Top Ten Most Overrated Minecraft Servers

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1 Mineplex

BEWARE, THIS SERVER IS FULL OF HACKERS! I was just playing sheep quest and having a good time when all my sheep vanished out of thin air and teleport to the other team's base. To make things worse, I got kicked a minute later for 'flying.' I never play Mineplex anymore because the minigames got boring, there are too many hackers, and there is a ridiculous amount of lag. I'll stick to Hive thank you very much.

I won't be surprised if I see entity 303 in this server

Only because SMK plays this.

It hardly has any new game,has a terrifying amount of lag and anticheat that kicks innocent people. They also has a poopy forum.

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2 Hypixel

Modders everywhere.
Staff are retarded and are incompetent and won't ban cheaters.

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3 Cubecraft

I admit, the only thing Cubecraft was bringing to the table was Eggwars. It's really addicting and fun, but you may want variation in your actually fun games. MIneplex is still worse

Entire server is full of Dutch speakers. Might as well rename it


4 GommeHD V 1 Comment
5 The Hive V 1 Comment
6 WoodyCraft
7 The Nexus V 1 Comment
8 Lichcraft

This server is horrible

9 Desteria
10 Island Clash

It has 1000 people on when it always crashes me.

The Contenders

11 Lifeboat PE
12 MCGamer
14 Minecraft Central
15 Destruction Craft

Play on that server

16 PETA Server V 1 Comment
17 UHC Zone

Server is decent,but doesn't have much to offer besides Flower Power

18 Dungeon Realms

I hadn't the vaguest idea what I was doing, and if you don't go all the way around you have to go back.

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