Teams Most Likely to Win the 2018 FIFA World Cup

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The Top Ten Teams Most Likely to Win the 2018 FIFA World Cup

1 Argentina

When I die, I'd like Messi, Higuain, Augero, and Romero to be pallbearers at my funeral...just so they can let me down one more time.

Messi will never win

Yeah I believe that Argentina have a chance at winning, but I don think that they will. They should get at least to the semi-finals.

Big players, big names, big records. Is the last chance for many of them, the downside is none of them need fame, a career or money, the only achievement left in most of this guys is a world cup champion. We have to see, depends how much they want the tittle and they names in the soccer history because they have the potential, no doubts, Argentina is a giant in soccer but sometimes a sleeping beast.

2 Germany

Germany consistently go further than any other team. In their 18 world cups they've made it to the final 4 a total of 13 times, they've been in final match 8 times, winning it on 4 occasions. Their average placing is third, higher than Brazil's fourth. And although they've missed 2 tournaments (1930, 1950) they've never failed to qualify. They were banned from the 1950 edition, and couldn't afford to send a team in 1930.

I think Germany is full of great players, and their passing skills are fabulous!

Messi will give in and let Germany win like last time because he is weak

Germany is very well developed and has a lot of very talented team. However, There are other teams that are just as good who have a chance like Portugal, Brazil, and Argentina. I just hate how everyone favors one team because of there wins, and not their skill.

3 Brazil

Recently, Brazil's Olympic dive team complemented the national team's ability to dive all over the pitch. They were very enthusiastic about the new dives the team had come up with for the 2018 World Cup. They singled out Neymar for his outstanding ability to dive!

Brazil promised to not disappoint the fans and seeing as how most fans of football loved watching them lose 7-1 in the last tournament they promised to go even further and lose either 8-1 this time around to appease the fans of the sport.

Brazil recently made the swimming pool at the Olimpiysky Sports Complex their base camp for the world cup...they stated there was no better place in Russia to practise their dives and that Neymar was beyond excited to spend the next 15 months practising his dives for the world cup.

Brazil is the worst football team right now neymar is overrated and the other players are prue losers no good goalkeeper no good defenders no good midfielders and no good strikers brazil will not win the 2018 fifa world cup in Russia and will probably only reach the round of 16

4 France

France have many upcoming players that are already playing at a top level

I Think The French Team Have Good Expectations Coming Up To The Quarter Finals. They Have Definitely Improved Significantly Through The Tournament And Had An Outstanding Victory Over Argentina Relating To Saturday Night's Match. I Hope They Keep This Up And Achieve What They Are Looking For.

France has a good chance of winning because they have done great in the euros and now they are doing really well in the 2018 world cup qualifiers.

Best performance in the Euros and best National team of the year.

5 England

I'm not the sort of person to believe in fate and it's very unlikely England will win the 2018 World Cup, plus winning a World Cup isn't down to luck or coincidence, but winning a football match could well be. England are the punchline to their own joke, the performance of their football team perfectly reflects their nations sense of humour and overall attitude. Other countries seem to believe the English are arrogant football fans and that can't be more than the truth, although chants could come across big headed they have a underlying self degradence as all England fans know they can now never expect their team to "score one more than you" or even utter the words "footballs coming home" without a sense of unrealistic hope. England don't have bad players and on a good day, they can beat anyone, the problem is they haven't had many good tournament days in their 50 years since '66. Considering this and many other factors, the dreamer inside of me thinks if England can have a few very ...more

England had a very poor outing in EURO 2016 - the Iceland game was a disaster. They have a long way to go. There is no denying the ability of English players. They are good, but 'something' is missing. They do not play well in tournament football, and they have gone from manager to manager to help them improve but to no avail. They should always be considered an outside contender to watch, but that's it. They are not a top 10, but an 11 or 12 - again, outside contender, but nevertheless, still a contender. It hurts, but one can only hope that football returns home one day.

England has got a bunch of young players and a very trustworthy front line featuring Vardy, Kane, Lallana etc. Although their Euro campaign was disappointing, until 2018, their youngsters will have gained experience and the English team will contain a lot of talent. Firing Hodgson was a crucial move, since he didn't make correct use of the awesome players he had in his arsenal, and with a new coach, England may have a lot of chances to lift the World Cup trophy. However, I believe that a new goalkeeper must also be found, since Joe Hart isn't at his top shape, and by moving to Torino, his performances will worsen.

Well done England! You made it to the semi-final. Couldn't quite make the final but the whole of England and Great Britain are so proud of you! - Britgirl

6 Belgium

Really underrated, they have a very strong team despite the disappointment at EURO 2016. They are strong across all areas of the pitch, no weak areas in their squad. If the team work well together they will be a force to be reckoned with.

Belgium has an amazing squad and had the youngest players in the 2014 world cup and had a great run, losing to Argentina in the quarterfinals

They actually have a good team, and aren't based around a single player, unlike Portugal (Cristiano Ronaldo), Argentina (Messi, though other players are pretty good), England (Harry Kane), Egypt (Mo Salah), Uruguay (Luis Suarez), Croatia (Luka Modric to a degree), Wales (yes, they failed to qualify but Gareth Bale is pretty much their star player) and Brazil (Neymar, who honestly needs an asskicking). If they can put egos aside, Belgium are a very strong force and will need that going into a game with France next. I wouldn't put it past them to lose to whoever wins out of England vs Croatia, but it'd be unlikely.

Belgium will need a football miracle for all their individually gifted players to gel as a team. But if for some reason that does ha happens then no-one will beat them.

7 Spain

Spain may have mess up in the World Cup in Brazil but in the next three years there be much better players and the team will be strong I will always be a Spain fan no matter what

They were a joke in the 2014 World Cup losing against Netherlands 5-1 and losing against chile 4-2 and you say they are gonna win no way man

Spain is a good team but I think their defense has to work harder.

Russia... the worst team in the World Cup, beat them - micahisthebest

8 Portugal

All your negative comments about Portugal team is questionable and not valid. There are haters out there. I am wondering why? This team has fought hard and has been very strong the last 10 to 12 years. They've gone to the quarters, semis, and finals. They have won the Euro 2016. Why for example Italy, which is my background, is favoured to win. They had so many failed attempts and coaching has been dismal. Contes style of coaching Azzurri doesn't work! I am tired of the defensive strategy that they implement without a true plan of attack. Pirlo was a great set piece. But he is gone. Buffon is getting old.

Ronaldo will be there, but also some players coming up from the U20 and U21. By then the team will have a stronger midfield and forwards.

Portugal worked as a cohesive unit with or without Ronaldo. Coach Santos do wonders with their players in terms of work ethics. Portugal team has Cristiano Ronaldo, one bright star surrounded by unknown stars that will fight for him. They'll have a chance to win the World Cup with luck, passion, determination and GOALS!

I do not believe in God. But if there is something, I believe it has a special plan for Ronaldo. Every time I watch him, I get a feeling that his match winning goal is inevitable. Just a feeling though

9 Mexico

They coach is very good and Mexico will be way better in 2018 because they will be able to play together better and also Mexico has Javier Hernandez

I think now that Mexico has a stable team, they should be able to win the world cup. They will become a gold team and prove everyone that didn't believe in them wrong.

Mexico has a real chance to win, if not go far, in the next world cup. Many new young players are bringing new skills to the table. They are starting to establish a playing style, and are dominating matches. Jesus Manuel Corona, Carlos Vela, Jonathan Dos Santos, Guardado, and Hector Moreno are the backbone of the Mexico National Team, and all play in some of the biggest leagues in Europe. They only lack a real world class striker, sorry Javier Hernandez isn't that, yet.

I think they might get to the semi- finals because of there goalkeeper

10 United States

Not being offensive to any USA supporters but I think that the USA will find it hard qualifying never mind winning.

Trump said America will never lose again in anything.

Make the American soccer league great again! They are good at making walls (Get it? ) - TheInsomniac

The only reason this is high on the list is because most people on this website are american

Is it a fair competition when the other teams are playing football but the USA keeps playing soccer? How could they possibly win? - Billyv

The Contenders

11 Croatia

The team that played best football at the EURO2016 but at their own demise fell short against Portugal. If they have played their game that game they would have won the tournament. Amazing midfield and some of the most young talents in the world yet being introduced to the A team.

Well they almost did so everyone voted when they were in finals

Belgium were better than this team, but they have been waiting for a long time for a result like this one and mostly deserved it. Their squad is pretty good, mostly based around Modric, Rakitic, and Mandzukic.

Croatia played really well at EURO 2016 but an unfortunate loss to Portugal 1-0 in extra time does not tell them to give up and they also have a lot of great players in there subs and starting 11 and I am Croatian so LET'S GO CROATIA!

12 Netherlands

I love the Netherlands I've watched the 2014 FIFA while there on vacation and we were rooting for them. I'm from Israel and our soccer teams are nowhere near those in Europe and South America, so I've always stuck to Holland. Robben and Van Persie or some of the best players out there.

I am a Germany fan all the way but I truly believe that Holland is the single team that hasn't won a World Cup, that really, really deserves it. If Germany (or my second favorite, Poland) doesn't win, I hope Netherlands wins it. They are strong with Arjen Robben and Van Persie.

Holland need full confidence they are number 1 team in my opinion in the world Dutch football always been the best to watch. All they need is good defenders like Stam once they got solid defense they will win games in style

If the Netherlands can even qualify ahead of Sweden, they'll surely exit in the group stage. In the past they've had some amazing sides but a failure to even make the Euros makes it obvious they won't get very far at all

13 Italy

This is Buffon's last World Cup (I'm hoping that he reconsiders and plays for another 10 years). If this is going to truly be him end I want to see him go out as a champion. We just need better strikers. That is our only problem at this point. Here's hoping that Balotelli keeps up his form and continues to grow and improve.

I'm sorry, but this is impossible, as Italy ISN'T even in the world cup. :/

Gigi Buffon is the best and with that defense this year Italy can go far. They just need to score more goals, take more risks!

If better strikers are found Italy will be a serious contender for a top three finish. This is true, because they rarely receive goals

14 Uruguay

Their sub-20 team shows promise as they won their South American cup, beating rivals like Argentina and Brazil. There's promise of these young guys rising up to fill in some of the roles 2 years from now. Suarez, arguably the best striker in the world, will ultimately be giving his last shot this World Cup

I think they'll be second they're already in top of the list.

Uruguay can win the third world cup in future if they host the tournament in future after all Uruguay is the greatest football team of all time in the history of fifa world cup

I think France will struggle against Uruguay in the quarter-finals because of their defense...Uruguay can go all the way in my opinion.

15 Sweden

Sweden was really strong but they gave up against england. - WorldPuncher47592834

This is a really good team

Sweden has won before, and can do so again!

Zlatan is retiring after the euro's 2016

16 Russia

In my opinion,when the first match watched I thought russia will win it.

Personally, I think Russia will loose in the round of 16, nothing against them, but I don't think their good enough yet.

I'll be surprised if they get out of the group stages. Okay, they might get a fixed group like Brazil in 2014 (proven, look it up), but they'll still manage to mess it up

PUTIN probably will pay a lot of money to get the trophy

17 Poland

Well on best day Poland can beat anyone my Heart tells me they can win it all but my mind say top 4 would be fair. Whole team works hard and Lewandowski just wraps it up for them 1 men can't do it by himself. Poland has few unpolished diamonds on bench that can shine during world cup.

I believe in miracles. They can win. In the Euro Cup 2016 the were a penalty kick away from quarter or semi-finals. I don't remember. I think they can get to the top. People will see that they are better than most people think. The team is excelling so we have a chance

Lewandowski, enough said

This team is being underestimated and that's fine let them fly under the radar. After they win the World Cup all the Polish jokes can be retired.

18 Chile

Their unique style and dominance of the ball sets them apart. Now with experience, they might peak at the right time. A new coach with a different style will make them unpredictable and difficult to defend tactfully. The team is very balanced and they play as a team and adapt to the circumstances as the play unfolds. It seems that they all pass and seldom make mistakes. The Goalie has matured and plays for the best team Barcelona and now that they have won a tournament and they believe they can beat anyone. Most of the players have played in Europe and for the top teams, and since most of the South America teams are good unlike Europe who have too many teams that are not to par with the power house teams as Germany, England, Portugal, Spain, France and they don't usually get to play each other.

Surely this team should be at least in the top 10, best team the country has ever had, great form and they push hard and don't give up

They are a strong team with a great coach

They win Copa America 2 times continuous, And also jumped to Top 5 Fifa rankings. They will win World Cup or win at least a Bronze medal.

19 India

They are playing now and they will never qualify for the world cup except if they will be hosts because they're a big country but I hope they never will because they're awful in football and other sports I hope they'll never be hosts or qualify

They would probably make the barefoot excuse like they did in 1950

Are they even playing now?

India is crap they are the trashiest team ever

20 Iran

Nowdays iran is very good because the players are so young and work with plan and also have professional coach although they are first at asia and defeat most teams in the way of world cup and obtained several equality but it doesn't mean that they win the cup but they can show a good and memorable perform from themself to all of the people in the world.

I think Iran has a chance of beating England and Spain, but not Germany and Brasil, even do we almost tied the game with Argentina in the 2014 World Cup.

Pretty strong but they couldn't do it they tied against portugal - WorldPuncher47592834

They have good defense

21 Colombia

They played amazingly this last FIFA without there best player, they'll surely win this coming next one.

Young talents maturing on their new teams, they'll learn a lot and win it for their country

James Rodriguez is the best and will surely lead Colombia to victory!

They are a pretty good team, they won about 2 or 3 games.

22 Uzbekistan

They will never become the Asian Costa Rica and thus really surprise a European nation and they will never qualify to the world cup

I think they'll qualify, and might really surprise a European nation

Bet Korea DPR 3-1 and have strong team could shock the world and could become the Asian Costa Rica.


23 Hungary

They failed to qualify because they we're in the group with Portugal and Switzerland. They're so unlucky.

Well my friend is lives here so yeah

24 Canada

"They have never been to a world cup". Canada did appear in the 1986 world cup, but were eliminated in the group stage. Canada can't win because they were eliminated in the qualifiers.

Football/soccer just isn't one of Canada's strong points. They're already good at other sports such as Ice Hockey anyways.

Canada qualified for 2026 world cup as hosts but they won't win and they'll never qualify when they won't be hosts and they failed to qualify 2018

My name is jeff and I am your biggest found

25 Wales

I would think that all of these comments would mention Gareth Bale.

Even in 2018, they'll be better than England. But qualifying will be hard, and England have that absolutely EASY group they're struggling to get through

Think that they might get to final if they do as well as Germany last world cup in the semis think they will beat France 5-4

They are in prime form. They have Qualified for Euro 16.I think tye have a chance and they can do it if Gareth Bale Strikes

26 Panama

Panama qualified 2018 FIFA World Cup!

Panama must win

Panama play dirty and suck


27 Australia

Australia have beat some outstanding teams such as Germany and Netherlands and have good young players as well as heart.

I agree they do have a lot of heart. Round of 16 if the ball bounces their way.

Timmy Cahill is the best footballer in the world, Australia can really go far, I feel

They were outstanding in the first round of qualifying

28 Bahamas

I did not know they played soccer

The Bahamas national side would be mad to leave the Bahamas, it's so nice there! No one leaves the Bahamas

They are last in the world guys. Most people that voted on this either are WAY too patriotic or just stupid

They play soccer but they're awful. They won't pull through clutch and win. Bahamas is a country. They will never qualify for the world cup

29 Ireland

I think Ireland will definitely qualify and have a good chance of making the semi final as they have some amazing young players. They beat Italy with an amazing goal in the euros they beat Germany in the euro qualifiers and they nearly defeated the euro 2016 hosts France when the got a goal in the first minutes of the game.

I am Irish and am proud of this team. I think they can get a good result in Qatar 2022 but they still have a lot of work to do.

I don't want to hurt or offend Irish people but I doubt will they even qualify or not, But Ireland is now-a-days better Than England.

Ireland could possibly win but they have France and Portugal and Argentina in their way

30 Egypt

They have a great team now, expecting great things from them in CAN 2017!

Africa cup (yes) World Cup (maybe)

Egypt has a very strong team that can defeat any opponent's team

They qualified but haven't won although they have Salah

31 Japan

They qualified but haven't won and I'm so sad they lost to Belgium I'm not Japanese

They are in round of 16.

They came second in Group H

BEaue they my sweep stake

32 South Korea

They probably won't win the cup, but I do see them either at Round of 16 or Quarterfinals for 2018. The skills of this country has multiplied, and I bet by 2022 and 2026, they will be true dark horses that might be the top 4. Korea's U18 and U23 have experienced victories against Brazil, France, Japan, England, Nigeria, USA, etc. And that is a scary record.

They're the best in Asia now

They qualified but haven't won but they beat Germany

I believe they can win

33 Switzerland

There pretty good

They can beat sweden round off 16


34 Denmark

The Lord shall cometh upon us and win another international prize

They have the lord

What the heck

Plus Kasper is really good

35 Romania

I think before we try to get to the world cup 2018 all of us have to stop coming to england illegally and stop stealing football boots from innocent children

They failed to qualify and they don't have the best defense in europe and it's no not yes

Romanian Mapping - lilrocketman

They have best defense in Europe

36 Costa Rica

Costa Rica should win the cup because in the group stage Costa Rica is always on 1st or 2nd place

They did amazing in the 2014 world cup

Maybe, probably not though

They have a great keeper, but no offense. Maybe if they are lucky in who they get paired against

37 Greece

Being Greek, I hope Greece will repeat the performances our footballers achieved in the 2014 FIFA World Cup

I'm very confident in saying that Greece will be a huge disappointment in the 2018 world cup

Greece failed to qualify 2018 mainly because of the draw. If the draw was luckier, maybe they would qualify.

They have heart and will prove a point

38 Scotland

If Charlie Adam, the next Ronaldo, can up his game, they could easily nick England's auto-qualifying spot. Then Wales smash England in the play-offs, Ireland and Northern Ireland go through, and all decent British nations are through!

Scotland has a good group with England, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania and Malta. The Slovaks are struggling, Slovenia are a good side but have only a good goalkeeper, Lithuania aren't been playing their best, Malta are going well but they won't put a challenge, England is the only threat for Scotland.

They haven't qualified 2018 Charlie Adam isn't the new Ronaldo they failed to nick England's auto qualifying spot or the second place so they failed and scotland doesn't have a shout.

Leigh Griffiths is young and the free kick god Matt Ritchie is there. Scotland have a shout!

39 Turkey

Travel back to the 2002 South Korea/Japan World Cup. South Korea beat Italy and Spain, lost to Germany, then lost to Turkey in that order. Look at the next three World Cups. Italy won in 2006. Spain won in 2010 and Germany won in 2014. By that logic, Turkey will win in 2018.

Turkey haven't qualified for the 2018 world cup and they will never win the world cup even if they qualify which is possible. Also, 2002 south korea japan world cup south korea beat italy and spain lost to germany lost to turkey italy wins spain wins germany wins turkey wins logic doesn't make sense.

They will fight till the end of the game like it's their last day

Not qualifying

40 Somalia

Aren't they suspended?

Who are Somalia? "?

Somalia is a country.


41 North Korea

They're not champions of the world and they will never be and korea is not the best and they will never qualify to the world cup again (talking bout the north one not the south one they always qualify)

Champions of the world

Communist land. - WorldPuncher47592834

North Korea has a futbol team?

42 Iceland

The minnows stunned in the Euros and have kept the momentum going through the qualifiers. I wouldn't be surprised if they managed to get to at least the round of 16

They could win because the never give up and they did destroy England in the euros

They will fight hard to qualify and I think they will

Well, now that they did qualify easily they can just as well continue all the way to the finals.

43 New Zealand

They're not too good and no one can hope they will make it because they won't (and they failed to make it 2018). Every single south american team except maybe Bolivia are better than New Zealand and New Zealand will always fail at the inter continental play offs except if Bolivia plays against them and they won't because they're too weak to qualify for the inter continental play offs (talking bout Bolivia)

No Way New Zealand

They didn't qualify, but if they did they'd win it

...Lets hope they will

44 Curacao

I didn't know they were a team

Curacao haven't made it 2018. Also, I'm pretty sure they won't win 2022 2026 2030 2034 2038 2042. Also, I'm not sure they will qualify.

Curacao is a country and they are a team.

Who are they

45 China

China? The chances of them winning are somewhere in between zero and none.

China are better now

They will qualify for the world cup only if they will be hosts because they're a big country


46 Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia is great

No they're bad

I want these guys to give it their best shot I at least want them to qualify and make themselves known maybe one or two wins. GOOO BOSNIA HERZEGOVINA!

Your loosers

47 El Salvador

El Salvador has a good rank in FIFA and is already doing awesomely in the qualifiers. They will make the World Cup, if not win it.

They haven't made the world cup and will never. Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras and United States are just too good (and maybe Canada).

Great team many losses but can finally make it to the FIFA world cup 2018 for the third time!

48 Ghana

This is a team that will consistently make the world cup every year and occasionally make the round of 16. No chance of winning though.

They won't make the world cup every year they didn't made the world cup 2018

GO Ghana


49 San Marino

They cannot win the world cup. There team members are amateurs! Surely someone put this as a joke? WORST TEAM EVER!

If they get a better coach and train hours and hours instead of doing their regulars jobs. They can probably manage to win friendlies, and even qualify the WC 18'. They are OBVIOUSLY not winning (most likely) but they can get to Round of 16 or even Quarter Finals (this chance is very, very tiny but these are my thoughts)

They will never qualify for the world cup even if they get a better coach and train hours and hours.

Worst team ever

50 Fiji

The best soccer team ever... There main team list 10-0 against Germany's under 23's. With that ratio, they could easily compete with teams like Argentina.

They're not the best soccer team ever, they can't compete with teams like Argentina and Roy Krishna is not a legend.

Roy Krishna is a legend!

no chance

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