Reason Why Gen-18 Should Be More Respected

The Top Ten

1 They do have great users

I cannot find 10 good users - iliekpiez

2 We are users just like you
3 We try our best
4 Gen 18 has a lot of potential
5 We are part of the same community
6 We are the present and future of TheTopTens
7 Gen 18 has some of the best TopTenners
8 If gen-18ers all quit or can't develop TTT will start to die

Half of gen 18 is dead, and the site is still doing fine.

9 Not all gen-18ers are bad

I'm decent I think. - Userguy44

10 We love this site

I do love this site, but some people are ruining it for me. Some disrespect my opinions, one user even went as far as to send death threats to me over Fortnite. I always wonder if it’s because I’m a Gen-18 user or if some of this community sucks - KingSlayer93316

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