Top Ten Tips for Beginners in Minecraft

Are you a beginner at Minecraft? Want some basic tips to help you start off? Well then look no further than this list where I'll describe some tips you'll need to know while starting out in Minecraft. Of course, be free to add any tip you feel I missed in the list, and I'll be sure to give it a description if someone else has not already made one.
The Top Ten
1 Never dig straight down

This is one of the classic tips you'll see regarding Minecraft. But it is with good reason. Digging straight down may be faster that making stairs, the risk overweighs the reward by a large amount. Picture this: you brought all your OP gear and armor down with you to go on a little mining trip. You dig straight down and suddenly; you dig down into lava, causing all your gear to burn or get lost. It really is a good piece of advice for playing Minecraft, and even the best players of Minecraft still use this basic tip

I ALWAYS dig straight down. But please don't. I only dig down because I never learn my lesson.

I used to do this all the time, and I usually landed in lava or a place full of hostile mobs xD.

Then lava will just kill you almost immediately.

2 Never take your valuables to the Nether

Trust me- This tip is one of the most overlooked ones in Minecraft. How would you feel if all your diamonds and tools and armor fell into the lava? Make sure they're safely stored in the overworld, or you could (if you have access to) put your stuff in a ender chest, and then carry one with you so even if you die, you will still have your stuff stored safely in your ender chest. Either way, do not bring stuff that you value with you to the Nether, or you could consider them gone..

I've lost so many good stuff in the Nether because I always forgot to store them. What I do is always bring a chest to the Nether so if you forget to store your stuff before you go you can always just put it in the chest.

I did this once, and I lost all of my iron, gold, and diamonds.

I would just put them in a chest in the normal world.

3 Write down the coordinates of your house

Do you like exploring throughout your Minecraft world, but you keep losing your house? This tip will help you loads in doing that. Go to Settings and turn on show coordinates in Bedrock, and press F3 on Java, and then write down the coordinates on a piece of paper or a notepad app on a computer, and you'll never have to worry about losing your house again.

I get lost all the time, since I usually spawn somewhere with no sand.

What if you lose your house and can’t find it. Always write down the coordinates.

4 Bring a fire resistance potion to the Nether

Trust me, this tip is much more valuable than you think. Fire resistance potions are easily obtained through piglin trading. But this tip will rely on you moving quickly, so be sure to know where the closest piece of land is so you can swim to it. (Disclaimer: Even with fire resistance, lava still deals fall damage when landing on it.)

Fall through the floor? Well you brought a fire res potion! Best thing to bring to Nether no matter what the scenario.

I got dunked in lava once. Wish I had brought one of these.

So you don’t burn yourself.

5 Bring a shield at all times

Shields are really important when traversing through your Minecraft world, whether if your fighting blazes in the fortress, protecting yourself from a creeper explosion in a cave, or your fighting off a skeleton that spawned in the night, shields are really important, and you should have them with you at all times.

Shields are SO USEFUL. They can be life savers. Say you're coming home and are low but a skeleton is shooting you. You can be safe.

You never know when you can get shot by a skeleton.

Yes very important thing to do in minecraft

6 Don't break mob spawners

It's common for a person starting out Minecraft to stumble on a mob spawner and break them in fear. However, mob spawners are a amazing source of experience, and they can give good drops, like bones, arrows, bows, string and such. Lookup "ilmango mob spawner farm" to get a simple and efficient mob spawner farm design.

Really good way of earning XP, if you don't want to earn XP at least light up the area and come back when you do want to.

Yes you always can use it as an infinite mob spawned

I haven't even found one yet.

7 Leave faraway chunks unloaded

The explanation for this is that Minecraft updates usually change the particular dimension that's being updated as a whole, and how are you going to feel if they make a new good enchantment, or in 1.17 losing access to the deep dark, copper, sculk sensors and such. It's really important so you can experience the new update in your best survival world.

What if a new version is coming soon you will want to leave them alone for now

I agree with Techno. What would you do?

8 Look out for loot in structures

Most structures in Minecraft have hidden loot, and you should keep an eye out for any hidden loot. For example, igloos have a basement where you can get a golden apple and splash potion of weakness, allowing you to cure a villager. Villages also usually have loot in them, and every structure except some ocean ruins and the desert well have loot.

This is important in my opinion because you can get a lot of good stuff in generated structures. Like you could get a enchanted book, or gold, or iron, maybe even diamonds. So I think its really important.

Once, I spawned right next to a jungle temple and got shot by arrows when I went in.

Could be risky, but at the same time rewarding.

9 Write down the coordinates of your portal.

If you're looking for the fortress, your bound to lose your portal, and losing your portal is not fun, so this is an easy way to know your way back to the fortress. Just exploring in the Nether can get you lost, so this tip is much more important than you think.

So you never get lost.

10 Get 2 of each friendly mob

Not every friendly mob, just get for example: 2 villagers, 2 sheep, 2 chicken, 2 cows, and that's all the mobs you'll probably need throughout your gameplay. If you want to go hardcore on getting breedable mobs, get: Hoglins, Axolotls, Striders, cats, foxes, horses, pandas, pigs, and I think there's more but I'm not really sure.

Time to breed *Puts on Jazz Music*

So you can infinite breed

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11 Always keep a Totem of Undying in your left hand

This totally just ruins the point of having a shield at all times

12 Don’t stay in the water for too long

No one wants to drown.

13 Take all the wood from a tree
14 Don't go near gravel in the Nether
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