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181 Orange

This is the best brand of jeans to all male and female

182 Ksubi

The best denim I have ever owned! Amazing fit and very comfortable

These are the best, buy them once you wouldn't get caught dead in Levis again.

Understated Aussie street cred with fantastic fit, washes and distress patterns. Great skinnies for girls too

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183 Worn Jeans

Great fit, they last years longer, and a very competitive price.

184 Quiksilver

I reckon quicksilver jeans are mad had em growin up they are tough and comfy

185 Ducati

These should be rated the same as Diesel, since its Diesel who make them.

186 Imperial

Please jeans by Imperial the best jeans for girls

187 Numero Uno
188 Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton

I don't think anyone does denim jeans better than these designer!

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189 Justice jeans
190 Pantaloons

Awesome look great denim design perfectly shapes my physic and is available at a very reasonable prices

191 Jag Thug V 1 Comment
192 Old Navy

I can't believe this wasn't on the list. Old Navy sells great well-fitting jeans that I'm convinced anyone could fit well in. And they'll look great on anybody with the right style. - Dorito

One of the best - Bikoi14

Top 10 jeans!

193 Paris Hilton Jeans
194 Tally Weijl
195 Topman
196 Smog

Looks nice

197 Last and True V 1 Comment
198 Giordano
199 UCB

Ucb is quality wear ozm collection and design


200 Duluth Trading Co.

Durable. Fit Well. Good color choices. And, if you want, Firehose jeans. - Hrothgar

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