Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Love BTS

this is my top ten list for the reasons why you (if you don't know them) should love and definitely listen to BTS

The Top Ten

1 They work hard
2 They love their fans

They always keep us updated, they like meeting us and they do a lot of fan meetings, they try to visit all their fans from all around the world, they always make us smile, they care about us, they want us to be healthy and happy, they even made an entire song for us (it's called two! three! )
They just love us so much and we love them as well
Tae says that he even thinks about us when he's in the toilet x) - aCupOfTaeAKookieAndTwoSugas

3 All their songs are good V 1 Comment
4 They can sing and rap

What I mean is that the singers can sing and the rappers can rap

d efinitely not like some pop stars who can't do it

t hey always sound so beautiful live just go see it yourself - aCupOfTaeAKookieAndTwoSugas

5 They can dance

These guys are always killing it with their dances and they always dance so perfectly and they're so synchronized they're just amazing just check out Fire,Blood Sweat & Tears,Danger and Boy in love dance practices you'll understand - aCupOfTaeAKookieAndTwoSugas

6 Their lyrics are beautiful V 1 Comment
7 They're meme kings

So true..

The memes where do I begin...
U gut no jamz
It's Doggeu
U lik diz chainz? 3 dollar
You don't know annyeonghaseyo?
a bech, Bit ch? b eee ch! b itch?
Albomeu idtroduceu plijeu
Dirty Water my faceu toucheu
Ekskyuze miii
Oh may gowd
Sorry sorry, sorryy, sorry sorry
International Playboy!
Calm down, calm down my doghteur
s weg
a nd many many many more :) x) - aCupOfTaeAKookieAndTwoSugas

8 They never forget to thank their fans

Always always after winning "Army..." it's not just us you know? they work so hard they deserve all their awards and they're always saying that they'll comeback with a better album
they really want to kill us how can it be any better it's already perfect TT - aCupOfTaeAKookieAndTwoSugas

9 They're derp kings V 1 Comment
10 They're handsome They're handsome V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 They're cute and lovable dorks

They may be oppa-material but let's not forget their cute, lovable, and dorky side ♥

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