Top 10 Reasons Why Older Adults Should Not Date 20-year-Olds

I already made a list of reasons why older adults should not date 18-year-olds so I thought about making one of reasons why they shouldn't date 20-year-olds either.

You may think you're truly an adult at 20 but that's not really the case. You're still not old enough to do other things. And in my honest opinion, an older person dating a 20-year-old is just as weird as one dating an 18-year-old. Let me explain why with this list.

The Top Ten Reasons Why Older Adults Should Not Date 20-year-Olds

1 20-Year-Olds Still Aren't Legal Enough to Do Other Things

I live in Australia and the legal age for drinking alcohol is 18 and over.

Like drink alcohol or get into clubs. Heck some countries have laws that state that a person isn't an adult until they're 21.

2 20-Year-Olds are Still Not Fully Developed

That's because the brain can't consume alcohol at 20.

3 Some of Them are Just as Immature as 18-year-Olds

They probably still live with their parents and play their Xbox.

4 Even at 20 You're Still Considered a Child

For example, my sister's boyfriend is sick right now and he's currently in a children's hospital. He's 20. They won't let him back in when he turns 21.

5 Some of Them Might Not Be Experienced

They might not be able to drive a car yet (heck they're not even old to rent one! You have to be 21 to rent your own car).

6 Most 20-year-Olds are at a Completely Different Stage of Their Lives

A 31-year-old may be off building a career while a 20-year-old may still be in college. Just saying.

7 People Will Think You're Creepy

It's not just people who think older men dating 18-year-olds is creepy, it's also people who think older men dating 20-year-olds is creepy as well. I've mentioned on my 18-year-old list how Half Your Age Plus Seven matters so I'd suggest you follow that rule.

8 An Older Adult Having a Baby with a 20-year-Old Probably Won't Turn Out Well

This is mostly BS put out and exaggerated by the feminist movement. When you use words like "probably" and "most likely", that indicates a very high incidence, when in fact it is at most a couple of percentage points higher than the statistical average. Ironically, the studies done show that the only "safe" age for a father is the very narrow range of 25-28. Perhaps mandatory sterilization on the 29th birthday for both males and females might be a good idea. There are plenty of public examples all around of famous older fathers and very young mothers with no issues; Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, and many movie/T.V. stars, plus high ranking politicians and leaders around the world. Socially frowned upon in the US and a handful of western countries? Yes. Biologically a problem? No.

9 It's Hypocritical

People literally say that it's bad to date 18-year-olds because they're not legal enough but turn around and say it's better to date 20-year-olds despite still not being legal enough at that age. They need to stop being so hypocritical. I swear they make this world miserable.

I agree very much. People say it's not okay to date 18-year-olds but it's fine to date 20-year-olds? That's just downright hypocritical and one of the biggest double standards I've ever seen. People need to realize that 20-year-olds are still adolescents who are not fully developed enough to drink beer or legal enough to o do other things (and they should also know that adolescent doesn't mean 'teenager'. It means a child developing into an adult).

What do I mean by this? Well I remember a YouTube comment I saw on some age dating video that said it wasn't best to date someone at 18 because of how they're not legal enough to drink or enter clubs and that you should date at 20.

Um, 20-year-olds still can't drink alcohol and enter clubs either. Hypocrite much?

10 It's Better to Date Someone Your Own Age

Very true. Hollywood values are awful. When I was grocery shopping with my mother sometime a few days back (in 2017), I've seen a magazine cover of a 53-year old male celebrity dating a 27-year old woman and that IS SO DOGGONE WRONG AND SICK! What the heck is wrong with famous people, nowadays? A 53-year old should NEVER date a 27-year old. I agree, it's better for people to date someone their own age group.

Not supporting criminals or anything, but isn't 27 already adult? Just pointing out... - BorisRule

It really is.

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11 You Don't Need to Date a 20-year-Old to Feel Young Again

I can already imagine older men in their 40s attracted to women in their early 20s just cause they want to feel young again. Like I said before, age is something you gotta find in yourself. Not in other people.

12 They're Subadults
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