When they find something out they tell EVERYONE they possibly know


My made up story Part 2:

Son: Mom, can you stop telling your friends a lot of embarrassing things that happened to me?! Please?!
Mom: *gets a microphone and a loud speaker* Hey everyone. I would like to say a couple of things that happened to Garrett.
Man: Like what?
Mom: Some hilarious things! One time, when Garrett was a baby, my husband, Barney gave him a lot of milk, then he vomited in his face. All the water in the house was dirty, so they both drove to the park, and had to bathe in the lake full of ducks.
*people laugh*
Son: Mom, why?!
Mom: I also remember when he had a crush on this one girl named Lesley, and a swarm of wasps stung Garrett in his face when they were at the door.
Son: Thinking: Mom, please shut up.
Mom: One time, we went camping in this one place in the woods, where there was a spot with no trees. Garrett had to pee so badly, but there wasn't a bathroom anywhere, so I told him to go in the forest. Then, there was a cave near him, ...more

My mom always told me to trust her with my secrets: big mistake. She asked, "What do you think about your father? " I said, "Well, I don't really want to tell." "Oh come on, you can trust me, I'm your mother." So, I tell her what I think, saying how sometimes he treats us badly and how he's mean. She even promised not to tell. Screw this lady! The next day, my parents got into a fight, and my mom apparently used the facts that I thought about my dad with her and she said all the things that I said about him. When he came out of the room, he said to me, "Thanks for thinking that I'm a horrible father." I got so pissed at my mom for that! She's one of the reasons why this family is ruined, she can't keep her mouth shut for once!

My grandfather started yapping away my personal business about my periods to my grandmother and I didn't want her to know, like, I forgot to tell him not to, I SHOULDN'T EVEN HAVE TO TELL HIM! He started blabbing this... "Oh, (My name) got her period and it was super heavy, bla bla bla, she thought she was bleeding to death, bla bla bla..." So, I was getting out of the shower when I heard this, I ran out, and told him to stop giving away my PERSONAL BUSINESS about my periods! He kept doing it. "Oh, she says it's personal business! Oh, but there was a lot of blood dripped into the toilet! The was even a blood stain on the toilet seat! " I couldn't believe he was giving MY personal business away about my periods like that! - XxDJPartyGirl1034xX

My made up story Part 1:

One day at school...

Son: Can I go to the bathroom Mrs. Parker? It's an emergency.
Mrs. Parker: No. You must wait until this long movie is over.
Thirty minutes later... The boy soils his pants because the teacher didn't let him go to the bathroom.
At home...
Son: This is humiliating.
Mom: Oh my gosh...!

On Thanksgiving...

Mom: So my son, Garrett, wet his pants in front of the classroom because his teacher didn't let him go to the bathroom.
*women she talks to snicker*
Son: Why did you have to tell them that?!
Mom: Oh yeah! One time he got his head stuck in the microwave, and I had to pry it out.
*women gasp*
Son: Mom!
Mom: When he was three, I had to use tweezers to get a lot of cactus thorns out of his back.
Son: Mom, stop it!

There will be more embarrassing stuff in part 2.

One time, me and my mom got into an argument. And she got super pissed (I honestly don't know why, she is just very irritable) and she backed me into her room, and was slapping the piss out of me, and so I had to run out of the house and run away because she wouldn't stop. So then she told everyone she knows that I was yelling and screaming at her and then hit her and ran. I sat there just staring at her with my jaw open. She always does that. She lied about my dad beating her, lied about me hitting her, and has lied so much more. She's in general a bad person.

Every time I do anything, get into trouble at school, start a period, even say something private about a friend or relative she will go off and say to my aunt for example "oh my daughter got detention blah blah blah" or if I start my period "our holiday was rubbish, my little one (how am I little if I have a period) started her period" or say I said that my auntie is mean she will go and tell her. Also the worst is my mum says she hates my uncle and then on the phone she says that I hate him when I don't.

Once my uncle and his friends were on the computer and I was waiting a while for my turn. They left the room so I got on. The monitor was asleep so I turned it on to play some games. Once I opened a page and started to type a game site it auto completed so I pressed enter not knowing that it went to a porn site. I started to freak out a little and realized my uncle was watching porn. I scrolled around aliitle then clicked off and left. A little later I revisited and my mom caught me (I was about 7 or 8) and we proceeded to have a talk about sex, etc. She promised not to tell anyone. Later she was downstairs doing my grandmas hair and I heard her whispering to hear saying

It's even more annoying when that information isn't even true. My best friend in kindergarten happened to be a girl. Suddenly, everyone was talking about us kissing and being in a relationship. Guess who started those rumors? MY MOM DID IT! I found her diary and read about this exact event being an "April Fools" joke. It was on may 14th or something, and she CAUSED 99% of the bullying I've experienced.

This doesn't really apply to my parents, but my teachers on the other hand...
One time I was playing Mario kart Wii with a teacher, with another one watching, and the teacher beat me. So what does the one watching me do? If you guessed tell every other teacher in the school, you guessed right. She told literally EVERYBODY IN MY SCHOOL! And what's worse, is that she used to be my second favorite teacher in the school, but now, I find her untrustworthy, and I just hate her now. My parents don't usually do this, but I just wanted to get it out of my chest.

Oh my gosh, that is exact thing that happened to me. When I first got my period, the first person I told was my mother. The next day she called my aunt and told her. I was furious! And when I told my dad what she did, he didn't get mad at her! I also remember when I did something embarrassing and she literally told every single person in my family! I hate that!

Once I had a bad flu and had to stay inside the whole time, after that I was walking a bit funny so I saw a physiotherapist and he said to do some leg exercises. Then my mum went on to tell EVERYBODY about it. It wasn't embarrassing or anything but it got so annoying because whenever we had friends over or my mum called someone she would always talk and gossip about it. - Oreo1123

My mom had to have surgery, then got kidney stones, then got some big thing on the top of her inner right leg. After she had gotten healthy enough to drive, we went to a lot of places. Every person she saw, even if she didn't know them, she got out her phone and showed them nasty pictures of her leg and told them everything that happened. It got on my nerves.

OH MY GOD. This is like my pet peeve. There was this one time when I recently found out that my dad and mom had been divorced for over 8 years (which is why I never saw him), and I was obviously upset. So I absolutely hated my last name, and I never wanted to be called that again. So my mom started teasing me in front of everyone while I had serious melt downs.

Ok, so I know this is rather dark, but I used to purge (like intentionally make myself throw up) and although she didn't get to angry about it I told her I don't want anyone to know. THE NEXT FIVE DAYS SHE TELLS EVERY PERSON. And I was so pissed off, I SPECIFICALLY told her that I didn't want to be spread around because I don't want to be reminded, but guess what? Now everyone in the family and all of her friends are on a guilt trip for me and it's so annoying because I'm always reminded of what I've done! - thebluehatkat

When I was 7, I found a dead mouse and picked it up to show my mom. She made me stand there and hold the body as she took a picture and posted to facebook saying "Look who found a mouse...and decided to hold it." Then afterwards, she yelled at me for holding it, EVEN THOUGH she asked me to hang on to the body for her facebook post.

Yes, because I made someone get in a car accident when I was little when I made them do something that I didn't know would affect them, and my mom told my family and a lot of people. And she talks about I shouldn't tell everyone my business. You shouldn't tell my business! MY business is MY business, not OUR Business.

I know how you guys feel. I remember that one time when I fell on the stairs and I told my mom not to tell them because I was so embarrassed. When my older sis and my dad came home, mom told them right away and all of them laughed. I walked out of the living room and went upstairs to listen to music, because it's the only thing to make me comfortable. - Pearl13

One time I lived in a really old house, so the locks were. One day I locked in and either way I turned it wouldn't open. So we called the polo and got me out but my damn mom blabbed it everyone and said "oh she was just turning the wrong way" HAVE YOU EVER GOT LOCKED IN A BATHROOM WITH RUSTY LOCKS!

I really hate it too. There's a time when me and my mom argued and then it's not like I'm really on the bad side both of us are. That evening we went toa party and then I thought that its private matters so she won't tell it to her friends but wait she already told them and worst she only told her side which made all her friends think that I'm really a bad child to her and as a result the children of her friends even started to avoid me

I have depression and I had to go to a mental hospital for it. My mom seems to think that's the most interesting thing about me and likes to tell it to every "close" friend she has. She wonders why I have a bad attitude.

Yes! I wet the bed for the first time in a long time, about four years, all because mom scared me. She told everyone and it spread around the school. I was bullied by everyone so I blamed her for it. She was like: "what did I do? It's your fault.

I made the varsity treble choir and my parents told EVERYBODY they knew like I had just won a gold medal in the Olympics. They think that very few girls my age get in, but no! ELEVEN girls my age got in I THINK. Then they show videos of me singing and I HATE IT!

YESS! I had a boyfriend and my mom blabbed about it to her sister. And that's not it all! I had gotten into a huge fight with my bff, going through puberty, huge break-up WITH my boyfriend, was in the hospital and in all of those situations she decided to tell her sisters and her "close friends" Like seriously?! then she tells me not to talk about what goes on at home!? DUDE SERIOUSLY!

I hate it when I get in trouble or do something stupid and then my mom spreads my personal business out in the streets. It's not funny. It's RUDE AND ANNOYING! I swear every time I do something good, she hardly ever tells people THAT, but if I screw up, EVERYONE MUST HEAR ABOUT IT!

So this will sound dumb, but I still hate vegetables. Don't ask why, I don't really know. Anyway, when I order some food without certain things, my grandpa feels the need to tell the cashier, who we don't even know, that I hate vegetables. It's so annoying