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221 William Rast

I have 6 different styles in this jean brand and love every pair

222 Vertigo Jeans V 1 Comment
223 Moustache

A brand to look for

224 Springfield
225 Twenty Three

Wonderful jeans, I love it really, great fit en good quality en a normal prise, perfect!

226 Urban Star

They fit really nice and look good too!

227 Angelo Litrico
228 Baby Phat
229 Foxy Jeans V 1 Comment
230 Parasuco
231 Rockstar
232 In thing
233 Madewell Jeans

Stumbled upon Madewell on a trip to Chicago and have never looked back. Favorite go to jean for comfort and fit. Dress them up, dress them down. Love!

Madewell is an amazing denim brand with it's roots in workwear. The Rivet & Thread line is amazing quality for decent price, and the best part about them is the FIT. Brava Madewell! See more designers I like at

234 Primark V 1 Comment
235 Lois V 1 Comment
236 J Brand

J Brand are always well cut and great fabrics with the fadings effects always sopt on to look like that is how they faded with age, not nasty over bleached fades that you get on cheap dernim.

237 Evics

Very comfortable fitting, good quality I have 10 pairs of jeans from this company, feeling happy to have.

238 Nine Planet

SUPER soft and comfy its like your not wearing any jeans

239 Japrag
240 Banana Republic
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