They get mad when you prove them wrong


This one time I told my mom that the x was in town and she didn't believe me and on the last day of it she said oh I guess you were right oh well next year

I completely agree with this one. Once me and my dad were talking about the capital city of some country in Africa, I don't even remember which one, and he said this was the capital. He was wrong so I was like, No that's not the capital dad, this is. When he didn't believe me I even went on Google to prove it, and when I ended up being right he mumbled something about kids nowadays giving no respect to their parents.

My dad just told me today to get something to eat. I told him I wasn't hungry. He came back 5 minutes and told me again, I said the same thing and he got mad at me and kept forcing me to get something to eat. I just marched out of my room and just took my leftover cheeseburger and had that. I just wish my mom would see how bad of a person my dad is so that she would just sign a divorce so I wouldn't have to see him again. - Movado111

On saturday, I'm allowed to play games. This time she let me play as much as I wanted. I asked her if she was going to get mad at me in the middle and she PROMISED me that she won't go nuts no matter how long I play. She gets back from her parent's house and finds out that I played for 8 hours. She gets mad at me and grounds me. I tell her that she let me play as much as I WANTED, yes as much as I wanted. I even did all my homework before I started. And she grounds me and wont stop talking about it. It was only 9 pm and she was shouting and she woke up my dad. My dad was sick.

Yes this happens to me all the time, just a few days ago my dad tried to me I was failing and I passing A and B. So the teacher called and wanted to talk to me and he ask her " is my daughter passing or failing", my teacher says passing and that stupid look on face had me laughing so hard my face was red. And he got mad at me and called me a name that I don't want to say because It's hurtful.

One specific moment like this for me is when I ask to drink tea past a certain time. My mother always claims that I won't be able to sleep if I drink it, even though I have before and have slept perfectly fine. I explain to her that, logically, I should be able to drink it with this knowledge, but then she gets mad. She then goes on to basically say "because I said so".

Me and my mom will be having an argument about something (an argument that she actually started but blames on me) and finally when I put her in a corner where she has no more arguments, she'll say "I don't want to argue with you! Go to your room! " Ummm... What? She started an argument, lost an argument, blamed me for the argument, and I get in trouble?!?! This hasn't happened just once, and it surely won't stop where it is now.

Yes and when we are right and they are too they try to take all the glory. And once I made something really nice for my mom (I was like six) it was a big painting with a pink blue and purple rainbow and on the bottom it said I love mom. Then later she's like. "I don't like it it's all plain make it better and out line it"

Exactly, they can't STAND being wrong, my parents refuse to accept it and actually try to belittle me to try to convince I'm wrong, often times the argument is hypocritical anyway.

Ha! My mom will never admit she's wrong she'll sit around giving everyone awful orders that'll create huge issues but she says that she's never wrong

Yes they do. When I said I want to be a gamer and she JUST DON'T BELIEVE ME. When I her videos of people actually are successful being a gamer, she gets so mad that she will shout at me for like 2 damn hours.

I do think parents do this I wish kids were allowed to tell parents what to do because sometimes I just feel like running away from them because they are so annoying why do parents think they are all that? Do you think you can help me out with this?

Running away? Oh I get it your one of those ones... let me guess they told you that you can't go to your favorite concert? Ohh boo hoo... If your under the age of 18 years old your parents CAN and WILL tell you what to do...

I proved my mom wrong today saying I was mad cause she didn't believe and thought I was lying and I was upset and I got watery eyed so she just decided to talk to me and tell me all the reasons why I shouldn't have been crying.

They always think that they are the ones who is right and they have a very high pride that's why when you prove them wrong they feel like your disrespecting them. They wont even care to say sorry

This is true when my parents are proven wrong they say on top of their lungs don't question me or are you trying to embarrass me well then when I say no they just walk away and mumble never correct me again

Once my mom took my homework cause she wanted to show she was smart, and she got a bunch of questions wrong and had to fix them. She tried to do the next page but I took it from her and said sorry but you are not smart enough.

Just like my mom always catching an attitude when she is wrong

I will know I'm right and I'll try and explain my point but then somehow she always changes the story and then it's me who end up wrong

Definitely. Pride issues. Cannot be taught by someone younger than them. UNACCEPTABLE. Even if it is true.

I get in TROUBLE if I'm right in an argument and there wrong. For example today, I was in my room preparing for a theater camp I was going to do, and then I realized it was hot. I ignored it and soon later I started sweating. I went to change the temp. My dad saw me lower it from 77 to 68, and he pushed me away and turned it from 77 to 75. I said it won't decrease the temperature(and why would 2 degrees lower make a major difference.) Usually when I'm right, he threatens to punish me(he's still really really sweet, he just doesn't like to be wrong)

Very true. I am the one who described my family and my pain on no. 3. If I prove them wrong, I am either beaten, kept hungry and starving or closed in store room for one full day or night. That's why I never prove them wrong.

...And the come the water Words. We raised you blah blah blah... We know you guys raised us and we're extremely thankful to you for doing that but that doesn't mean you guys would always make us feel how dependent we're

Sometimes my mom would laugh it off and pretend that whatever I said was a joke... And then she either shuts up, continues on with explaining her point, or completely changes the subject.

Parents always think they are perfect everyone makes mistake and I learned that the hard way don't parents learn from their kids

Luckily they don't do that to only when I begin to rub it in there faces in my whole nine years almost ten I have been right six times but it seems that all six times backfired on me!

Well your still young, give it time and the more time you can become right then the more they will see you are growing and maturing throughout your childhood, so just hang in there bud.