They restrict my freedom


I know absolutely no one with less freedom than me. They have to know the password to every account I ever make. I'm rarely allowed to be anywhere without my parents there except for school. I've been homeschooled up until now. I'm not allowed to have friends my parents don't about, and certainly not a girlfriend. At night, I'm not allowed to close the door so that I can't masturbate (I go in the bathroom). I'm not allowed to use the bathroom at night either. If I leave my room at night even once, they'll ground me for a week or so. I'm not allowed to use earphones. I'm not allowed to have unsupervised access to the internet.

I'm 21 and I would have been out of the house as soon as I graduated because they treat me like garbage! But whenever I TRY to move out they do EVERYTHING in their power to make me stay! "Hey, I took your truck to fix something. You owe me $280." I bought my first car, my license, insurance, laptop, iPod, phone, my glasses and everything I own without their help! But they treat me like a leech WHEN IT'S THEM! I can't even buy fruit without my dad eating it!

I'm 11 and they won't let me post anything on Facebook that has anything to do with computers.If I do that then they will delete my Facebook account. They won't let me record anything and even if I record that I won't post anything on YouTube. They allowed me a few months ago, why can't they allow me now. I have a phone in poor condition. They are so busy that I only hang out with friends only 3 times in my life. They think that 1 thing is enough. Even all my friends and some people younger than me can do all this. Even my little brother who is 7 hang out with his friends more than me. My brother made a video that just puts all the negative stuff about me because someone told him to( Thank god he don't have a Google account so he can't post it on YouTube.

I'm 18 years old, I've never hung out with friends at their homes or the mall. I'm of age to have the least bit of freedom of hanging out with my friends. But, I do also understand where my parents are coming from. Although about 2 or 3 years ago, not having any freedom, made my relationship with my parents a living hell. I would argue everyday with my mom about the things that I'm not allowed to do because they "say so" or the things I want to do. At one point, I wanted to end my life, I would cry to sleep everyday due to the reflecting of the arguments I had with them. I wanted to just really end it, I was depressed for about a year but no one never really knew that I was depressed because I knew how to hide it well. Parents want whats best for you, if they limit your freedom it may be that you have not shown any responsibility or actions that shows them that they can trust you. (Parents just want to look out for you and your future.) Having your parents trust you is the ...more

In terms of religion, this happened to me. I was forced to join the corrupt Roman Catholic Church instead of serving my Lord God and Lord Jesus Christ and following their Word. I was abused for saying no, and it was difficult growing up. Despite this, God looked at me with pity and my friend and mentor, made a lot of great websites, such as Signs of the End Times. I am 22 now and this happened about 10-11 years ago. But other than that, my parents gave (and still give) me TONS of freedom. I've spent days alone at home since I was 11 playing Demons' Souls and they didn't even ask anything, except maybe to check on me every now and then.

I can't go to a friend's house because they don't know their parents. "Oh, well you don't know what could happen! " I could have fun? My mom thinks if their parents have guns or alcohol I'm going to get drunk or shot, it's insanely stupid. So what, as an adult I'm not going to someone's house because I don't know them well? No. To add to this nonsense, I'm 17 and definitely more mature than a large number of my age group.

My parents bought me an iPhone 7, but they don't let me have full possession of it. I'm 13 and I have never experienced a sleepover, time with my friends, and staying over at a friend's house. They go through my phone and they tell me not to give out my number to anyone else. My friends plan stuff and their parents are okay with it, but when it comes to my parents they have to know my friend's parents. My parents say that they don't want to have "last minute plans" even though the thing was arranged like two days from now!

One of my best friends was about to move to Florida (I'm from Canada), and we wanted to hang out with the rest of our friend group. She suggested we went to the mall. My mom wouldn't let me go without a parent. I'm 15 years old! My friend said her older sister who's in college could come, but my mom said no, since her sister looks like a high school student. My dad offered to "watch us", but then just left us at the mall. This is one of the 5000 reasons I love my dad more than my mom.

It's so annoying. They don't let me get any social media, they let me get a Wattpad account but I think the forgot about it. Last year my friends wanted to go to another neighborhood for Halloween and my mom didn't let me go because she wouldn't be there to watch which pretty much ruined Halloween for me. She hardly lets me out of her sight. Like I'll be upstairs in my room minding my own business and she just yells at me to come downstairs cause she wants to see me. I'm not allowed to say words that are considered bad around her. Like one I said "it sucks" she threatened to put "soup" in my mouth if I said it again and she got all worked up when I said "".

Ha, you little kids better not get your hopes up because, I'm 19 and, I'm restricted from everything. If I want to go somewhere, she wants to know where and, why and, she'll say no. She sneaks up on me when I'm on the Internet to see if I'm on anything she doesn't "approve of" even though I'm over the legal age.

Mom: You can't drink, or take a cab (even if you are not alone), have an opinion different to mine, be an individual that doesn't depend on me, but you should be honest and talk to me as if I were your diary even though I will judge you and get pissed at you for having issues and not being perfect.

No Facebook, no Twitter, no Tumblr, no Social Media (except Instagram), no going out with friends without an adult, no going out with friends in general, no going out alone, no buying things without asking (even when I'm the one paying), etc. etc. etc..

And then they have the nerve to tell me to socialize more.

This is so true! I had never been to a sleepover, I have never been to a friends house in 2 years, and now they can't let me walk to the middle school that's near my house! Also, I can't yell, even if I am having fun, according to my forgettable father who yells and screams at me all the time, or else my phone gets taken away. I hate my life so much. They never let me have the freedom every other teenager does, and I secretly hate my father. - kumiko_hasegawa

My mom has a thing about me going to another friend's house if she doesn't know them well. She's afraid that if something were to happen to me, they wouldn't know what to do. She fears this because I have heart problems. She's afraid that I will pass out or something and have to go to the hospital. But other than that, my mom never checks my internet history, she only checks my games and pictures and messages, but not my internet. She almost never checks my electronics. - SmashPrincess

I can't post pictures on my face on instagram, because my dad says people will rape me. There are some things wrong with that. 1. I have a private account. 2. Only my friends are following me. 3. I'M A GUY. My mom is fine with it, because she's not COMPLETELY oblivious. I can't get a girlfriend. Once I ask a girl to the school dance, I have to dump her immediately unless my mom can explain to my dad that I'm a teenager.

I'm 16 and I'm not allowed to have a phone so when my mom grounds me she takes away my room. Yep you read that right MY ROOM she makes me sleep on the floor (no pillows or blanket) in my newborn brothers room for 2 weeks so when he wakes up at 2:30am I have to take care of him. I've never been to a friends house (I don't have any) and I am homeschooled. I can't buy a car. (I have my license) and we have one T.V. downstairs but I'm not allowed to watch it. So I never get to watch a movie eccept for when I go to my grandma's house every other month. So when I go over there she takes me to youth small group at her Church and takes me to go see movies and takes me shopping. I wish I could live with my grandma because I love my mom and all but grandma lets me stay up past 9:00 unlike my mom. That's 9:00 on a weekend and it's 8:00 on school nights. Any advice from someone in a similar situation?

I can not have a wife if they stick their nose in my business
If I go in the attic they'll say get down a low beam will fall on me
Maw would say I can't go to my best friends house when he lives Down the street because they need me to watch the little ones she'd say she can't drive 20 minutes to her sisters house cause she can't afford gas. (honks new car horn) yelling for me to hurry up to watch her take an hour deciding on a purse when she has 30

I live with my dad and I have a lot more freedom over there minus a driver's license which I'm working on getting right now, I don't go to my mom's place that much since I get irritated and nagged a LOT over there, for example, if I'm helping my dad with something, he'll always tell me to just take my time and not rush through, but with my mom, it's always DO IT NOW, DO IT NOW or I'm gonna nag and threaten you

My mother does that all the time. I text my friends whenever I have some problem with my studies and she has issues with that too. I can't text my friends, I'm not supposed to even see any guy (talking is just impossible-even though she knows I can get friendly with a stranger within seconds), I haven't ever visited any one friends-not even once, I haven't ever gone out without my family, My family makes life hell if I don't get straight A's in school, I am not allowed to wear jeans(only leggins with a top that goes below my knees), I get hit but my younger brother doesn't (even if we have done the same thing).
So, directly or indirectly- MY LIFE IS HELL

Urg I hate it. You know what I want? I would really like to go to horse riding lessons or something that has to do with animals (I really like animals and I already read almost all of the animal books in the school library, and I only draw animals because humans are too hard and they look like aliens when I draw them ), but instead I take Saturday school and I HATE it. HONESTLY I HAVE A LIFE AND I JUST WANT MY FREEDOM TO CHOOSE WHAT I WANT TO TAKE ON WEEKENDS (I would love to have Sunday's off).

Whenever I ask my parents to go camping with my guides patrol or ask to go to the comic con with my friends the first thing they say is no. But they make me go to boring debates, boring parties, boring intuition classes for no reason and I can't even say no I have to go! I want to by the clothes I want but my mum chooses them for me -_- - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I feel bad for anyone who is in that kind of family, I had one friend from high school, and he is basically a prisoner of his family, he said that his parents don't allow him to go anywhere except school and church, so that had to suck for those in the same boat

I go to school in a town where everyone is practically rich (except for me) and everyone has the newest iPhone and Instagram and I'm literally one out of like ten people in the grade that don't have them too. My brother get to have it but I can't and I'm much more responsible then them and I'm always left out

My mom is overprotective of me and takes it up to eleven. This is the stuff that I'm not allowed to do:

-watch scary movies at night
-watch mature movies ( I got in trouble for watching "Showgirls")
-I am confined home all the time
-I can't cook my own food
-I can't go anywhere alone, not even to a dollar store THAT'S RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM MY HOUSE

I AM 26!

Sometimes adults get overprotective and every 5 seconds they freak out at everything and go on and on about safety. My instincts already know the basics, I'm quite wise and smart for how old I am. (Teenager). I know the common sense. I get it: We can't do this or that.