I'm taking a shower, then leaves the door wide open, and the bathroom is right in front of the staircase so anyone could see me, so I have to practically lean out of the shower all dripping and then close the door, and I can't lock it cause I'm not allowed to! Or she'll come into my room while I'm changing, then leave the door open, and I'll have to walk over to the door naked and close it, or quickly slip my clothes on while constantly watching out for my dad, since he's the only guy in the house.

My parents do it too! I have my door closed in the winter cause 1) It's warm when my doors closed, and 2) to keep my brothers out. But when my parents come in they leave the door wide open when they leave, so my room get REALLY cold and then my brothers run in the room and start making so much noise. Or I would be showering and my parents don't let me lock the door, so they would walk in, grab somthing and leave the door open, so all the warm air that was in the shower room is now cold and I'm freezing, and if I asked them to close the door they tell me they will be back and do it when they come back. I'm not going to close the door cause for some reason my brothers like looking at naked people (same gender or not).

Or the bathroom. And she takes the locks of the doors. - Lucretia

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45 They make you do things that aren't important, regardless of your will.

I always suffer this. My parents always make me do cheesy things, like read stupid books, watch horrible movies, and so on!

"Son, lets watch Frozen! It's extremely overrated so that's why it's amazing! "

"No mom! I hate that movie! "


My cousin is autistic, my parents dragged me out so I could watch this stupid movie about autistic people even know I have been in an autistics kids class for the last 6 years, and when this cousin came over he was continuously bugging me about using my macbook even know he has no idea how to use one or bugging my mum to use her iPad or my iPod or her phone or dads phone even know he stuffs them up if we did let him - nope234

Hey I am on the autism spectrum, and I worked really hard to be "normal" so I get your cousin a bit, but if you didn't want to see a movie then why didn't your parents listen to you. - Anonymousxcxc

When I was little, I didn't want to watch Carrie, but my mom made me anyway. I cried because it was a horror movie, then my mom told me to stop crying. IT WAS A HORROR MOVIE! What did she expect me to do at a young age?!

EXACTLY! one time when I'm having my school summer holidays there was 20 more days remaining and whenever my friend comes to my house she scolds at me and she think that my friend is not having a good habit and bad behavior etc but he is really a good friend and then she is telling me to study and not to play In my summer holidays...

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46 Overprotective

You know Marlin? Nemo's dad? How he didn't want "anything to happen" to Nemo? Yeah, that kind of suffocating, overprotective love that is just too much for our own good. Oh, and let's not forget the famous quote that overprotective parents always use, "It's not that I don't trust YOU, I just don't trust the people AROUND you! "

My parents are sort of overprotective, especially my mom. (Sorry if you're reading this, guys.) - Powerfulgirl10

I am 11 and sometimes I can be overprotective of my siblings

47 "I’m the parent, you are the child"

And both have basic rights including to be treated right. - Lucretia

SO ANNOYING! - railfan99

so what

48 What are you doing still up it's seven o clock!

Man, I'm 14 and my bed time is 9:00. At 7:00, my mom says why are you on your computer (my school has computers) instead of getting ready for bed? So I pick my school clothes out, take a shower, brush my teeth and it's like 8:20 she'll start again and say why are you still on your chromebook? I told you to get ready for bed. I tell her I already did and show her I have everything done. She decides to lecture me to bed time I guess, I just walk off and say fine you win, I didn't know that for someone that gets mad even when your children laugh or talk to each other would actually try to get rid of you when you finally got your kids silent when they're home.

My bed time is 8:30, along with my brother. I am 13 years old and everyone else my age is allowed to go to bed at 9:30. I even think that's late to stay up. My mother treats me like a kid and then wonders why I act like one

As far as staying up goes, I always find a way, my dad sleeps like a rock so as long as I don't wake up my mom, things go okay.

I understand my mom so annoying she makes me share a room with my 6 year old brother and I have to go to bed at some 7:00 like what the neck!?!

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49 Because I'm grown

There's a difference... grown and smart or grown and stupid...

Some good parents with "bad kids" are actually bad parents with good kids - Enderninja327

That has very little value to me. Just because you're grown doesn't mean you know everything, Gosh talk about a complex.

What a lame excuse...*sighs*

R.I.P next day they're dead

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50 When they just take your phone for absolutely no reason at all.

If you say something that they don't like or if the feel you're not on task, they take your phone. Other times, they just take it randomly and find some random irrelevant reason to support their actions.

Right so right! My step mom always acts weird every once in a while and just takes it! Then when I ask her what I did she says nothing then I ask can I have it back she says no on this very annoying voice.

When I'm on my phone, my mom secretly steals it when I'm busy on it. I was like "HEY! " " Enough on the electronics for the night! " My mom told me.

My mom has taken mine because "I was using it too much". I had just gotten it out for the first time she even knew about that day!

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51 They ignore your good (A,B) grades and focus on your bad (C,E) grades

Story of my life! I had 1 A and 3 B's, but my parents only cared about my 1 C

One bad grade is worse then all your good grade combined! And they never believe it is your fault or the class is to advanced - Lucretia

My parents always do that

I have 6 As & 1 B, in Math. My parents yell at me everyday for that 1 stupid B, saying "How could you? Math is your best subject! " They have been ever since I got into the middle math class. What's even worse is that my sister (twin) is in the highest math class & has 3 Bs. They are like 'look at your sister, she is in a high math class & has all As' & help her with her Bs when they know (she threatened me to not tell my parents about the Bs). I hate my life.

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52 When they hurt our feelings

My dad has been recently been getting on my last nerves and giving me the silent treatment. Like what the heck? I thought teens like me did that, and now he's doing that to me? I mean that's just obnoxious. And everything I say always turns out into being a "problem" and issue with him. I honestly feel like I don't even love him anymore and it sounds pretty harsh, but he takes everything I say so personally and always thinks all I want to do is criticize him. I get he's not perfect and only wants to be a good parent, but I can't take it anymore, he just someone who is insupportable at times I feel like my own mother doesn't even love him anymore. It's sad, but true.Can anyone give me any advice because honestly, I feel really sad inside and everyone asks how I'm doing and I I ever say is I'm doing "fine".

So true...not to long ago my mom was helping me set up lights for my chameleon, and she was talking about how my room is a mess and I'm a pig, she then makes me throw out all my Halloween candy saying that my diet is terrible when I literally kind if starve myself, THEN she tells me about how I'm not even trying in life and that Ill end up on the streets...I haven't told my mum anything serious emotionally that has to do with her since I was 4. She just uses it against me. She has damaged my ego more than everyone as everything else combined, and I can't even tell her that.

Mom: I don't feel bad for stupid people! You should be better than this! I tried to give you freedom but you were a BITCH to me! I hate you because I know you are smarter than this! I thought you were a smart child but you're exactly the opposite! I bet you wish you didn't live with me! You are the worst of my children and that's never going t do good in your life! You'll grow up, and you'll be a wreck! Nothing you ever do is right!

I walked home the wrong way from school. It's a true story. Word for word.

My dad is tall and has a really deep voice. Whenever he gets mad and hollers at me, it hurts my feelings - Stazemar000

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53 Being lazy for a day

My mom get angry at me for not moving a day out the house and she say it like I was like a year in the house doing nothing

54 They beat you

They kill the crap out of you

Isn't that child abuse? I mean, parents shouldn't get physical with their kids. In fact, they could and WILL get arrested for that.

My mom hits me hard and when I say she is hurting me she screams in my face and says I don't care, and then 5 minutes later she talks to me about how I don't care about her feelings

That's child abuse. You should call a child abuse hotline and report your mother.

I would love to report my parents, but I don't wanna end up in a foster home or something. My parents put me in a good school and buy me some things, and I'd rather wait a few more years to get out of the house than report them and lose everything

My step dad tries to choke me and pushes me against walls and furniture, hits me, my mom throws stuff at me, and shoves me... not all serious all the time, but when I pinch my brother they sometimes do it. - Lucretia

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55 They think you are a loser

I grew up hearing the same 'encouragements' my whole life: Ignorant, Stupid, Lazy. All coming out from my dad's mouth. And his wish was his command. I am today a loser, with no social life, not a single person I can call a friend, no boyfriend but only a history of abusive brief 'relationships', no job but only a history of crap jobs, no money but only debts to pay.
My mother also said my entire childhood I should be like my younger sister, indirectly calling me a loser constantly. This is exactly what I became, a complete loser in all areas of my life. Thanks Dad, Thanks Mum!

My dad always does that... And to support himself he says that I would do the work if he says things to me like that I mean saying that I am loser or dumb wteva

My parents think that I'm friends with everyone. They always tell me to say hi to my classmates or someone I knew from when I was 2 on the other side of a restaurant.

When my parents "motivate" me, they motivate with words like "Idiot", "Imbecile", "Lazy", "Whiny", and etc.
Why can't they, for once motivate me in the nice way instead of using belittling words and insults? Because even If they're trying to motivate me that way, It's not working and It's making me feel like an actual loser and a total failure - MLPFan

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56 They say and do hypocritical things.

My mom got mad and yelled at my brother for listening to Hollywood Undead, because they curse and use innuendos. But the music she listens to has curse words and uses innuendos. God, that was hypocritical.

My dad just did it to me today. he's always said were aloud to state our own opinion but then I state mine and he yells at me.

They do this a lot!

They get mad at me for liking metal yet what kind of junk does my mom like? The Insane Clown Posse, a bunch of weird stuff that also swears - Lucretia

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57 When they freak out because of nothing and they blame it on you

So true. My mom was late to work because she spent all of the time she should have been getting ready going on Facebook. She yelled at me when she got into trouble for being late later that night saying it was my fault for not telling her the time and grounded me for 3 weeks. Now I tell her things like in five minutes you have to go and she's just like WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO GET RID OF ME GO AWAY! And I'm just like oh my gosh

So true. My dad lost his phone and kept hitting me and yelling at me until I found it in his pocket... He never apologized though.

One time my mom and I went to the grocery store to buy a watermelon and the the trunk door from my mom's car fell on my mom's hand and knocked the watermelon out of her hand. She blamed me for this because I wasn't holding the trunk for her and I yelled back and said "how am I suppose to know that was going to happen? "

My sister has that problem, but not my parents. She blamed me for taking her cup ot of the dishwasher even though I didn't do it - Stazemar000

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58 Take your PC or phone and say it's for your own good because we love you

I have a kindle to read stuff on because I like to read. One day I was reading my kindle in my room, my mom bursts into the room yells at me for not cleaning my room, then takes away my kindle for OVER A YEAR!

Exactly my mom took my gaming computer and by now I thought she would've realized taking away my things doesn't work, I am 15 and I go to therapy, and all I've done there so far is testing, I know zero coping mechanisms and she feels that everything I do wrong is because of my computer, I came home tonight and it was unhooked from the wall and gone, can't wait for her to get home and see me ASLEEP.

They blame everything on your phone or computer I'm sitting in my room at 10:00 PM and my parents snatch it and are telling me to get a better sleep without it. I sit there for hours and then wake up at 5:00 AM, my phone for some reason always gets me into bed early and wakes up at a reasonable time. "I'm hungry" mom: "stay off your phone", "i feel kinda sick" mom: "should stay off that phone", "i broke my neck mom: "because of that damn phone"

My mom made me break my tablet and did not replace it and threatened to break my school lp top so they take it away again. - Lucretia

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59 They say enjoy your future but they are restricting you from having fun etc.

My parents think they are the number one parents in this earth! Just for letting me hang out once a week I'm like you never let me hang out and my mom is like don't pull that bull on me I always let you do stuff. I'm like mom I'm going to the mall to get Christmas gifts not to go do drugs calm down!

Me and my brother (Troy) got this Ninjago inflatable for Christmas then we filled it up with air put on some ninja suits, took some foam weapons with us and had lots of fun until my dad called us back in the house like he just stopped us from having fun and then we had to buy this star wars book for him with our own pocket money

yes me and troy love Ninjago and hate Star Wars for real

and also my name is Jack

My mom says "If you want a horse in your future you have to earn it". But when I do try to earn it, this is what she says "No you're to young to make any money". In honesty I'm the only person in my whole school who doesn't have allowance for doing choirs. I'm 13 years old.

That's very hypocritical...

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60 They say you are not a human because you don't have many friends

I hate that! My dad called me an animal because of that, and says my best friend is better, or why can't I be social like her! If he likes her so much, why doesn't he be her dad.

My mom puts social skills into everything I do. It has gotten to the point where if I don't place an object the correct way, or if I don't grab the remote controller the right way, she always tells me "if you keep doing this, you'll never have friends." It kinda hurts my feelings too. Doing absolutely nothing and then being told that I'll never have friends.

Yes my parents say I'm anti social and that there is something wrong with me

I have 5 friends, what's wrong with that? apparently everything? - lovefrombadlands

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