Most Overrated Mobile Phone Brands

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1 Apple

I think Apple is not the greatest brand. Being a Android user, my phone cost me only $130 and it has a nice camera, a screen as big as a iPhone 6, and it it's a very nice phone in general. Apple, on the other hand, charges $750 for a phone with: a "upgraded" camera, and better network mobility, and "better" battery life. My old phone had better battery life than a 6! Some of the other products, such as macs, are also nice, but everything in Apple is just a name brand. I mean, beats are trash (seriously. They cost only $18 to make and they charge like $300 for it! ) and etc. I now realize I'm starting to rant, but even though Apple makes nice products, I just don't understand why I see 5 year olds holding their 6s plus phones, laughing at me because I don't have a iPhone.

In general, I just think Apple is too overrated and expensive in my taste.

Some of their products have not really improved over the years. Sure they are good for certain things, but I think displays and cameras are better on a lot of Samsung phones, and plus with a lot of android phones you can get a micro SD which gives your phone ore storage without having to pay multiple times like you do with iCloud. The displays on newer samsung phones the display is more vibrant that iPhones which is something I Like and the phones are less expensive than newer iPhones (when you don't have a phone upgrade available). Once you buy a micro SD for an android phone, you never have to pay again for it. You can get good emulators (emulators for a lot of game systems) on most android smartphones and other stuff for free without jailbreaking the phone!

I use to be a huge Android fan then I did a tally marking thingy to see if I should a a Samsung or an iPhone then most people chose Apple so I decided to get the iPhone XR. Then when the newer models were released I wanted to get the iPhone 11 pro (pray to god that I’d get one). Anyway guys after that all happened I felt like I was losing a few friends. But I want the iPhone.

Apple’s products are the most clunky, and awkward things to exist. FIrst of all, LET PEOPLE CUSTOMIZE THEIR PHONE, and also, the battery is trash

2 Samsung

My galaxy s6 is garbage...I bought into the hype and got the Samsung instead of my usual brand of Motorola...mistake. this thing is so glitchy and just frustrating to use...the battery life sucks, the Bluetooth has no range, the wireless charging is simply a joke...I spend three times as long trying to place it perfectly on the charger so that it will charge than I would plugging it in...I despise this phone so much I will never purchase another Samsung product if I can help yourself the dissatisfaction and look for a different manufacturer

Samsung is not overrated like Apple. They produce great quality software. I prefer Samsung but I respect your opinion if you like Apple.

The rep told me the S4 was the best phone ever when he convinced me to have it over the iPhone or xperia. It's the worst phone I've ever owned for glitches, battery life. Sometimes it just decides to leave things running, gets red hot and drains itself in less than hour. Magnificent stuff. I've been counting down the days to upgrade for a while now and am nearly there. I won't own one of these again. HTC, Sony or Apple next time.

What Sony introduces in a phone, Samsung copies it and introduces it 3 years later and instead gets the credit for it.

Sure, Apple is overrated, but Apple products have style, class, and reliabilty. A premium touch.

Samsung 'phones' are so cheap, 'plastic' feeling, laggy, slow, and they can break EASILY.

I'd rather use a cell phone from the year 2005 rather than buy a Samsung 'smartphone'.


3 Blackberry

People still buy Blackberry phones? They were big like 10-8 years ago. My mother used to have one when I was little.

I thought Apple was pretentious, but this company takes it to a whole new level.

"blackberry, the most unique smartphone on the universe"

The most stupid smart phone in the market!

4 Nokia

My word, these things are stupid. Make it do something and it always forgets what you want done! Useless things!

Yeah it's overrated but what will you use after a nuclear apocalypse? The Nokia 3310

Extremely buggy touchscreen software, overpriced feature phones that feel weird in the hand.

Very nice company and brand I love you nokia


Very good quality phones

6 Sony

They ask top shelf price for basically a plastic phone with 4 years old design and 2 years old hardware. Muted speakers and weak wifi antennas. Best you can do is throw them in water.

Sony make great cameras yet their phones are playing "by-the-numbers" game and throw megapixel number at everything (without success). Great if you want to take pictures with huge filesize that fill your storage fast, full of noise and bad dynamic range, using confusing and irritating camera interface. Oh and theirs' is only "flagship" that cannot save RAW format.

My brother got one. Was he drunk?! Just because the base glows blue, that makes it better somehow?! Poppycock!

Sony's are a good priced phone and are good quality too

It's really good working phone

7 Windows

Windows, a computer company, shouldn't make phones.

Ughhh phone is crap...Microsoft should not making phone os!

Windows 10 SUCKS. Well, at least it has Solitaire. Not like that crap Winndows 8.

Still better than Apple at much better price.

8 Kyocera

Remember the awkward looking Echo?

9 Cherry Mobile

I recently bought a cherry mobile flare j5 and to compare this to other brands this brand is just too underrated and the battery is like 10 times better than any iphone and one of the best things about it is almost stock android and the free sim card where you can text to all networks for free
this brand gives very good smartphones for the very low price

This brand is affordable and very useful to dual-sim users so that they will no longer maintain two phones or swap their sims from time to time using only one phone

Terrible and laggy phones that break easily and force you to buy a new one.

10 OnePlus One Plus Technology Co., Ltd., commonly referred to as OnePlus, is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, which is based in Shenzhen, Guangdong.
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11 NET10
12 LG

LG products is not good as compared to Sony

How is this not in the top ten?

LG has overpriced low cpu power phones :l

13 Xiaomi

Its ok if you are tired of your phone and want to spice things up a bit.

Worst Chinese company by far.. COPY CATS!

I know that it's not better than I phone but 200 million people knows
that it's very better than Samsung

Mokka phone

14 Motorola
15 Lenovo
16 Huawei

Huawei are amazing; 40 mp cameras, long-lasting batteries and versatility. Just, WOW

They made in china...huaweI is crap

17 Asus ASUSTeK Computer Inc., (stylized as ΛSUS) is a Taiwanese multinational computer hardware and electronics company headquartered in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan.

Ughh its crap...ASUS phone is crap...but ASUS PC also crap too...piece of shame

Wait? ASUS make phones?

18 Nexus
19 ZTE
20 SKK Mobile
21 Alcatel
22 Razer
23 MyPhone

Cheap but super laggy phone

24 Google Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software.
25 Walton

Walton is Low Price in Bangladeshi mobile company. But Hate others company.

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