Most Overrated Total Drama Characters


The Top Ten

1 Duncan

Duncan used to be the best character during season 1 and 2, but he changed during season 3 and he became worse in season 5

Duncan was great at tdi tda alright at tdwt and ass hole in tdas

2 Cody

This guy is treated like a god for making it far in World Tour. He did nothing to make it that far! He just floated there, because Sierra protected him. And then, when Sierra was eliminated, Cody flopped, and couldn't do anything, leading to his eliminated.

Agreed. His fanbase which I call "Sierras", droll over him for nothing. - Turkeyasylum


3 Zoey
4 Courtney

She was tolerable in season 1...

5 Ella
6 Heather
7 Noah

Some people watch Total drama Ridonculos Race only for him!

Super underrated in TDI but super overrated in TDWT and RR

8 Mike

Why did you mess up courtneys life?

9 Shawn
10 Ezekiel

Actually the list is going to be called Most Underrated Total Drama Characters, but I was wrong and I wrote Overrated. after, changed the order of the list. - Yona_db

Don't understand how you can consider him overrated because he lost so many fans in world tour

The Contenders

11 Beardo
12 Sugar
13 Gwen

Gwen is very overrated, I tried to like her but I just couldn’t.

14 Alejandro
15 Scott
16 Staci
17 Katie and Sadie

How are they overrated? In fact, they are the most underrated characters on the show. They hopefully will return soon.

18 Topher
19 Amy

She's underrated! Only because you hate her doesn't mean that she's overrated!

20 Justin
21 Ann Maria

In what way?

22 Samey Samey

I'm sorry, but Beth did her rise-up-from-the-oppressor storyline before and better. Samey did nothing but complain about how she was in her sister's shadow and would have done nothing if Jasmine didn't intervene. Also, sorry, but causing your sister to nearly suffocate does not make you the good twin, no matter how much she abused you.

23 Dawn

Dawn was in like 6 episodes, but is one of the most popular characters.

Should be #1

24 Mr. Coconut

He is JUST a coconut! I have no idea why this sorry excuse of a character has so many fans

More overrated than Shawn, Dawn, Duncan, Cody, and Beardo combined! And thar's saying something... - Turkeyasylum

25 Eva
26 Izzy
27 Sierra
28 Cameron
29 Leshawna Leshawna

She's not overrated.

30 Beth

She should be higher on this list! Nobody wanted her as a finalist! They wanted Lindsay! Not to mention how ugly she is...

31 Scarlett
32 Dave
33 Lindsay
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