Teams Most Likely to Win the 2018 FIFA World Cup


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21 Australia

Australia have beat some outstanding teams such as Germany and Netherlands and have good young players as well as heart.

Timmy Cahill is the best footballer in the world, Australia can really go far, I feel

I agree they do have a lot of heart. Round of 16 if the ball bounces their way.

Yup Australia is gonna win the World Cup

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22 Iceland

The minnows stunned in the Euros and have kept the momentum going through the qualifiers. I wouldn't be surprised if they managed to get to at least the round of 16

They could win because the never give up and they did destroy England in the euros

They will definitely qualify, no doubt. Then anything can happen

No chance

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23 Egypt

They have a great team now, expecting great things from them in CAN 2017!

Africa cup (yes) World Cup (maybe)

Egypt has a very strong team that can defeat any opponent's team

Salah-fists won't win

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24 Wales

Even in 2018, they'll be better than England. But qualifying will be hard, and England have that absolutely EASY group they're struggling to get through

Think that they might get to final if they do as well as Germany last world cup in the semis think they will beat France 5-4

They are in prime form. They have Qualified for Euro 16.I think tye have a chance and they can do it if Gareth Bale Strikes

Once Steve Morison gets his deserved call-up, Wales can lift that golden trophy with ease!

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25 South Korea

They probably won't win the cup, but I do see them either at Round of 16 or Quarterfinals for 2018. The skills of this country has multiplied, and I bet by 2022 and 2026, they will be true dark horses that might be the top 4. Korea's U18 and U23 have experienced victories against Brazil, France, Japan, England, Nigeria, USA, etc. And that is a scary record.

They're the best in Asia now

There starting be better.

lol no

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26 Greece

Being Greek, I hope Greece will repeat the performances our footballers achieved in the 2014 FIFA World Cup

I'm very confident in saying that Greece will be a huge disappointment in the 2018 world cup

They have heart and will prove a point

I think they have a reasonable chance of being there. If they make it to the finsl 32 solid performance is possible with a round of 16 appearance not outside the realm of possibility. Quarter final? Tough but it would be a great result.

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27 Romania

I think before we try to get to the world cup 2018 all of us have to stop coming to england illegally and stop stealing football boots from innocent children

They have best defense in Europe

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28 Canada

"They have never been to a world cup". Canada did appear in the 1986 world cup, but were eliminated in the group stage. Canada can't win because they were eliminated in the qualifiers.

My name is jeff and I am your biggest found

Canada will never win

They're too nice to beat anyone. Beating someone would just make them cry. And by the way, other commenter, they have been to a World Cup

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29 Turkey

Travel back to the 2002 South Korea/Japan World Cup. South Korea beat Italy and Spain, lost to Germany, then lost to Turkey in that order. Look at the next three World Cups. Italy won in 2006. Spain won in 2010 and Germany won in 2014. By that logic, Turkey will win in 2018.

They will fight till the end of the game like it's their last day

Not qualifying

They could win the world cup

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30 Costa Rica

Costa Rica should win the cup because in the group stage Costa Rica is always on 1st or 2nd place

They did amazing in the 2014 world cup

They have a great keeper, but no offense. Maybe if they are lucky in who they get paired against

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31 Scotland

If Charlie Adam, the next Ronaldo, can up his game, they could easily nick England's auto-qualifying spot. Then Wales smash England in the play-offs, Ireland and Northern Ireland go through, and all decent British nations are through!

Scotland has a good group with England, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania and Malta. The Slovaks are struggling, Slovenia are a good side but have only a good goalkeeper, Lithuania aren't been playing their best, Malta are going well but they won't put a challenge, England is the only threat for Scotland.

Leigh Griffiths is young and the free kick god Matt Ritchie is there. Scotland have a shout!

Looks great on paper for the Scottish. I can see them winning the world cup

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32 Curacao V 3 Comments
33 China

China? The chances of them winning are somewhere in between zero and none.

China are better now



34 Hungary
35 Somalia V 3 Comments
36 Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia is great

No they're bad

I want these guys to give it their best shot I at least want them to qualify and make themselves known maybe one or two wins. GOOO BOSNIA HERZEGOVINA!

Your loosers

37 Sweden

Zlatan is retiring after the euro's 2016

Retiring just internationally

I don't think Sweden will win but Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a boss on the pitch. And Sweden has never won a World Cup before. trust me. They made it to the finals once and lost 5-2 (lost to Brazil)

Sweden has won before, and can do so again!

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38 Ghana

This is a team that will consistently make the world cup every year and occasionally make the round of 16. No chance of winning though.

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39 India

They would probably make the barefoot excuse like they did in 1950

Will need al least 40 years to match them

They play with no insurance.

They lost to Guam. Do I need to say more?

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40 El Salvador

El Salvador has a good rank in FIFA and is already doing awesomely in the qualifiers. They will make the World Cup, if not win it.

Great team many losses but can finally make it to the FIFA world cup 2018 for the third time!

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