Most Useful Minecraft Blocks/Ores


The Top Ten

1 Crafting Table

You cannot craft tools to help you survive your Minecraft world without a crafting table, because without tools you do not have the ability to mine ores and create weapons to defend yourself against mobs.

I know how to craft TNT


2 Iron Ore

You cand do lots with it

3 Diamond Ore

I can swing my sword sword. Swing my diamond sword sword. Because I am the lord lord. Lord of diamond sword swords. You cannot afford ford. Ford my diamond sword sword. Even if you could could I have a patent. Once I smashed the floor boards. But I had it restored. And It was expensive. - icecreammanjb


4 Furnace
5 Enderchest
6 Command Block

The command block is pretty much the number 1 item for custom map builders. You can do almost anything with it, including weather changes, teleportation, and setting spawnpoints.

7 Wood

Without wood you wouldn't be able to craft anything or make a nice house because there wouldn't be anything to craft with and there would be no crafting table and all the ores would be useless

NOTHING is more useful than wood. You wouldn't be able to GET ANYTHING without wood!

Without wood, you can't do ANYTHING

Wood can allow u to make a crafting table which can make a diamond pick axe

8 Gold Ore

They break quickly. - Datguyisweird666

9 Ladder
10 Wooden Planks

The Contenders

11 Cobblestone
12 Coal Ore

Oh coaly coaly

13 Chest
14 Fence
15 Dirt
16 Stone
17 Obsidian
18 Dead Bushes
19 Glass
20 Diamond Sword
21 Redstone

I made the best opening walls system. - FrankP

22 End Portal Block
23 Anvil
24 Emerald
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