Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Love BTS

this is my top ten list for the reasons why you (if you don't know them) should love and definitely listen to BTS

The Top Ten

1 They work hard

Sometimes they practice for 7 hours a day for a month if they're doing hard dances. They work really hard and even when they do have free time they usually still work on their music.

They always try to make their music good - MLPFan

No question about this one. They give everything their all!

True - Dawnberry

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2 They love their fans

Their relationship with ARMY is adorable! - vVKimTaehyungVv

I love their relationship with Army! - Hermione_Granger220

They always keep us updated, they like meeting us and they do a lot of fan meetings, they try to visit all their fans from all around the world, they always make us smile, they care about us, they want us to be healthy and happy, they even made an entire song for us (it's called two! three! )
They just love us so much and we love them as well
Tae says that he even thinks about us when he's in the toilet x) - aCupOfTaeAKookieAndTwoSugas

3 All their songs are good

This is the only band that doesn't have boring and bad music not in rhythm not in the meaning

Their songs are really inspirational, and they are really meaningful - sowells_brianna24

Out of all kpop groups, or any groups in general, I love their songs the most and find them the most interesting. Their lyrics are inspiring, the beat is great, and of course, I love their beautiful voices! - vVKimTaehyungVv

Studies show that BTS can actually help reduce your depression! When ever I watch them, I feel happy and sinless 💜 Not only in their music but their personalities as well 💜

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4 They're meme kings

I hate snaeku

So true..

They’re truly living memes. - vVKimTaehyungVv

My hearteu my hearteu it is melting from the... MEMES! LOLLOLLOL

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5 They can dance

These guys are always killing it with their dances and they always dance so perfectly and they're so synchronized they're just amazing just check out Fire,Blood Sweat & Tears,Danger and Boy in love dance practices you'll understand - aCupOfTaeAKookieAndTwoSugas

Yes! Especially Jhope and Jimin, the dance machines. But all of them can of course. - vVKimTaehyungVv

6 Their lyrics are beautiful

This is the main reason I love BTS already even though I was a fan only a month ago. I've been searching english lyrics for songs like Awake, Lie, mainly songs from Wings album and found them very meaningful. This is obviously better than songs like "Work".

So true. Their lyrics are really inspiring. - vVKimTaehyungVv

Their lyrics are always so deep and touching here are few examples
" Because within this pitch black darkness You are shining so brightly" - Save Me
"Live however you want, it’s yours anyway Stop trying, it’s okay to lose" - Fire
" I can’t stand you crying,I want to cry instead" - Begin (aaahh kookie this song killed me)
" Even in the far future, never forget the you of right now
Wherever you are right now,you’re just taking a break,Don’t give up" - Tomorrow
" Even when I fall and hurt myself I keep running toward my dream"- Young Forever
" Erase all sad memories Hold my hand and smile" - Two! Three! (i'm not crying)
"You’re my fifth season,Because even if I try to see you, I can’t" - Dead Leaves

there's so many I can't put them all aagh - aCupOfTaeAKookieAndTwoSugas

7 They can sing and rap

What I mean is that the singers can sing and the rappers can rap

d efinitely not like some pop stars who can't do it

t hey always sound so beautiful live just go see it yourself - aCupOfTaeAKookieAndTwoSugas

V,Jungkook,RM, Jimin,Suga,J-Hope, and Jin have singing and rapping skills are unbelievable! When I watched We Are Bulletproof, Pt. 2, I was amazed at RM's rapping skills! 😃 Never underestimate the amazing members of BTS! 😁

I’m just saying, Jin, Jungkook, and Jimin (especially Jimin) sound like angels with their high voices. Tae is my bias and I love, LOVE his deep voice. And I love how Yoongi, Hoseok, and Namjoon all have different styles of rapping. I think Hoseok’s style is really unique and fun. I like RM’s deep rapping voice but I’ve gotta say Yoongi is my favorite rapper, I just like his style the best. Just my opinion, don’t get mad! - vVKimTaehyungVv

8 They never forget to thank their fans

They love us so much! That makes my day. - vVKimTaehyungVv

They care so deeply for ARMY - sowells_brianna24

Always always after winning "Army..." it's not just us you know? they work so hard they deserve all their awards and they're always saying that they'll comeback with a better album
they really want to kill us how can it be any better it's already perfect TT - aCupOfTaeAKookieAndTwoSugas

9 They're handsome They're handsome

I love them so much! - MLPFan

Yep v is more handsomer then you

To the person who called V ugly, he won the 1st place in - 'Most handsome faces of 2017'. Facts.


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10 They are each other's biggest fan and care for each other.

The fact that they all cheer for each other and worry about each other's health and happiness. For example:

1. All the times Suga screamed "J-Hooope" during reactions and Bangtan Bombs
2. When Jimin became a hardcore fan of Suga playing basketball during the "Idol star athletics championships".
3. Remember all the times when the members surprised the other member on their birthday. Like when they scared the crap out of Jin in the elevator and made Jungkook cry but then comfort him afterwards.
4. They all watched "Hwarang"
5. Sometimes they get in each other lines for fansigns and get autographs by their fellow BTS members.
6. All the members surprised J-Hope with a home video of his family and he cried and because he cried, all the other members cried.
7. Rap Mon hugging Jin when he was crying.
8. And finally, when all the members share their heartwarming experiences with BTS and ARMY then sometimes get emotional.

There are many more moments that ...more

This is why we love BTS

It’s so cute how Jin and RM take care of their members! But all of them take care of each other. Kookie loves to protect Tae. - vVKimTaehyungVv

The Newcomers

? They never give up on life and on each other

The Contenders

11 They are good people


They’re so kindhearted, and I love how they love little kids. It’s so cute! - vVKimTaehyungVv

12 They have talent
13 They respect other artists

Unlike some people... - vVKimTaehyungVv

I believe you mean mj and by the way vs Beatles and just in b

14 They're cute and lovable dorks

They may be oppa-material but let's not forget their cute, lovable, and dorky side ♥

They’re the cutest (and most handsome) human beings ever. - vVKimTaehyungVv

15 They are inspirational


They’re mentioned in the top 25 most influential people in the world. - vVKimTaehyungVv

16 They are so funny
17 They are incredibly open minded and outspoken, but in the good way.

Support LGBT rights
Would date any race religion etc.
They love kids

Literally RM's entire UN speech

18 Sing About Real World Problems

True dat! They are so relatable!

19 They roast their haters

Lol there roast are both funny and harsh # love it

20 Even when they are having a hard day they encourage armys to never give up
21 They are humble
22 They have theories in their clips
23 Their personalities are beautiful

I love all of their personalities

24 They are very talented and were underrated
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