Top Ten Most Overrated Minecraft Servers

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1 Mineplex

BEWARE, THIS SERVER IS FULL OF HACKERS! I was just playing sheep quest and having a good time when all my sheep vanished out of thin air and teleport to the other team's base. To make things worse, I got kicked a minute later for 'flying.' I never play Mineplex anymore because the minigames got boring, there are too many hackers, and there is a ridiculous amount of lag. I'll stick to Hive thank you very much.

I won't be surprised if I see entity 303 in this server

Lol mineplex is crap its full of 6 year olds who call hacks! and the admins and people with perks abuse there powers and the community makes roblox look like a good commutity

It hardly has any new game,has a terrifying amount of lag and anticheat that kicks innocent people. They also has a poopy forum.

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2 Hypixel

Modders everywhere.
Staff are retarded and are incompetent and won't ban cheaters.

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3 Cubecraft

I admit, the only thing Cubecraft was bringing to the table was Eggwars. It's really addicting and fun, but you may want variation in your actually fun games. MIneplex is still worse

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4 GommeHD V 1 Comment
5 The Hive V 1 Comment
6 WoodyCraft
7 The Nexus V 1 Comment
8 Lichcraft

This server is horrible

9 Desteria
10 Island Clash

It has 1000 people on when it always crashes me.

The Contenders

11 MCGamer
13 Minecraft Central
14 Destruction Craft V 1 Comment
15 PETA Server V 1 Comment
16 Lifeboat PE
17 UHC Zone

Server is decent,but doesn't have much to offer besides Flower Power

18 Dungeon Realms

I hadn't the vaguest idea what I was doing, and if you don't go all the way around you have to go back.

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