Top Ten Best Things to Do for Positronwildhawk's Birthday

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1 Let him know just how much we appreciate him and the work that he's done on TheTopTens

Pos already know just how much I and everyone appreciates him. He's lovely. Happy birthday, Pos!

Happy birthday, Positronwildhawk!

Pretty sure there's a party going on in RCR's secret room.

Happy birthday!

2 Throw him a huge birthday party with Deadmau5 as a special guest

I'm sure he would love this!

That would probably make him very happy.

I'm sure he would be even happier if Moby was a special guest.-LitSavage

3 Prank him!

I'm sure some people on here would love to do that.

You will never succeed at this. And especially since my birthday is when I most expect it. More even than an April Fool.

It can't be done. I've tried and failed many a time.


4 Watch all the Star Wars movies with him

Well, that would be something I would like to do, but I'll just keep on dreaming...

5 Give him a list of reasons on why he's one of the best users in the entire universe

He'd probably give you a lengthy dissertation about the Fermi paradox and multiverses with unrecognizable words littering each sentence. It would indecipherable and awesome.

Happy birthday, buddy!

If I did this, expect to be waiting a couple hours.

I think about 500 in that category already exist. Happy birthday, Pos!

6 Put on his most absolute favorite song and send it to him

If only I knew what that was!

7 Buy him a million dollar sports car

If only I had the money...

8 Bake a bacon birthday cake for him

Now, I may love my bacon sandwich, but bacon and cake should be two separate things.

Cake and Bacon from FOP though

O, I just made bacon cake,Pos I think I'm gonna save this for next year

9 Give him a kitten!

If only my cat has the ability to give birth to kittens...

If I get another one. I love kittens!

Who doesn't like kittens?

Can I have a McLaren P1 filled to the brim with kittens? With enough air to go around, of course.

10 Let RiverClanRocks give him a spanking
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11 Give him a mansion

We can hire Luigi to vacuum out any ghosts.

Again, if only I had the money!

12 Give him a puppy
13 Give him Eminem CDs

It's a joke

14 Give him all the volumes of All You Need To Know About Physics

Yes, there are multiple volumes.

15 Make a birthday post for him
16 Watch the Harry Potter films with him
17 Pour him a pint of Guinness
18 Tell him to lose weight for his birthday

Way ahead of you; I burnt a lot of calories getting to the college party.

19 Give him oreos


20 Chat with him
21 Give him cheese

Everyone loves cheese! Oh, maybe one exception here?

22 Give him a Kendrick Lamar CD
23 Give him an N.W.A. album
24 Give him more Taylor Swift CDs
25 Give him gift cards
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