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21 Bronze
22 Cyan
23 Dark Brown

This is obvs the best hehe

24 Medium Brown

My hair color, well mine's light brown, but close enough. - Anonymousxcxc

25 Light Silver Purple
26 Lilac
27 Chocolate Brown
28 Light Brown

My hair is light brown with green streaks. - Catlover2004

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29 Light Maroon
30 Purple/Black

my friend has this hair color itz pretty sick I must say

31 Bleach Blonde
32 Lime Green

I think it is bright and pretty

33 Ginger

I love ginger hair!

34 Blue/Green

This should be #1. Look at the pictures people.

Look up pictures. Then you'll know.

35 Ash Blonde
36 Ombre

I have a dark/light brown ombre, so adorable!

37 Redish Purple

It is a absolute beautiful color I love it

38 Pink

I like this hair colour my mom dyes her hair this and it's so nice silky and smooth

39 Auburn

Mmm... number 32? Well I'm just glad it made it on the list... of course blonde beat it by a landslide and the people who voted brown HAVE brown hair I bet

I love auburn hair. It's shiny like blond, youthful like red, and elegant like brown. This hair color is really beautiful!

Such a pretty hair colour... It should be higher on the list

I have been looking for the name of the color of my hair, it's called deep auburn!

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40 Mint
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