Most Overrated Total Drama Characters


The Top Ten

1 Duncan

Duncan used to be the best character during season 1 and 2, but he changed during season 3 and he became worse in season 5

Duncan was great at tdi tda alright at tdwt and ass hole in tdas

2 Cody

Agreed. His fanbase which I call "Sierras", droll over him for nothing. - Turkeyasylum


3 Zoey
4 Courtney

She was tolerable in season 1...

5 Ella
6 Heather
7 Noah

Some people watch Total drama Ridonculos Race only for him!

Super underrated in TDI but super overrated in TDWT and RR

8 Shawn
9 Ezekiel

Actually the list is going to be called Most Underrated Total Drama Characters, but I was wrong and I wrote Overrated. after, changed the order of the list. - Yona_db

Don't understand how you can consider him overrated because he lost so many fans in world tour

10 Mike

The Contenders

11 Beardo
12 Sugar
13 Alejandro
14 Scott
15 Staci
16 Katie and Sadie

How are they overrated? In fact, they are the most underrated characters on the show. They hopefully will return soon.

17 Topher
18 Gwen
19 Justin
20 Ann Maria

In what way?

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