Top 10 Ways TheTopTens Made Me Lose Faith In Humanity

I've lost faith in humanity after seeing all the shit on here. So much cringe on here and here's why.
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The Top Ten

1 Too Many Lists No One Cares About

Watchmojo has more lists no one cares about in comparison.

2 Too Many Goanimators


The goanimate community = trump

Goanimators are cancerous but not part of TTT.

3 Overly Specific Lists

Well it's better to have it specific then vague.

4 Justin Bieber is On Every Worst Anything List On the Site

Not every worst list but a lot of worst lists.

5 List Items That Judge People for Liking or Not Liking Things
6 Multiple Racist, Sexist, and Homophobic Lists or List Items

Those types of list/ items are made on trolls not regular users.

7 List Items That Don't Fit the List Subject

Occasionally this happens mainly with troll users.

8 Immature Users

There are a few immature users but their are a few mature users out there just like any site.

9 Too Many Little Kids

Mainly visitors are kids for the most part most users are teens that just try to talk about their opinions without being spammed with hate.

10 All the Lists Are Predictable

Not all of them are predictable a few of them are actually unpredictable.

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